America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 : Guys and Girls : Episode 7 Recap

So i’m so pissed off right now i can’t even talk.

*Okay , to me, shakes of the negativity. These people are coming here to read your recap . Calm down*
So hey guys, Ugh.
Just jump to the recap shall we?
Cory got the best video last week, so he got the keys to the Tyra suite. He picked Jiana to joined him. When they were looking through the GUESS closet, Phil came in there, and just added awkwardness. Like, Jiana was shirtless and trying the clothes and you just came in there, chilling. Wierd.
The guys did something so stupid. They taped the girls clothes and bed, some of their underwear went to the ceiling. Like if i was the girls, i’m gonna punched them in the face. All of them. The next day, they went to a ranch, there were Kelly Cutrone and Jackie Fraser-Swan , the fashion designer of EmersonKelly announced that the contestants gonna do a campaign for Emerson. They were devided into 3 groups. Cory Jiana Phil and Chris , Kanani Renee and Jourdan, and Don Marvin Jeremy and Nina.
Kanani’s team did superwell, they also get the chance to talk it out with Jourdan, because she was involved in last weeks phone drama. At the end they made up. Cory’s team took a risk, but not really Emerson, and Don’s team did extremely well, but the problem is, Emerson is a woman clothing , and they didn’t showed the woman clothing in one of their photo. At the end, Kanani’s team won the challenge.
As they walking into the house, challenge scores were on the board.
Chris was pretty devistated on getting a 6, and he took it out on everybody. He starts acting crazy and dramatic, and eventually he took it out on Nina. Nina was pretty devistated too, the fight just way to too much. Nina was upset. Chris try to talk it out with her, but Nina ‘s still pretty mad.
After the shoot, the guys AGAIN pranked the girls with clown dolls, because Kanani and Renee havs fears of clowns. Kanani broke down and just can’t focus on the competition. The guys overdid it like seriously.
For their first solo photoshoot, they had to pose with nail art on their nails. The guys didn’t do it a lot, so obviously there was a lot of challenge for the guys. A lot of drama happen on the set actually. Jourdan talked way too loud, she offended Jeremy , and Jeremy got distracted. Nina still mad about the other night, and Chris was all guilty for it.
And all the sudden, the most shocking Tyra Mail in this season so far
IKR? Crazy and not expecting it.
They went on panel, and first is the house president Cory (Tyra Nails)
Tyra : This picture is slammin’ . I absolutely love it. You’re serving Tyra realness.
Rob : I think you killed this shot.
Kelly : We see a masculine man this week, this is what we’ve been asking you to show! I really love this shot.
Me: I think this is breathtaking. The eyes, the face, the arms, the vulnerability, this is one of the best pictures i’ve ever seen this cycle.
Next , Don (Fierce Nails)
Tyra : I can’t take away the fact that it’s stunning.
Rob : You can do editorial, commercial, you appeal everyone.
Kelly : I don’t see fierceness in this shot.
Me : Glad to see some intesity in his eyes, a little sleepy. the hands are a little bit to, Blah.
Next, Kanani (Smize Nails)
The Girl Who’s Scared of Clown
Tyra : This picture to me, looks like when they were adjucting the light.
Rob : You looked tired, the eyes are dead.
Kelly : I adore this shot, i think you’re so strong ang beautiful in this shot, i love it.
Me : Her eyes are dead, sleppy, no energy. Meh picture.
Next, Jourdan (186 Countries Nails)
The Girl Who’s Scared of Clown
Tyra : I think you looked stunning, but THE NECK!
Rob : It’s amazing.
Kelly : This is very high-fashion, this is what i want from you since the beggining.
Me : Crazy intense eyes, stunning face, selling those nails. I do agree with Tyra, with the whole too much tension in the neck, but this picture is slammin’
Phil (XX20 Nails)
The Girl Who’s Scared of Clown
Tyra : There’s some sultriness in your eyes that i like.
Rob : You looks way too feminime in the face.
Kelly : I really don’t like this picture.
Me : I see Jesus, and nothing else. I don’t see a model in this. Dissapointing.
Next Queen Jiana with her Tooch Nails
The Girl Who’s Scared of Clown
Tyra : You have to continue to find your angles.
Rob : I think you killed this shot.
Kelly : Beautiful.
Me : Absolutely stunning. Fierce eyes, stunning lips, selling those nails, she lost one of her nails here, but it doesn’t really matter.
Nina with her Na Na Na Nails
The Girl Who’s Scared of Clown
Tyra : I love that you were playing with the angles.
Rob : No comment.
Kelly : For me this is NO NO NO. I couldn’t think of any magazine to put this into.
Me : Definetly selling her quirkiness here, love the right hand. Lovely cheekbones, the hair works really well.
King Chris with H2T Nails
Tyra : I think this picture is absolutely stunning.  It makes me proud.
Rob : You’re looking manly and masculine, even though you have a nail art.
Kelly : The eyes are a little too rolled.
Me : Stunning intense face, i do agree with his hands looking awkward, He’s trying too hard to sell those jewelery.
Renee with her POT LEDOM Nails
The Girl Who’s Scared of Clown
Tyra : Where’s the neck??
Rob : You can’t say anything bad about this.
Kelly : I love the eyes.
Me : STUNNING! Her best picture so far. Intense eyes, love her little claws. No neck. She’s growing and keep growing.
Jeremy with his Booch Nails.
Tyra : I think there’s some softness in this.
Rob : It’s not a great shot because you’re a body guy.
Kelly : I think this picture is very strange and unsure.
Me : I think this is sexy. I think it’s alluring, finally some different expression from him. his best shot so far.
Flawsome Nails, Marvin
Tyra : Your eyes, your nose, your face, it’s perfecto.
Rob : You looked like a top working male model.
Kelly : I absolutely love it.
Me : I think the body is strong, the eyes are strong, i was worried for him doing the same face every week, but it’s a great shot.
Here’s the final result
Rank Name Tyra Rob Kelly Challenge Fan Vote Total
1 Jourdan 8 9 9 9 9.2 44.2
2 Marvin 10 9 9 7 8 43
3 Cory 9 10 9 6 8.2 42.2
4 Chris 8 9 7 7 6.8 39.8
5 Don 10 9 8 6 8 39
6 Renee 7 7 8 9 6.9 37.9
7 Nina 8 6 7 7 8.9 36.9
8 Jiana 5 9 7 6 7.3 34.3
9 Phil 8 7 7 6 6.1 34.1
10 Kanani 5 5 9 9 5.9 33.9
11 Jeremy 7 5 5 7 7 31

