America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 : Guys and Girls : Episode 3 Recap ( SPOILER ALERT )

Hey guys friday just passed and y’all know what that means. ANTM Cycle 20’s 3rd episode just aired ( Last week was Episode 1 and 2 combined ) . So here’s my recap about the show, for all of y’all gorgeous people 😉

Here we go!

The top 16 faced their challenge. Which is a Guess fashion show. What’s so different with this runway is, it’s VERTICAL. So the models were really put to the test on this, because it’s not easy obviously.

Lets talk about their preparation for the runway. There’s a little drama going on, which involved “The Ghetto-Not-So-Fabulous-Club-Girl” Chlea ( lol i love giving people titles and nicknames ) and Kelly CutroneChlea just wanna give Kelly an advice, about Kelly‘s mean attitude, but then Kelly just said stuff like ” I don’t ask you to do that! ” Really? Chlea was just trying, give her a chance.

Also, everyguys seems to LOVE BiancaMarvin and Mike were drooling over her lol. Yea but finally Bianca chose Mike 

Fact : Bianca actually dated Mike after the show, and then they broke up. Wierd.


” Mr. Tattoo ” Don actually scared of heights. This was a true challenge for him because he was freaking out. I felt bad for him actually.

Then the runway starts, the judges who judge the challenge were : “Blondie Supermodel” Jessica Hart , “Sexy Male Supermodel” Rob Evans , and “Queen” Bryan Boy. Also Kelly Cutrone and Johnny Wujek stayed backstage to make sure the models were ready.

Nina freaked me out big time. Because she was screaming and falling all over the place. They girls had to wear heels, which makes it much more harder. Ms. Chlea was screaming all the time, and Bianca seems to gave up on herself, she felt that she couldn’t do it anymore, so she just posed as she’s going down the runway. Marvin and Renee were the only two who stood out and did smoothly during the runway. But ultimately , the judges chose Renee as the winner. Congratulations Renee 😀

After the models entered their model house, the leader board was shown. Here it is. - [].mp4_snapshot_13.20_[2013.08.10_14.04.58]

As you can see, the challenge winner Renegot the highest score “9” , while Mike and Bianca got a “5” , being the worst on the challenge. Mike was uncomfortable , and Bianca was giving up.

Funny stuff , Marvin and Don were pretty horny at the moment , lol. Marvin said that he has a condom that expires that week, so he’s trying to have sex with the girls , including Chlea and Bianca. “I’m pretty sure he’s just playing around. “Marvin has no game!!” , preached Chlea. And the funniest part is , Phil was going to do it with Marvin , lol , but no they didn’t.


TYRA MAIL!! - [].mp4_snapshot_16.05_[2013.08.10_14.49.50]

Btw, this Tyra Mail was a Flixel, a moving picture, not like gifs. On that picture, the only part that’s moving is her hair.

Lets go to the photoshoot. The 16 models were surpised with Tyra being on the set. Tyra‘s gonna do their makeup. And also Tyra declared that in every photoshoot, their final photos will become a Flixel. I explained it above already 🙂 It’s pretty cool, definetly something that hasn’t been done yet on ANTM.

The theme of the photoshoot is “Alternative Wedding” , and it instantly bringing Jourdan’s failed-wedding memories. She was nervous and insicure. But she got through it. The photographer was , the talented Mr. Douglas Friedman.

You can check their final photos Here ( And sorry they’re not flixel, just can’t find it online )


Move up to the judging panel.

Here’s the board that i made, just a simple table actually.

No Name Tyra Rob Kelly Challenge Fan Vote Total
1 Marvin 9 9 10 8 6.1 42.1
2 Don 9 8 9 6 7.1 39.1
3 Chris H. 9 10 8 6 6.1 39.1
4 Jiana 8 9 7 6 7.5 37.5
5 Alexandra 8 7 7 7 7.7 36.7
6 Cory 7 6 8 7 7.6 35.6
7 Jeremy 5 6 8 7 7.6 33.6
8 Renee 6 7 5 9 5.6 32.6
9 Nina 7 6 5 7 7.2 32.2
10 Jourdan 5 6 7 6 7.9 31.9
11 Kanani 7 7 5 6 6.9 31.9
12 Chlea 7 8 4 6 6.6 31.6
13 Phil 6 7 5 7 5.9 30.9
14 Mike 7 7 6 5 5.4 30.4
15 Chris S. 6 5 6 7 5.4 29.4
16 Bianca 5 7 6 5 6.2 29.2 - [].mp4_snapshot_40.25_[2013.08.10_14.40.35]

Can’t believe Mike stayed over Chris S., and Marvin got best photo?? Really?? Jiana deserves to be called first TBH.

Very entertaining episode


My Callout Order :

1. Jiana

2. Chris H.

3. Cory

4. Jeremy

5. Kanani

6. Alex

7. Jourdan

8. Nina

9. Chlea

10. Renee

11. Phil

12. Marvin ( I hated his photo TBH )

13. Don (Him too)

14. Chris S.

15. Bianca

16. Mike

I hope y’all enjoy my recap. Give me advice if y’all think i need to improve something 🙂

See y’all next week for the next episode recap

4 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 : Guys and Girls : Episode 3 Recap ( SPOILER ALERT )

  1. here I am…. xD Nice reading your recap again for 3rd episode.

    tbh, no “wow” drama? really? o_Oa okay at least thats what i feel when i finish reading your recap. i just can imagine how cute Nina when she’s screaming lol

    i’m sorry for Chris H low fans vote 😦 i’m rooting for him and Nina actually, but I’m glad their photo wasnt really bad and the judges gave them yeah good score. and I was so shocking found Marvin got first called out…. and best picture of the week? whaaaat? kidding me? i felt his body was so stiff and tense facial expression. i thought Corry will get the best picture. #headbang

    i wasnt really suprised found Bianca and Chris S got eliminated, because you know their pictures didnt even seen in the next photoshoot.

    could i give you some advices to make your recaps better? honestly your recap was so good, but i think its too simple. next recaps maybe you can write the judges opinion about the contestants photos or challenge? and what happened when the photo shooting.

    thanks for the recap :)) hoping you will never get tired to do the recap again for the next episode. Gbuj

    • Oh hey nice seeing you here again 😀
      Yea small drama , Chlea vs Kelly

      Chris H. maybe got a low fan vote score, but he was on 3rd place, so it didn’t really matter.
      About Marvin, i know right? Way too stiff and i didn’t see him getting best picture at all.
      Cory’s picture is fierce and deserves it too, but i just love Jiana’s picture 😀
      Also Don became the runner up? Meh
      I was sad when both of them went home, i think they have so much more to give than Chlea and Mike

      Aww thanks for the advice, yea i’ll defiently try to do better week after week. I’m learning 😀

      Thanks for being so nice and leaving comments here 😀

  2. Don’t worry about Marvin, he just got the “Week-1-Pity-First-Callout”, just because his nails photo is his only good photo, period, I really liked Chris S.’s photo and why did he go home over stiff chipmunk Mike. Chlea was just being honest, the judges care too much about face, you give Marvin a 10 for bone structure but you give Leila a 4 just cause of a squinty eye??

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