America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 : Guys And Girls : Episode 1 ( Part 1 ) Recap

Soo ANTM Cycle 20 , FINALLY!! just aired for the first time. And i’m sure y’all watched it already. Now i’m gonna do a little recap. Well i never really done this before, but i’m gonna try my best 🙂

2nd Part


The models were going for an early casting, and they all was surprised by Tyra’s arriving. And for the first time ever, Tyra helped on deciding , who’s the 35 semifinalist. After they all were told personally that they had made it to the semifinal, all the 35 semifinalist were flown to LA, to do the REAL test and personal judging at panel. With Tyra, Rob Evans , Johnny Wujek and of course Kelly Cutrone.

They were directly thrown into a challenge. A Masquarade Ball Runway show. Here the models were paired together, to walk on the runway, strike a pose and kiss the partner. The interesting thing is, all the guys and all the girls never met before. So on the runway, they met for the first time, and all their faces were covered. So they can’t really see the opposite gender’s faces.

Almost all the contestants were paired with the opposite gender. Well, that’s not the case for Cory and Ryhan , and Bianca and Chlea. The next day after the runway challenge.



The panel started, and the judges were ready to judge the 35 semifinalists. Some interesting personalities was shown and some inspiring stories.

Like Marvin. His past was very depressing. He was bullied because of his father’s job, being a janitor. Having a lot of brothers and not having a lot of money, and people keep judging him because of his father. It was very inspiring for me, almost got me teared up. 🙂

Next is Chris H. . He was homeless, living in a homeless shelter, made him became kinda awkward in terms of communicating. He was missunderstood for me. 

Next we have Virgg . She’s a transgender. 2nd transgender contestant on ANTM after Isis. She was very feminime as a boy. Then he got a surgery. Having Isis on Top Model really inspired her to become a model. Also, she won Tyra’s smize contest on instagram. She’s so beautiful and inspiring. A sweet yet vulnerable person inside.

Next Jourdan . One of our finalist this cycle, Actually , She got married on the age of 18, and got divorce on 18 years old. She said that her ex-husband wasn’t very nice. Now she’s back and strong .

And Cory. The gay one. He was bullied because of his feminimenity, also the bullied called her “Tyra”



After panel. The semifinalists were brought to their house. BUT , only 26 models gonna stay in the house. But not for long, because ultimately only 16 models gonna stay in the house longer than the other.

That’s the first part of ANTM Cycle 20 Guys and Girls 2 hour premiere.

2nd part


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