America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 : Guys and Girls : Episode 4 Recap ( SPOILER ALERT )

Here i am, on my blog, writing recap, and eating ice cream,

So hey y’all a week has passed and here’s another recap edition of ANTM cycle 20. Who stays, who goes? Check it out below.

Here we go!!

After panel, the top 14 came in to their house, and they saw Marvin’s picture on the screen, because he won best photo. Also the reward for getting best photo, Marvin got the key to enter the Tyra Suite. Then he chose Don to joined him. In the Tyra Suite , it was full with joy, but in the girls room, Well, tension i would say. Chlea got pissed because Kelly Cutrone called her out in panel, saying she was rude during the challenge. Chlea felt that there’s some missunderstanding, and she didn’t mean to hurt Kelly’s feeling.

Gorgeous Guys and Girls were put in the same house. What’s gonna happen? Hormones, Crushes and Flirting all over the place. Marvin and Don asked the other girls , and say stuff like “What two girls want to come lay with the top two in the Tyra Suite?” I feel like it’s a little rude. Asking girls to lay with them. Well this is a competition not a matchmaking contest. They should take this seriously. Also Marvin and Don were trying wayyyyyyy to hard!!

Looking at all the guys, Cory felt a little memories he had in high school, well, a bad memories. He was bullied by the other guys in highschool, so he felt intimidated. Also Cory felt not so happy with the whole “MASCULINITY” comment, coming from Kelly during the judging.

The next day, they all went to this big penthouse, and all the sudden , Tyra and Rob came out, holding hands. And all of them were like “What is going on?” “Are they together?” Alot of speculation. But they are not together. Both of them , holding hands, just to show the contestants, they have able to show chemistry on a photo. They all were paired up. Alex-Phil , Jiana-Don , Jourdan-Jeremy , Nina-Cory , Mike-Kanani , Renee-Marvin, and Chlea-Chris H. Jiana felt a little jealous, since she has a little crush on Phil. Jourdan, well not to excited being paired up with Jeremy, since they were paired last week, doing a nude shoot, and now they have to show chemistry to each other, while Jeremy was stoked.

3 Steps To CHEMISTRY :   (By Tyra and Rob)

1. Fresh Breath

2. Tension

3. Inhale

Renee had a little problem during the teach, she kept laughing the whole time, because Marvin just overdid it.

Then Johnny Wujek came out , holding a whip. The girls were scared for a moment. They announce that the top 14 will do a photoshoot, right now. It’s all about Chemistry and Sexy-Fierce, posing with Victoria’s Secret supermodel , Alessandra Ambrossio. During the hair and makeup, Tyra did their makeup, again. Why? I don’t know. While she was doing Nina’s makeup, she told Nina that , her fans always said stuff like “Nina looks like Allison.” Well she really looks like Allison. Big doe eyes, blonde hair.

Photoshoot time. Chlea struggles , while Marvin was smitten by Chlea and Alessandra. Jiana and Chris H. photoshoot session was smooth and really impressed the photographer, Sarah Silver. Don was feeling intimidated , because he had to pose with Rob Evans. Mike did horrible in the beggining of the shoot, then at the end, he performed his best and really impressed Johnny. 


Tyra Mail!! Makeover time!

Here’s the makover list :

1.Alex : Chocolate Brown

2.Chlea : Long Honey Weaves

3.Chris H. : Icy Blonde

4.Cory : Shave Off

5.Don : Bleached Blonde Hair and Facial Hair

6.Jeremy : Trim and Lighten

7.Jourdan : Honey Blonde

8.Jiana : Long Bob and Darken

9.Kanani : Pixie Cut

10.Mike : Amber Highlights

11.Marvin : A Fade ??

12.Nina : Red, Layered with Bangs

13.Phil : Wavy Weave

14.Renee : Straight and Black

Check their makeover photos HERE


Panel time. 

First to be called is Renee and Jourdan

The Guy who Gets a Weave

1. Jourdan

-.Tyra : “You just had it chilling, but you looks stunning.”

-.Rob : “Even though Renee is covering your body, you can tell how long and modelesque you are.”

-.Kelly : “No comment.”

-.Me : Not impressed with this photo. She’s just relying on being pretty.


-.Tyra : “No Comment.”

