America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 : Guys and Girls : Episode 9 Recap

Hola guys, another recap for ME. Episode 9

Here we go!

So Queen Jourdan got another best photo, so far she had gotten 3 best photos. She got the most FCO out of the others. Yea as always the other was jealous, blablabla. In the car, they also talked about the comeback model. Who’s gonna comeback into the competition, we can’t really find out who’s gonna enter the competition for the second time. Also they didn’t expect Queen Jiana to go home. Guess what? ME EITHER!!

After they entered the house, Jourdan’s fab picture is on the screen. She picked Renee to share the Tyra Suite with her. Both of them has a really interesting Love-Hate relationship. I love both of them though. Ugh God another Starvin Marvin romance going on. This time, Renee is his target. They flirted in the guys room. Marvin definetly has some crush on Renee, since they were paired during the chemistry-test, and the Role Reversal Shoot. Renee talked about his kinda-crush to Jourdan. LMAO Jourdan asked Renee to go for it XD I love them so much.

The next day, Challenge day. They met Rob Evans and Next Models Management Director, Alexis Borges. They announced that the contestants gonna go to some castings for Style Fashion WeekJourdan felt so confident , because, just like what she said “Runway is my thing.” First, they went to Paulie Gibson’s castingNina charmed the designers with the looks and personality. Marvin didn’t do so well, it’s his first ever casting. Jourdan however, got critique that “Her walk is too good.” Don’t know if it’s a compliment or not, but she definelty didn’t do well. At the end , Everyone except Marvin and Jourdan booked the job.

Next, the girls went to XCVI, for the girls. Renee killed the runway. Jourdan got another critique that she lacks personality. In the end, Renee booked 2 jobs , Nina booked 1 job, and Jourdan booked nothing. Wow shocking? Jourdan had a little panic attack, and definetly was dissapointed in her self

The guys went to Civil Society. The designer found that Cory and Don had a pretty similar look, Marvin struggled again. In the end, Chris, Phil and Don booked 2 jobs, , Cory booked 1 job, and Marvin booked nothing.

Here’s some screengrabs from the show.



Renee for XCVI








Yea that’s enough. I guess. The challenge winner is *Drumroll* Renee. And i agreed 100%. She did amazing on the show. Runway is her thing. Here’s the challenge board



Phil was upset because of an 8? Gurll if i was you i’ll be jumping up and down because of joy. He’s overreacting. Hey, finally we had a Tyra Mail, don’t know why they didn’t show it for weeks and weeks.



Reflection? It has to do with some mirrors. Who knows? Ugh another Starvin Marvin episode, at night, Renee decided to go into the guys room, and sleep with Marvin. Like WHAT? Seriously? Well at least they didn’t have sex , so that K. Still can’t believe that Renee falls for Marvin.

The next day, they arrived at this gorgeous Canyon Ranch. They gonna wear some very magical couture outfits. They were excited. And guess what? Me too! The photographer is Matthew Jordan Smith. During the shoot, Nina did amazing, well at first she didn’t know where the camera was lol. Chris looks like a star, Johnny even said “Chris you look HOT!”, LOL Johnny has a crush on him MAYBE?

In revenge, Jourdan pranked Renee with a frog, she throwed , well not throw. Apparently the frog jumped on Renee’s dress. She freaked out and cursed and screamed all over the place, it was hilarious. Marvin struggled so bad. After they went home, The guys and Renee had a little talk. About who’s gonna dominate. I mean, it’s a silly argument. The truth is, female models ruled the industry, the guys agreed. But they this that THIS competition was ruled by the guys. Ugh God whatever. Phil and Marvin being childish AGAIN.

Panel time, first is Quirkeditorial Nina

The Girl Whose Walk is TOO Good


Tyra : This girl looks like a girl thats doing photoshoot internationally.

Rob : You looked elegant and graceful. You have a very editorial look.

Kelly : You blew me away everyweek.

Me : This picture is absolutely magical. The dress just flowed there nicely, her eyes are dreamy, the hands are graceful, she looks like a mermaid. Absolutely AMAZING.


Next is, Rappie Don

The Girl Whose Walk is TOO Good

Tyra : Try frowning!

Rob : You keep doing that face.

Kelly : The way you placed your hands and you legs, it’s out of place.

