America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 : Guys and Girls : Episode 7 Comeback Recap

So i know y’all don’t want me to abandoned the eliminated contestants, so i decided to do a special recap and photos judging for them. Predicting who’s gonna comeback.  ( EPISODE 7 RECAP )

Here we go!

Last week’s eliminated girl Alexandra



I think this is very pretty, i’m not sure i see high fashion, but definetly better than Chlea’s and Mike’s. She looked very mermaid-ish in this. Like this picture


Miss Personality Chlea



Her eyes are a little bit too squinty, wierd right hand, it looks like she’s covering her breast. Lovely cheekbones. Not the worse


Ice Cream Man Mike





So overall, Alexandra did the best. Who’s gonna join the comeback group?

Who’s gonna be eliminated next week? They all seems so shocked. It could be one of the strongest contenders


Check out for next week’s recap and comeback recap.


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