-.Rob : “She took direction really well.”

-.Kelly : “You’re not touching him. You’re like “i have a nail commerical”. “

-.Me : She’s not connected with the other models. Stunning face though.


Next is Chlea and Marvin

The Guy who Gets a Weave

1. Chlea

-.Tyra : “It almost looks like , Marvin hasn’t took a bath for a week, and you’re like “Ugh God get off me.” 

-.Rob : “The look on your face, it looks like you really don’t wanna be there.”

-.Kelly : “I really like her makeover.”

-.Me : Horrible face. Awkward body position. Meh

2. Marvin

-.Tyra : “I like the booch.”

   -.Rob : “In this picture , it looks like someone is shooting Alessandra, and you both just posing there.”

   -.Kelly : “You look like a highschool boy, who stucked in a warehouse, did not have any money to get laid for free.”

   -.Me : He looks awkward, face-wise and body-wise. Not impressed.


Next, Jiana and Chris H,

The Guy who Gets a Weave

1. Jiana

   -.Tyra : “I like your HANDS!!”

   -.Rob : “You have a really beautiful face, because it’s simetrical.”

   -.Kelly : “I don’t love you legs (REALLY?) and i don’t love the position of you hand (ANOTHER REALLY?)

   -.Me : Fantasticals, fierce face, awesome legs position. Best photo worthy.

2. Chris H.

   -.Tyra : “I like the face, i like the connection.”

   -.Rob : ” (Can’t hear what he said lol ) “

   -.Kelly : “Your eyes scares me a little (REALLY?) “

   -.Me : Fierce face, great body, love the intesesity in his eyes. SEXY!


Next, Phil and Jeremy

The Guy who Gets a Weave


   -.Tyra: “I wanna see you BOOCH!!! “

   -.Kelly : “I don’t love you face, your body is twisted.”

   -.Rob : “I like that you were directly looking in to the camera.”

   -.Me : I like it. Very animalesque.

2. Jeremy

   -.Tyra : “It shouldn’t be a milk, it should be a banana. (Gorilla) “

   -.Rob : “No comment.”

   -.Kelly : “I think you looks stronger than Phil in this shot.”

   -.Me : I don’t think this is his best shot. I love the face, but he didn’t do much with the body. Tyra wanna see his butt!!


Don and Alex

The Guy who Gets a Weave

1. Alex

   -.Tyra : “I don’t think you’re commanding the whole photo.”

   -.Rob : “No comment.”

   -.Kelly : “You looked like you’re wasted.”

   -.Me : I like the body, the face, not so much.

2. Don

   -.Tyra : “You need to lift, you arm looks a little thin for the tattoos.”

   -.Rob : “No comment.”

   -.Kelly : “You looked like a guy who have a gun and gonna take her wallet.”

   -.Me : ROUGH.


Next, Kanani and Mike

The Guy who Gets a Weave

1. Kanani

   -.Tyra : “No neck and you looks short.”

   -.Rob : “You looked small in this photo.”

   -.Kelly : “No comment.”

   -.Me : SHORT.

2. Mike 

   -.Tyra : “You exhaled.”

   -.Rob : “You’re posing next to a Victoria’s Secret model, and you’re not outshined by her.”

   -.Kelly : “This photo is super strong and fantastic.”

   -.Me : He loosk really good here, Nice intense face. Suprising.


Last but not least Nina and Cory

The Guy who Gets a Weave

1. Nina

   -.Tyra : “The face, i love.”

   -.Rob : “Your face didn’t show that you enjoyed being there.”

   -.Kelly : “You look like you gonna go backwards.”

   -.Me : Looks uncomfortable.

2. Cory

   -.Tyra : “You look so much edgier with shaved head.”

   -.Rob : “No comment.”

   -.Kelly : “If you head was shaved in this photo, you would look a lot fiercer.”

   -.Me : I actually like his face in this. Strong cheekbones.