Me : The placement of his body is totally off. His hands looks awkward, and the smile is creepy. He literally looked like, he just fell on the ground, and DEAD. Not impressive.


Next is Fabo Renee

The Girl Whose Walk is TOO Good


Tyra : I like that ” Oh God i broke my neck, please call 911 because i’m fierce B*tch!”

Rob : You really had found that condifence in your self. I think it’s an amazing shot.

Kelly : You looked like “Oh God i broke my neck , please call 911.”

Me : I love love love this photo! The wondering eyes,slight turns on her body, i wish she extended her legs a bit more. Stunning.


Next is TooGood Jourdan

The Girl Whose Walk is TOO Good


Tyra : This for me looks like mature woman modeling. I don’t like this. This was very CHEAP.

Rob : You looked very long.

Kelly : I love this picture, it’s super babydoll, i feel that your face is absolutely striking.

Me : This picture is absolutely beautiful. She’s modeling from H2T. Her right hand looks slighty shorter and smaller though.


Next is Andorgyni Cory

The Girl Whose Walk is TOO Good


Tyra : Your neck looks  short and too thick.

Rob : You looked more manly here.

Kelly : The trunk of your body, i looks wrong.

Me : This is my least favorite picture of him so far. I don’t know it just looks awkward. The hand on the head looks a little catalog-ie. Lovely face though


Next is  Jesus Phi

The Girl Whose Walk is TOO Good


Tyra : What happened Phil?

Rob : Your eyes are always soft and not smizin’

Kelly : Face is beautiful.

Me : He literally looks like, a Jesus-wannabe, who just fall from the heaven, trying to be sexy and get laid by Eve.


Next is Blondie Chris

The Girl Whose Walk is TOO Good


Tyra : This picture is Oh My **BLEEP** God.

Rob : It doesn’t looked like you’re trying to be a model. It looks like you ARE.

Kelly : I love it. You’re the KING.

Me : The body language looks very relax, it’s very twilight-ish. The eyes are striking , his face is beautiful. Amazing shot.


Last but not least, Starvin Marvin

Tyra : I like the head tilt (LMAO)

Rob : You looked like a little baby, and a puppet on strings.

Kelly : It looks very carnaval-ish.



Here’s the result table

Rank Name Tyra Rob Kelly Challenge Fan Vote Total
1 Chris 10 9 10 8 6.1 43.1
2 Nina 10 9 9 7 7.6 42.6
3 Renee 9 10 7 10 5.3 41.3
4 Cory 8 9 8 8 5.5 38.5
5 Jourdan 6 9 9 6 7.1 37.1
6 Don 8 7 7 9 5.9 36.9

And the bottom 2 is Marvin and Phil. The final result, is..



Phil finally went home.

Here’s my callout :

1. Nina ( DREAMY )

2.Chris ( ROCKSTAR )

3. Jourdan ( STUNNING )

4. Renee ( GROWING )

5. Cory ( OKAY )

6. Don ( AWKWARD )

7. Phil ( JESUS )

8. Marvin ( CREEPY )

And Tyra has some surprise. COMEBACK is happening NOW.


Who’s coming back? Who has the highest social media score?






It’s Alexandra. I’m pissed! She’s pretty, but not a high fashion model. I want JIANA to comeback!!

But Tyra has another surprise. Since it’s a guys and girls cycle. They decided to bring back a guy and a girl into the competition. So who’s the guys that’s coming back?



Tune in next week for another recap 🙂 Thanks for reading and have a nice day!!

14 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 : Guys and Girls : Episode 9 Recap

  1. Why Alex whyyyy? Jiana is waaaay better than her! I think the chance should given for a girl (again), because I cant found three of the eliminated guys are having potential to become high fashion. Its disappointing!

    So, the challenge is not LA Fashion Week? ._. what is Style Fashion Week? is that a true fashion week? #rolleyes I dont know why Jourdan booked nothing, she is 6’1, she is beautiful, and I think her body is for runway. and its kinda weird to know Marvin and Jourdan who booked nothing got 6 for the challenge score. its should be 4 or 5.

    I am sooooo happy to know Chris got FCO (finally), but tbh I really love Nina photo for this week, she looks like fairytale princess ♥

    Here is my COO (not really different with yours):
    1. Nina (first time I saw this picture, its stunning!)
    2. Chris (always look high fashion)
    3. Renee (the dress looks beautiful)
    4. