America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 : Guys and Girls : Episode 5 Recap ( SPOILER ALERT )

Hey y’all episode 5 recap here, and watching it until the end, i almost had a heart attack. Wanna know what happen? Check it out below 🙂

Here we go!

So all of them went home from panel, and Mike’s picture was on the screen , Meh. Nina told all of us that she hurted her ankle during casting week, then there’s her bestfriend Chris H. . But all the sudden , Mike went into the room and just yelled “STFU” at Chris. Like really Mike? Chris did nothing to you. Then Chris just got mad and went into the Tyra Suite and confronted MikeChris acted a little dramatic because of his backstory. He lived with his abusive mom, he got yelled and abused a lot, and coming here, knowing that he got the same treatment, he just got super protective. Then all of the contestants gathered in the living room, to talk about Chris‘s dramatic behaviour ( i don’t find it dramatic at all! ). At the end of the day, everyone understands him, except Mike. He just seems so pissed out what just happend , and he’s just not understanding Chris’ story. Jourdan feels what Chris’ going through, because she was married and being abused.


The next day , they went to this location, Johnny Wujek was there. He announced that they gonna do another Fashion Show. And it’s a spinning fashion show. All of them were scared. Johnny added more pressure to all of the contestants, NYLON Magazine Editor and Chief , Marvin Scott Jarrett will be judging the fashion show.

Nina was freaking out because of her ankle, but she pushed through it. Jourdan , Renee and Phil did really well and impressed the judges. While Jeremy and Mike didn’t do so great. Mike still had his horrible walk, while Jeremy just did a little too much, he opened up his vest, and it’s not really NYLON. At the end of the day, Blondie Jourdan wins the challenge.[2013.08.24_16.19.25]



The next day the models went to a trailer park location. Again, Johnny was there. He told the models that they gonna do a Trailer Park Chic photoshoot. They all got the chance to pick their own partner on the shoot. Because Jourdan picked Chris, They got the chance to talk and knowing each other a little better. It actually makes the photoshoot even better. Johnny keep telling Jeremy to open his eyes, but he was squinting so much because the light was too bright. Marvin, Again, fliring with his partner , Jiana. He’s keep saying “Oh i can’t believe it” “Oh i’m so excited to do this shoot with her” “OMG she’s so hot” . Like, really Marvin? Stop being so thirsty.

Then they went to panel. No Tyra Mail? Wierd.

First group was Nina and Phil

The Girl Who Went Around in Circles


1. Nina

-. Tyra : Even though this is Trailer Park, i see Italian Vogue, French Vogue, i see a High End Magazine,

-. Rob : The fact that you’re vibing on each other, definetly selling it.

-. Kelly :This is an amazing photo. Love it!

-. Me : Love this picture so much. Beautiful long legs, her eyes just POP. Loving the red hair with bangs on her.

2. Phil

-. Tyra : I’d like you to bring more trash with it.

-. Rob : You both looked like a couple. I think you nailed this shot.

-. Kelly : I really think you’re made for this picture.

-. Me : I like it. It looks kinda tacky, but i guess it fits with the whole theme.


Next , Queen Jiana and Thirsty Marvin

The Girl Who Went Around in Circles


1. Jiana

-. Tyra : Me too @ Kelly

-. Rob : I like the way you’re working your body in this picture.

-. Kelly : I love everything in this picture except your NECK.

-. Me : I think this is *OMG* GORGEOUS. Stunning eyes, booty tooch,good curves , selling the garment. This girl is H2T Fierce!

2. Marvin

-. Tyra : You’re giving me sculpted cheeks. I wanna see that lip parted.

-. Rob : I love your body, i think it’s a great fashion shot.

-. Kelly : This is the same face, as we saw in the first week.

-. Me : I agree with Rob. He did do the same face in the wedding photo. I like the body. Okay shot for me.


Next Cory and Renee

The Girl Who Went Around in Circles


1. Renee

-. Tyra : Your eyes are dead. Your neck looks short.

