America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 : Guys and Girls : Episode 6 Recap ( SPOILER ALERT )

Hey guys sorry for the kinda-late post, my internet is going crazy. So anyway, episode 6 recap of ANTM Cycle 20 is here 😀

Here we go!

So as usuall, all of the contestants went home to their model house, and finding Jourdan’s picture on the scree, She was super excited about it, but not as excited as the other. The other contestants finds her fake and just annoying. Well it’s just jealousy i think. Renee was pissed. Then Jourdan picked Nina to share the Tyra Suite together, because Nina is pretty much the only one (including Jeremy) who wants to talk to her. The next morning, Jourdan and Nina decided to control the phone prevelliges. Because the amount of people in the house is getting smaller, there’s some extra time, so they decided to use that extra time for themself. Both of them got 10 minutes, and the other got just 5 minutes.

When Jourdan was talking on the phone booth, time goes so fast, she got to call her boyfriend for 16 minutes, while her time was just 10 minutes. Everyone was pissed and think it was ricidulious, then Renee walked into the room and just confronted Jourdan. What Jourdan did was wrong, but there’s no reason to make it such a big deal. Jeremy was defending Jourdan, everyone finds Jeremy to be Jourdan’s personal pet. Jourdan declared that she didn’t has a lot of friend in the house, and she’s gonna be living in hell until the end of the competition.

After all the drama, all of them went out for the challenge. Bryan Boy and Perez Hilton was there. They announced the contestants that they gonna be the fashion coresspondent. They gonna interviewing people for the SMIZE TV ( is that even a real TV? )

Some of them did better than the other. Jeremy was super committed, he took his shirt and his pants off. Just wearing his boxer, he listened to what Perez and Bryan was saying. Glad to see him tried harder, especially after last week, being in the bottom 2.

Jiana struggles a little bit. Marvin refuses to say what Perez said, because he didn’t want to offense someone else. That’s a great thing to do. But you gotta do what you have to do, if you wanna keep being in this industry. He prefer didn’t get famous, than being famous because of insulting other people.

Jeremy won the challenge, and i was super excited. For his prize, he picked Jourdan to have a romantic dinner together. In the restaurant, Jourdan and Jeremy has a very good talk, both of them know each other more, and became really good friends.

americas next top model s20e06 hdtv x264-bajskorv.mp4_snapshot_15.40_[2013.08.31_18.38.37]

The next day, they went to the commercial shoot location, there was Johnny Wujek with Jeremy Rowley. They announces that they gonna do a role reversal parfume commerical shoot. They got to picked who they gonna be making out with at the end of the shoot. Obviously Jourdan gonna pick Jeremy, Jiana-Phil, Nina-Chris, Kanani-Don, Renee-Mike, and Alex-Cory.

Not all of them were excited, but Cory was. He performed as drag a couple of times, and that just gave him an advantage. Kanani and Don went for it, While Alex struggles.


First couple , the Hollywood Couple, Nina and Chris

1. Nina

americas next top model s20e06 hdtv x264-bajskorv.mp4_snapshot_28.48_[2013.08.31_18.46.55]

-. Tyra : You have so much swag

-. Rob : You could be rougher as a man

-. Kelly : You weren’t very believeable, not strong enough as a guy

-. Me : She did well, but not very convinsing.

2. Chris

americas next top model s20e06 hdtv x264-bajskorv.mp4_snapshot_29.33_[2013.08.31_18.47.32]

-. Tyra : Chris, you’re a beautiful woman.

-. Rob : The fact that you were playing with your hair, you’re commited.

-. Kelly : For me it’s a little too draggy.

-. Me : He looks so gorgeous as a girl, totally believeable.

Next, Cheerleader Couple, Kanani and Don

1. Kanani

americas next top model s20e06 hdtv x264-bajskorv.mp4_snapshot_29.56_[2013.08.31_19.00.26]

-. Tyra : You were like “Call Me!”

-. Rob : No comment.

-. Kelly : You blew me away, for the minute you appeared in that camera, you POP.

-. Me : Loving her performance, she went for it.

2. Don

americas next top model s20e06 hdtv x264-bajskorv.mp4_snapshot_30.38_[2013.08.31_19.00.49]

-. Tyra : You looked really beautiful and you went for it.

-. Rob : No comment.

-. Kelly : I was so happy when i see this, it makes me laugh. And you know i didn’t laugh a lot , so thanks.

-. Me : He went for it too. Having fun, and that’s what matters. Love it.

Next, Goth Couple Jourdan and Jeremy

1. Jourdan

americas next top model s20e06 hdtv x264-bajskorv.mp4_snapshot_30.59_[2013.08.31_19.07.52]

-. Tyra : I hate the model that’s not smart.

-. Rob : You have a presence on TV

-. Kelly : Goth was all about dark, and you were dropped the ball for me.

-. Me : Her eyes looks beautiful on the makeup, She didn’t went for it all the way, still too girly.

2. Jeremy

americas next top model s20e06 hdtv x264-bajskorv.mp4_snapshot_31.02_[2013.08.31_19.08.18]

-. Tyra ; What are you doing with your hands?

-. Rob : Your hands was awkward, it looks like you were covering something else.

-. Kelly : The skirts was coming out, and i can’t accept it.

-. Me : I think this is one of his better performance, his woman walk is fierce!

Preppy Couple Jiana and Phil

1. Jiana

americas next top model s20e06 hdtv x264-bajskorv.mp4_snapshot_32.12_[2013.08.31_19.14.13]

-. Tyra : I didn’t like it.