The result

No Name Tyra Rob Kelly Fan Vote Total
1 Mike 10 9 8 7.5 34.5
2 Jiana 9 9 7 8.8 33.8
3 Jourdan 8 9 8 7.8 32.8
4 Nina 8 8 6 8.6 30.6
5 Chris H. 8 6 7 8.8 29.8
6 Alex 8 7 6 7.8 28.8
7 Cory 8 6 7 7.8 28.8
8 Kanani 7 8 8 5.8 28.8
9 Renee 7 9 7 5.7 28.7
10 Marvin 9 6 6 6.8 27.8
11 Phil 7 6 5 6.7 24.7
12 Jeremy 6 6 6 6.6 24.6
13 Don 5 6 7 6.6 22.6
14 Chlea 6 6 6 4.2 22.2


Chlea went home. I never liked her,but when she went home, i just feel like something is missing..

That’s it for this episode’s recap, thanks for reading GBU and hope to see y’all next week 🙂


6 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 : Guys and Girls : Episode 4 Recap ( SPOILER ALERT )

  1. Yaaaay you added the photo result and give your own comment. good on you :))

    hmm I just wanna see Jiana or Chris H get the best picture, they always robbed! and for this week Jiana’s excellent photograph is robbed by Mike. Mike? Really? mmm okay I kinda like Mike photo (for this week) but not for best photo or first call-out 😦 Please make Jiana or Chris H or Nina get the first call-out for the next week, Tyra pwease?

    Poor Chlea, but its okay because Chlea’s picture was so meh. And I laugh out loud when I read the judges opinion about Marvin and Chlea picture 😀 so funny!!! and yeah I agree with Tyra said that Jeremy looks like Gorilla, I think so lol (sorry)

    and Makeover!!! Phil looks like Jesus #troll I love Nina, Kanani, Jiana, Alex, Renee makeover. but feels like theres no change for Marvin, Mike, and Jeremy after makeover hmm. I prefer brunette for Chris H than icy blonde, Don, Cory, Jourdan before makeover. sorry but they look cheap with those hairstyle.

    Could I write my own call out order? not biased, but its my opinion.
    1. Jiana
    2. Chris H
    3. Mike
    4. Cory
    5. Jourdan
    6. Nina
    7. Phil
    8. Alex
    9. Marvin
    10. Renee
    11. Kanani
    12. Don
    13. Jeremy
    14. Chlea (sorry, Chleangel)

    so, what about your own call out order?

    • Hey i took your advice , yay me.
      I know right? Queen Jiana and Chris H. got robbed. Mike? Seriously? His photo was really good. But comparing it to Jiana’s photo, Jiana’s photo was wayyyy better than Mike.

      Jeremy’s body positioning reminds me too of a gorilla lol, and don’t be sorry. For Makeover, i don’t love Kanani’s pixie cut. I think she looks better with long hair. Alex’s makeover was divine, she’s the one to watch. With Jeremy and Mike, they just got highlights and lighten. and WAX. And i don’t know what they did to Marvin’s hair. Probably just got cut, but i’m not sure what “A FADE” means. Jourdan looks so much better with brunette, makes her looks edgier.

      Here’s my callout order.
      1. QUEEN Jiana
      2. Chris H.
      3. Mike
      4. Phil
      5. Cory
      6. Jourdan
      7. Alex
      8. Nina
      9. Renee
      10. Jeremy
      11. Marvin
      12. Kanani
      13. Don
      14. Chleangel ( wack photo )

      Can’t wait for next week’s episode, gonna be some guy on guys Drama 😀

  2. Yeah! Jiana’s picture is waaaaay better than Mike. Lets see the next episode because I hear so many rumours about Mike get eliminated next week. #finally

    Guy vs Guy drama? Ah I hear Chris H vs Mike, really? What did you do Chris? I wonder if Chris do something ridiculous like the first episode when he punch Phil’s ball 😦 make me worry.

    what is the challenge for the next episode? I hear runway again… really?

    • I do hear rumours that Mike will get eliminated next week. His picture is HORIBBLE, the worst picture in this cycle ( in my opinion )
      I don’t know what Chris H. did. But in the preview, it seems like Mike is mad at Chris and the Chris confronted him in the Tyra Suite. Damn Mike don’t mess with my boy, lol.

      Yes next week’s challenge is a runway. A spinning runway, a lot of them struggles, and some breakdowns.

      • oh thanks for the informations… looking forward for the next episode, i hope it will be a good week for our favorite. i will write my comment for your next recap as soon as I can ^^ have a good day…

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