-. Rob : I don’t think you looked sexy in this photo.

-. Kelly : The woman i see in front of me, is elegant and beautiful, but your film is dissapointing.

-. Me : I don’t like the way she’s positioning her body. She looks awkward , and she looks BIG in this picture.

2. Cory 

-. Tyra : You’re a gorgeous man. You got this straight body language and face but i think you lost your model.

-. Rob : You pulls this off .

-. Kelly :  It’s very DUDE.

-. Me : This is a STRAIGHT man in that photo. He looks really manly, gorgeous face, giving us attitude, love it!


Next , we have Alex and Mike

The Girl Who Went Around in Circles


1. Alex 

-. Tyra : It’s all about the fanny sack. What you did is you laid forward and your fanny sack is on your lower stomach. So it’s messing up your lines.

-. Rob : No comment.

-. Kelly : Your body is not looking modelesque to me ( REALLY ? )


2. Mike

-. Tyra : Your face and neck and shoulder are not connecting with that wierd pose.

-. Rob : I think you just got lucky last week. You just looked thin and skinny, and you shouldn’t be there.

-. Kelly : I think you take a good picture ( Really? )

-. Me : Okay, really, this picture is H2T HORRIBLE. Like what the hell is this? I don’t see a model, the face is just wrong, and his crotch is just so distracting.


Next, two blondies Jourdan and Chris

The Girl Who Went Around in Circles


1. Jourdan

-. Tyra : It’ gorgeous, the angle, the light, but i don’t see the story.

-. Rob : Your body is amazing, you’re learning week by week.

-. Kelly : It’s a little stiff for me (REALLY?) I’d like to see more fun in the shot.

-. Me : I think this picture , as a whole groupshot, is the most succesfull out of all the other photos. Her face is just dreamy, she doing the shoei tooch, her blonda hair actually works really well here. Fab!

2. Chris

-. Tyra : I love it, you just have to find your light.

-. Rob : You’re looking more like a top working model each week.

-. Kelly : I love you! You’re my boy on a trailer park.

-. Me : FIERCE! Giving us attitude, i do agree that the light just goes to Jourdan and not him. But this is a fantasticals photo.


Next is ummm, Kanani Jeremy and Don

The Girl Who Went Around in Circles


1. Kanani

-. Tyra : I like your face, i like your booty, i like it.

-. Rob : I like this photo from the head up, but she looks small in the picture.

-. Kelly : You looked like a girl in a trailer park and not a supermodel.

-. Me : I like her face, but the body is too posy.

2. Jeremy

-. Tyra : You should turn to your left a little bit to catch the light.

-. Rob : You’re doing the duck lips.

-. Kelly : You looked like an electrician who hung out in the trailer park.

-. Me : I don’t think this is his best shot. Duck lips, also too squinty.

3. Don 

-. Tyra : This works with you being thin. I really like it.

-. Rob : You need to buff up a little bit.

-. Kelly : No comment.

-. Me : I personally think, that this looks so stiff. Not much body movement, but lovely eyes.


So the results are in. SPOILER ALERT

No Name Tyra Rob Kelly Challenge Fan Vote Total
1 Jourdan 9 10 8 10 8.1 45.1
2 Nina 10 8 9 7 8.5 42.5
3 Phil 8 9 9 9 6.5 41.5
4 Don 9 8 8 8 7.7 40.7
5 Chris 8 9 8 9 6.6 40.6
6 Marvin 8 9 8 8 7.1 40.1
7 Jiana 9 7 8 7 9 40
8 Cory 8 9 8 7 6.1 38.1
9 Kanani 9 8 6 7 7.7 37.7
10 Alex 8 8 7 6 8 37
11 Renee 7 7 7 9 5.7 35.7
12 Jeremy 7 6 7 6 7.2 32.2
13 Mike 8 6 8 6 5.1 31.2

Yay at Mike going home, i think he’s not a model and the rest of his pictures are awful. Not my favorite, Bye Bye Mike. I though i was gonna get a heart attack cuz Jeremy was so close for being eliminated. THANK YOU FANS!!

What i think about the callout order:

1. Totally happy that Jourdan won best photo.

2. Jiana at number 7? She should be in number 3/2

3. Chris’ place was way too low for that amazing photo.


Here’s my callout order:

1. Jourdan

2. Jiana

3. Chris

4. Nina

5. Cory

6. Alex

7. Phil

8. Marvin

9. Don

10. Kanani

11. Jeremy

12. Renee

13. Mike


What do you think of the episode? Post ouy thoughts and your callout order on the comment box 🙂

Thank you for reading my recap and stay tune for next week’s recap 🙂





4 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 : Guys and Girls : Episode 5 Recap ( SPOILER ALERT )

  1. I wait the recap all day looong! I check your site again and over again. and now I’m so happppeh because I can read your recap. again. hahaha sorry I’m so excited, I always read the recap before I watch the video.

    after reading the recap I still dont get it why Jiana got 7th? any explain? why the judges gave her loooow score for her gawwwjezz picture? no idea.

    I’m freaking a lot knowing in this episode ChrisNina friendship had a lot screentime ♥ I ship theeeem so damn much! And kinda worried about Chris conflict with Mike, why do people think about Chris’ dramatic behavior? how about Marvin? he crieeeed every single time when he talk about his janitor dad. The world is so unfair.

    I cant stand anymore for Marvin, he is so annoying. He flirted with any girls who gets paired with him. And think that every girl in the house have a feeling on him. Whaaat? Take a mirror, dude!

    and the challenge, I dont have an opinion about the challenge. I just think, the creative should be paying attention towards their model. two runways were just soooo damn dangerous! its not fear factor, right?

    Oh Jourdan, you choosed the right partner. Maybe she wanted to ignore Jeremy for this week. :p

    Yaaaay too for Mike got eliminated. Finally, eat that ice cream guy! Next time you should give your respect for Chris.

    I dont see Don, Phil, Marvin, and Cory’s photo are waaaay better than Chris, Jiana, and Kanani. But why they got lower place then some of them?

    • Hola. I know right? The wierd thing is, Rob praised Jiana for the curves in her photo, but he gave her a 7. While Kelly pointed out that her neck was hidden, she gave Jiana a 8.
      Basicaly Chris was just missunderstood. He had an abusive backstory, and not everyone understands his condition. While with Marvin, everyone had at least been bullied, so they could relate to him.
      For the runway, i was totally fine with it. Well we don’t wanna see a boring runway. There should be some kind of challenge in it.

      Marvin is getting on my nerves right now. He just can’t hold his thristiness. The other guys weren’t acted like that. He acted like the ladies man, well he’s not.
      Yes Mike went home. Chris and Jiana’s picture deserves to scores higher than that. But in the other hand, Jiana’s fan vote is a frickin’ 9

  2. oh darn fingers! i pushed the “send” button in the wrong time!

    Oh okay, this is my callout order for this week:
    1. Jiana (they should give her first)
    2. Chris
    3. Nina
    4. Jourdan
    5. Kanani (you said posy? look at Alex!)
    6. Phil
    7. Alex (too much tooching)
    8. Cory (NO NECK!)
    9. Marvin (hate the face)
    10. Don (he just sit in the chair and blaaah, but way better than Mike did)
    11. Jeremy (awkward hand and stiff)
    12. Renee (awkward pose)
    13. Mike (oh cmon I can do better pose then Mike did)

    so yeah thanks for the recap. Bye bye ice cream guy! i dont wanna see you for comeback.

    • Lol my fingers did that a lot of time.
      I prefer Alex’s photo more than Kanani’s , well that’s my opinion. I literally can’t decide who I gonna put on top, Jiana or Jourdan or Chris, soo many choices. Lol

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