America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 : Guys And Girls : Episode 1 ( Part 2 ) Recap

Part 1 Recap

Click above to see the 1st part recap 😀

Now, the second part. Here we goo!

Lets review the model house 😀


Guy’s bedroom


Girl’s bedroom


Lounge area and mini runway


Kitchen Area




Jacuzzi and Pool Area


Outer lounge area.

The house looks really awesome. It’s huge and has tons of stuff. JEALOUS!! Lol

Back to the competition, the 26 semifinalists get to know eachother. Talking and communicating. All the sudden, ultimate judge Tyra Banks and super male model judge Rob Evans came in to the house, which surprised everybody. Then Tyra and Rob gave their own advice to the girls and guys contestants. Valuable advice definetly. After Tyra and Rob went out from the house, strange things happened.

Chris H. put on his boxing gloves, and punched some guys on their sensitive area. One of the finalist , Phil instantly got mad and find that “joke” not funny. Not just Phil, everybody find it childish. The other contestants find him as a loner and missunderstood. But Nina didn’t care what everybody had to say about him. In fact, she came to talk with Chris H. and she gave him an advice. They instantly just clicked and became best friend in the house. Picture of Nina and Chris H. above 

**What I Think : Chris H. is a sweet guy, but he’s hurted. He’s homeless and had to live at the homeless shelter. Makes him a loner . He just try to make jokes and bonding with everybody. He’s truly missunderstood and i love him for his attitude, not fighting with everyone that dislike him. Also love Nina and Chris H. ‘s friendship..

Marvin also had a tough moment. He called his dad, saying how happy he is. Also his dad was super proud of him. Truly an inspiring moment.

**What I Think : I love that his sensitive side was shown, but it’s a little too much. Just like Victoria from cycle 19. Some public finds it too much. Me too. But i like his story, praying that in the next episode, his sob story will not be shown 🙂 Too much,

More drama. Just a little drama actually, between Jeremy and Jourdan. Jourdan stated that Jeremy is a great guy, Jeremy also said the same thing about Jourdan. But what made Jeremy a little upset, is that Jourdan said that Jeremy keep following her around like a lost puppy.

**I still love Jourdan, but her “I’m a model, i’m obviously attractive” kinda turned me off a little bit, But still LUV HER!!

The 26 semifinalists had a photoshoot. Also the public got to vote for them. Their photoshoot was shown by a projector , up on a building, and all public could saw them and vote for them. You could see their photos here


After that, the 5 judges had a final deliberation to pick the final 16. After some hard picking, they had their final 16.


The final 16 get real, they gonna star on a Guess fashion show. Tyra shocked everybody about the vertical runway. The runway ends on the ground, but it started on top of a building. Who’s gonna walk? Who’s gonna Fall?

Tune in next Firday at 8/7C , on CWTV 🙂

2 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 : Guys And Girls : Episode 1 ( Part 2 ) Recap

  1. i love the recaps :)) looking forward for the next episodes and of course i wanna read your recap again.

    i love the friendship between Chris H and Nina too :” touching moment when Nina comes to Chris and try to understand him. so sweeeeeet Nina ♥

    to be honest, I dont really like Jeremy, he’s overrated and yeah kinda agree about Jourdan statement towards him. he’s obsessed to her. sorry 😦

    thank for the recap 🙂

    • Aww thank you that means a lot.
      Chris H and Nina has the best friendship 😀 Love them both

      As for Jeremy, i’m okay with that. Well everyone should able to say their own opinion 🙂
      I still love Jourdan though

      Your Welcome 😀

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