-. Rob : You’re a cool actor.

-. Kelly : I’d like your dialog be just more masculine.

-. Me: I like it. I think it’s very boyish.

2. Phil

americas next top model s20e06 hdtv x264-bajskorv.mp4_snapshot_32.13_[2013.08.31_19.14.15]

-. Tyra : I SAW TOUNGE!

-. Rob : You did a really good job. That bag dropping was fantastic.

-. Kelly : You bring yourself up into another level.

-. Me : He is a gorgeous woman. And that plastic bag dropping was genious,

Business Couple Alex and Cory

1. Alex

americas next top model s20e06 hdtv x264-bajskorv.mp4_snapshot_33.22_[2013.08.31_19.20.32]

-. Tyra : I wasn’t into it.

-. Rob : You suppossed to be a strong, confident businessman, and i didn’t see that.

-. Kelly : I think you dropped it a little bit on your lines a few times.

-. Me : Too girly, she looks pretty. Not enough roughness,

2. Cory

americas next top model s20e06 hdtv x264-bajskorv.mp4_snapshot_33.27_[2013.08.31_19.20.40]

-. Tyra : Absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful runway walk.

-. Rob : You nailed it as a model.

-. Kelly : It was amazing.

-. Me : FABULOUS. He did the best hands down. The most believeable.

Last couple, Surfer Couple Renee and Marvin

1. Renee

americas next top model s20e06 hdtv x264-bajskorv.mp4_snapshot_34.51_[2013.08.31_19.27.41]

-. Tyra : That “SUPP” was genious, the rest was messy.

-. Rob : No comment.

-. Kelly : I really liked it.

-. Me : She did great. She pulls of the surfer in her.

2. Marvin

americas next top model s20e06 hdtv x264-bajskorv.mp4_snapshot_34.52_[2013.08.31_19.27.29]

-. Tyra : No comment

-. Rob : No comment

-. Kelly : At first i was like, this is the most herrendous things i’ve ever seen.

-. Me : That kiss was… Umm… CRAZY.

Here’s the final result

Name Tyra Rob Kelly Challenge Fan Vote Total
1 Cory 10 8 10 9 8.7 45.7
2 Kanani 10 10 10 8 7.6 45.6
3 Don 9 9 9 8 7.6 42.6
4 Phil 9 9 8 9 7.4 42.4
5 Jourdan 8 10 7 8 8.2 41.2
6 Chris 10 8 7 9 6.3 40.3
7 Jeremy 8 7 7 10 7.5 39.5
8 Renee 6 9 9 7 6.4 37.4
9 Nina 9 7 7 7 6.9 36.9
10 Marvin 8 7 8 6 6.7 35.7
11 Jiana 6 8 8 6 7.5 35.5
12 Alex 6 6 8 7 7.7 34.7

What i think :

1. Alex deserves to stay longer, she’s a beautiful girl.

2. WTF at Jiana being in the bottom 2?

3. Cory deserves his FCO

My Callout Order:












12.Marvin ( Okay i can’t decide who i gonna sent home, just stucked, but Marvin’s kiss ruined it for me )

I wasn’t expecting this episode to be so fun, because the videos online was terrible. What’s your callout, and you favorite moment on the show? Post you comment below 🙂

Thanks for reading and see y’all next week for another recap edition. #StayFierce 🙂

3 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 : Guys and Girls : Episode 6 Recap ( SPOILER ALERT )

  1. i havent watch this episode. i just watched the final commercial.

    i dont know why, but i dont really excited to watch this episode. the commercial thing is really ridiculous and cheap (sorry), but I enjoyed watching the commercial tho. and the challenge picture in your recap is wrong, that score was in the previous week. lol. I hate Perez omg! he looks thirsty and why did Jeremy take his shirt off for the interview? I love Starvin Marvin for the first time because he against Perez.

    when I know Jiana in the bottom two, omg i was so shocked. how can? i think the judges prepare Jiana’s elimination for the next next episode. poor Jiana.

    and how loooooow nina and chris fanvote this week, even Renee has bigger fanvote than Chris this week. this social media score will never make Chris gets FCO!

    I’m sorry for Alex, but I dont really mind for her elimination because for me Alex is a lil bit forgetable.

    My COO:
    1. Cory
    2. Kanani
    3. Don
    4. Chris
    5. Phil
    6. Jeremy
    7. Nina
    8. Jourdan
    9. Renee
    10. Jiana
    11. Marvin
    12. Alex

    Next episode… NOOOOOO! Chris and Nina drama T_T omg Nina looks so upset!

    thanks for the recap. I hope you will never be piss because i always comment on your recap lol

    • OMG thanks for pointing it out. Silly me using the wrong picture lol.
      Well you should watch it, it’s very very entertaining, and not as bad as i think it would be.
      Jeremy was keeping it cool, so super proud of him. And yes with Marvin, i liked what he did.
      I was literally almost got teared up when Jiana landed in the bottom. But i know she’ll be fine. I don’t think she’s go home next week cuz her picture is stunning.
      Alex is actually a really good model, but she was outshined by the other girls and guys. I think she should be given another chance, Cory slays everyone.

      I can’t watch next weeks episode without feeling so sad. Like, what happen? They were BFF last week, and the next week….
      Well why would i be pissed? Lol. People rarely commented on my post, so i appreciate it 😀

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