America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 : Guys and Girls : Episode 8 Recap

Hey y’all , another recap, and another episode that pissed me off.

Here we go!

So they were on their way home, they talked about Jeremy and Kanani being sent home. All of the remaining contestants were sad, and Marvin just broke down. Marvin was super close to Jeremy , and seeing him eliminated, it just broke his heart. I do appreciate him for his caring to the other contestants.

After they arrived at the model house, as usual they saw Jourdan’s best photo on the screen. The others were jealous as usual. And Marvin, Jeremy left him a note. Check this out.


Yea i think it’s pretty sweet. Marvin just crying and being emotional. This is a competition, and everyweek, a person will go home. So he should really get his head on the game. The next day, they went to the Melrose Avenue , the epicenter of fashion and shopping in LA. Kelly was there, announcing the challenge. So basically, the challenge was devided into 2 part. The first part, they all have to strip down. Only wearing underwear. On the street. Answering questions about fashion. Everytime they answers the question right, they get a certain amount of money to shop for clothes. Here’s the final amount of money they get:


So Phil only got 1 question correct, and Renee answers everything correct. Well done MIss Renee!

The second part of the challenge, they still striped down, and they need to shop for clothes with the money they earn on the quiz with Kelly. Phil obviously struggled , because, $25 ?? The shopping was crazy, they were running everywhere, trying to find the shoes that matches the outfit. Here’s their final look, check it out!


Oh and by the way, while Marvin got critique about his rolled-up pants, Chris fixed his rolled-up pants, to make his look better. Smart boy lol. ANNDD Don  won the challenge. Like seriously? He only wears black shirt and pants. There was no WOW factor. Well he flirted with the judge so.. Whatever. I think Nina looked the best.

After the challenge, Don Marvin and Renee went together to get an ice cream, while the other contestants just looking at the score board. Marvin just got annoyed and mad at some point because of his challenge score , anddd he took it out on Chris. Like, what’s your problem dude, Chris  did nothing wrong. He just attacking Chris for no reason. Ugh God i dislike him already!

Photoshoot day, they all went to the Tyra Exhibit. Do y’all know what this is? This exhibit is showing Tyra potraying the top 15 supermodel of all time. #Tyra15. Some of her work are amazing. Check her photos HERE. For the photoshoot, they will be the art on the exhibit. They’ll pose while Paint were thrown at them. Marvin and Chris still fights and just won’t talk, it ended up being bad and making their shoot uncomfortable. Marvin also got mad because Johnny Wujek said : “Open you eyes Marvin.” . He just got super sensitive and upset. Silly Marvin

After the shoot, again, Marvin can’t let his fight with Chris go. Like it’s so immature. He also said “5 minutes of fame, and he’s just changing.” LMAO what an irony, actually you’re the one who did it. Whatever he pisses me off so frickin’ much.

Just go to panel shall we? First is Starvin Marvin

The Guy Who Cries

Tyra : I think you were a little bit stiff.

Rob : I like the pose, and how relaxed you are.

Kelly : To me you looked like a model at the art gallery and has a bad week, and you just crossed eye.

Me : This picture is terrible!! The mouth was awkward, same face every single week, he lost his other arm. Horrible picture.

Next is Rapper Don

The Guy Who Cries

Tyra : I feel athlete, i don’t feel a model.

Rob : You need to learn how to work your body.

Kelly : I just don’t feel it , in a fashion perspective.

Me : His mouth looks awkward. DUCK LIPS! His body is strong though. Okay shot.

Next , we have Blondie High Fashion Jourdan

The Guy Who Cries

Tyra : You gave us neck and H2T. This is top 20 best photos in this entire competition.

Rob : It looks like you’re wearing a dress.

Kelly : This is what i want from you since the begining.

Me : DIVINE!! Paint dress, stunning face,long neck. Flawless!

Jesus Phil is next

The Guy Who Cries

Tyra : Your face is stunning. Buut your hand looks so thick.

Rob : All i see if softness week after week.

Kelly : This picture , just make me don’t want to have a child again.

Me : Jesus booty tooching. This is , just, terrible. His face is just all wrong. Meh.

Miss Renee is coming

The Guy Who Cries

Tyra : You took what i showed you , and you make it even better.

Rob : You deliver this week.

Kelly : You looked a little bit too mature in this.

Me : This is stunning. She looks like a bird. Stunning face. Long neck, strong profile. Amazing!

Next is QUEEN Jiana

The Guy Who Cries

Tyra : Your face is stunning, but i wanna see you relax.

Rob : Your face and arm is just awkward.

Kelly : I just don’t feel a model in this shot. You looked like a ghost on the Titanic.

Me : This is very dissapointing. She just looks shocked and uncomfortable. Her face is just like “WHAT?”

Fearless Chris is up next

The Guy Who Cries

Tyra : If you just give me more fimininity ( REALLY? ) , it would be even better. You need to relax.

Rob : You know your body.

Kelly : Your body is powerful, your face is fierce, i love everything about this.

Me : This picture is fantasticalls. Strong face , strong body, His muscles looks really really good, Piercing eyes. He didn’t even care about the paint.

Androgenia Cory

The Guy Who Cries

Tyra : I see power and you don’t looked like you’re frozen.

Rob : You should go more profile on the body.

Kelly : I love the androgynie here.

Me : I don’t love this shot. The right hand , pointing just looks awkward. Not my favorite.

And last but not least, Hula Nina

The Guy Who Cries

Tyra : Strong , edgy , and a little bit of an athlete

Rob : You have a very editorial face, and i feel like this photo is a little bit too safe.

