America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 : Guys and Girls : Makeover Photos

So y’all know that on the next episode, MAKEOVER is happening. And here’s their AFTER makeover pictures. So basicaly the theme of the photoshoot was “Adam and Eve”, the guys were Adam and the girls were Eve.  Check it out right here and my opinion of each one of them.

Here we go!

1. Alex

From Blonde to Brown. Absolutely love her makeover, brings out the model from her. Hands down the best girl makeover this season 😀 . Her picture, STUNNING goddess!!


2. Chlea

From Curly Brown to Long Blonde Weave. Love this makeover as well. Makes her look more modelesque. Her picture, i actually love this picture. Love the wind on the hair, and her body looks good.


3. Chris H.

From Brown to Platinum Blonde. Absolutely love his hair, makes him looks edgier. The photo, not really impressed me, his face is gorgeous, but i find his body to be a little awkward.


4. Cory

From Short Brown to Buzzed Head. I think he looks really good, brings out his androginy a little bit more. The picture, NICE.


5. Don

From Black to Blonde. It’s an okay makeover, i personally think that the black hair brings out his eyes more. The photo, he’s clearly not taking Rob Evans’ advice, about twisting the body and creating a shadow. But it’s okay.


6. Jeremy

From Brown to Light Brown. I like his makeover. Makes him looks fresher. But he looks good in both of his hair so i’m happy. For the photo, i find this to be awesome. Love the pose, definetly potraying a Godlike, gorgeous face, also his body doesn’t look too-muscly in this. Good job,


7. Jiana

From Long Black Hair to Short Black Hair. Like her makeover. Her long hair makes her look sexy, but this hair added edgier to her, not just some sexy chick. Her photo , fabulous H2T. She slayed this.


8. Jourdan

From Brown to Blonde. Not loving this. I think the blonde makes her look commercial, but the brown did her justice. Anyway i think she could rock this hair. Her photo was fab, love the pose , modeling H2T. But she looks bigger here. I don’t know.


9. Kanani

From Long Black Hair to Pixie Cut. Not loving this one too. I think the long hair looks gorgeous on her, and they just hacked it off. She still looks beautiful, but she looks even more beautiful with long hair. Her photo, the face is gorgeous, always love her eyebrows, the pose is okay.


10. Marvin

Probably just get a little cut. Yea they didn’t do much on him. The photo, he looks awkward.


11. Mike

Probably just get lighten. MEH.


12. Nina

From Blonde to Red with Bangs. Absolutely love this, she didn’t look like Allison anymore. The bangs brings out her eyes more. Her picture, The body looks a little stiff but the face is lovely.


13. Phil

From Short Brown to Long Brown Weave. I never think this could work, at all. He looks like Jesus Christ. In this picture, he looks awesome. Probably since the hair and the theme really match. He looks Godlike and a Sexy Jesus.


14. Renee

From Brown to Black. I like it. Not much. Her picture, absolutely stunning, goddess-like pose, working that apple, long neck.


So what do you think of the makeover, agree or disagree with me?

Post your comments below and say what you have to say. 🙂


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