America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 : Guys and Girls : Episode 9 BTS Pictures

Soo BuddyTV just posted the BTS pictures for the next episode. Here’s the episode description:

“The Girl Whose Walk is TOO Good”

From the CW: “Two of the models get overly confident, but end up booking no runway shows, which shatters their self-confidence. One of the girls gets distracted at the photo shoot because of her crush on one of the guys and, in a twist, two of the eliminated models get the chance to come back to compete”
Here we go!
The final 8 ( minus Phil ) Where is him anyway? Wow Jourdan’s dress is huge!
The final 8 models laying on the grass together. Jourdan looks DIVINE! Very angelic.
Cory practices his posing before going to the shoot.
Miss Nina with her teddybear, getting ready for the shoot.
Starvin Marvin with Johnny Wujek and the photographer Matthew Jordan Smith,
Chris looking cool during the shoot. He looks awesome with his clothes.
Miss Nina werking that gorgeous blue dress.
The final 8 in the judging room. Renee’s outfit looks silly.
The judges + BB, I love Kelly’s shoes.
Tyra giving the models her SMIZE
Who’s gonna go home? And most importantly, WHO’S GONNA COMEBACK? Tune in this Friday, 9.8c only on CWTV

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