Kelly : I see a lot of power, i love your arms , i’m very impressed by it.

Me : I think this is wierdly beautiful. I love her arms, she’s working her body. She has a very high fashion look.

The result has been made. And here’s the result.

Rank Name Tyra Rob Kelly Challenge Fan Vote Total
1 Jourdan 10 10 10 7 7.5 44.5
2 Renee 10 8 7 7 5.9 37.9
3 Nina 8 7 9 8 5.9 37.9
4 Chris 7 8 9 7 5.8 36.8
5 Cory 9 8 8 5 5.3 35.3
6 Don 6 8 7 9 5.3 35.3
7 Marvin 8 9 7 6 4 34

As you can see, Jiana and Phil landed in the bottom 2. Here’s what Tyra thinks bout both of them.

Phil : You have a capital P, which is Potential. But for some reason, when the super tension is on, you fell apart.

Jiana : This girl that started off so STRONG. But week after week, it went down and down and down. We feel that you don’t understand your own beauty,

And the result is…


And i know what are you saying. WTF?? How could the best model Queen Jiana get eliminated instead of Phil?? Like , the biggest joke ever. Phil landed on the bottom last week, and this week too. And safe?? Again?? STUPID ELIMINATION. Tyra screws this BIGTIME

Here’e my callout :

1. Miss Jourdan ( DIVINE )

2. Renee ( STUNNING )

3. Chris ( STRONG )

4. Nina ( EDGY )



7. Don ( DUCK LIPS )

8. Marvin ( AWKWARD )


What do you think about the absolutely ridiculous elimination? Comments below 🙂

Check out for the comeback recap and next weeks recap. Thanks for reading and have a nice day 😀


6 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 : Guys and Girls : Episode 8 Recap

  1. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? ANTM C20 HAVE LOST THE STRONGEST MODEL!! Its disappointing Jiana got eliminated over Phil, this Jesus needs to go home instead of her!

    And… what the fu*k for Jiana social media score???? thats the lowest fan votes i have ever seen in antm history! Jiana is the queen of social media, but look at her fan votes? is it for real? emm okay Jiana photo is not really good, but she didnt deserve to go home! Oh please bring her back to the competition!

    I’m so irritating to see Marvin crying aaaaaaall the time, and his complaining about Chris’ challenge score! grow up dude! (oh thanks God he didnt book any job for LAFW).

    AND IT WAS THE BIG MISTAKE CHOOSING DON AS A WINNER CHALLENGE! WTF! Nina, Jourdan (and even Jiana) was better than his outfit. I’m so sorry for the stylist who judge the challenge, how dare you gave Jiana a 5, bitch?

    This is my COO anw, I was so fruatating found Jiana got eliminated (and knowing the rumours that she wont comeback) :”(

    1. JOURDAN (FTW! STUNNING PICTURE! the paint look like the fabric)
    2. Renee (Graceful, i love it)
    3. Chris (Strong eyes, strong body, everything looks strong. he knows how to show his body)
    4. Nina (quirky pose, she looks like dancing)
    5. Cory (tbh i dont like the pose, but he looks on fire with that bloody paint)
    6. Don (dont like the face, this photo is too safe)
    7. Jiana (i dont know why the judges choose this picture as her best. everything is awkward. but she deserves longer week because of her previous portfolio)
    8. Marvin (Starvin little hulk)
    9. Phil (baby is wearing a diaper, he needs to go home next week seriously (i know he will))

    I am sooooo excited to watch next episode. LA FASHION WEEEEK! and i wonder why Marvin dont get eliminated for not booking any job and his creepy magical field photo. (because I think you know who will be eliminated next week, right?)

    and yeah sorry for checking your recap too late hahahaha. last but not least thanks for the recap! 🙂

    • Pleasee Please Please, Jiana please be the new Leila. Eliminated, Comingback, and almost win. The fan votes were a total joke. Like really? Jourdan’s amazing photo only get a 7.5 ? And Queen Jiana only got a frickin’ 3.9 ?? i smelled SABOTAGES!!

      And why in the hell did the judges keep Phil for being in the bottom 2 weeks in a row?? Like seriously? He could just goes home next week, and he just wasted a spot.
      Marvin is stupid. He always said stuff like ” I was bullied blablabla my dad is a janitor! ” , and when he came home, he acted like a total bully. Chris did nothing wrong. Chlidish ans self-centered. Hope he goes home soon, His next photo is totally CREEPY. Lol i could imagine Tyra loving his photo. This favoritism is so unfair. Tyra just loves everything he did, even though his photo sucks.

      Don as a winner? LMAO he only wears black shirt and pants. He looks like a streetwalker. Well probably the judge loves his look. Jiana’s outfit actually looks good. Not the worst. Nina should’ve won the challenge.
      I just want Marvin to GTFO of my TV screen ASAP.
      All i care about, is JIANA COMING BACK.

      Haha you’re not the only one who’s mad, all of us Jiana’s fans are. Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. “i could imagine Tyra loving his photo. This favoritism is so unfair. Tyra just loves everything he did, even though his photo sucks.” THIS!!! I could also imagine, Tyra will give him a 9 (even worse a 10). HELL TO DA NOOOOO! seriously his picture next week is totally the worst of the bunch.

    I know Jiana will be the new Leila! (but I’m sick of the rumours that said Jiana will not the one who comeback). :”(

    • His picture is totally creepy. I could imagine Tyra saying stuff like ” Your smile is so sexy and mysterious, your body looks fab blablabla” I’ll be LMAOing so bad.
      I know, i heard that Jiana won’t be returning, which is such a shame. She’s the one who’s REALLY DESERVES to comeback.

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