I know you were as upset as me. Like WTF?? Jeremy went home and Phil got to stay?? Like really Tyra??

I’m so pissed off, like why should they did a double elimination, it’s so unnessecary.

Whatever he’s coming back for sure.

Here’s my callout order :

1. Cory ( STUNNING! )

2. Jourdan ( AMAZEBALLS )

3. Chris ( FIERCE )

4. Jiana ( SLAYING )

5. Renee ( FINALLY )

6. Jeremy ( ALLURING )

7. Nina ( QUIRKY )

8. Marvin ( STRONG )

9. Don ( OKAY )

10. Phil ( JESUS )

11. Kanani ( SLEEPY )

So what do you think about the episode, and about the absolutely horrible elimination??


9 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 : Guys and Girls : Episode 7 Recap

  1. haloooo im coming ^^

    this is one of episode that i really want to watch, but in the other hand i’m so nervous about ChrisNina drama. after reading your recap and some other recaps, i just found that ChrisNina drama was so lame… so okay, i think there was just a lil fight between both of them.

    Im so happy to find Jourdan apologized about her selfishness last week. and I think you forgot to add the clown drama who made Kanani soooo panicing. lol nevermind =))

    About the challenge, I do agree Kanani’s team won the challenge tho. they deserved it.

    The photoshoot. lol for the photographer. I dont know why Tyra gave Jiana a 5? maybe some models did better than her, but its ridiculous to give her a very low score. are you sure TyTy? and then its so dramatic elimination, double elimination (again) whaat? I think Jeremy did well (finally) for the photoshoot, I love his picture this week and I dont want him to go home for his photo this week. Poor Kanani, she was soooo sad about her elimination, make want to cry and its remind me when Leila elimination who made me cry :”(( but look at Don! he did the same pose with Kanani did!

    and i think Chris is the fourth callout, Don is the fifth. maybe you did something wrong about the COO.

    this is my COO:
    1. Nina (I DO DAMN LOVE THIS PIC! for me everything works well, and why the hell judges didnt like her pic?)
    2. Cory (So fierce)
    3. Jourdan (I love everything in this pic, but yeah I wanna see more neck)
    4. Chris (I love the awkward hands, but his crazy eyes sometime look so scary)
    5. Marvin (I think his best photo so far)
    6. Jiana (I like her pic but not really, at least I wont give her a 5, maybe 7)
    7. Jeremy (NO, I LOVE HIS PIC better than his photos in the lastlastlast week. I see the boy next door)
    8. Don (nothing special, but yeah better than Kanani did for the same pose)
    9. Renee (her photo looks scary with her no neck and yellow lips)
    10. Kanani (dead eyes and feel like no energy, but I think she did more pose when shooting)
    11. Phil (the worst of the bunch)

    next week drama is Chris (again) vs Marvin? isnt it?

    anw thanks for da recap :))

    • Oh yea i forgot to add the clown drama cuz i’m so pissed lol.
      Jiana’s picture was gorgeous, Tyra has lost her mind lol. Jeremy’s picture was really good, his best picture so far. He uses different expression each week. Don’t know why the hell he got eliminated. He’s for sure coming back. I’m so sad for Kanani, i think she has more to give , more than Phil.
      Don vs Kanani? Yes their pose are very similar, but at least Don has more intesity in his eyes. Kanani just looked sleepy.
      Marvin pisses me off so much. He’s just annoying, on the show and in real life. Ugh God hope this kid get some reality-check.
      Thanks for reading 😀

  2. I actually liked Jeremy’s pic I didn’t mind the armpit hair lol but I agree phil(Jesus) needs to go. I mean he damaged property.

  3. Im not crazy about Jeremy’s picture. The armpit, and facial hairs makes him look ungroom and there’s no interesting bone structure or anything. I guess what im saying is that I don’t see model. But its not bad but I personally think its overrated picture of his.

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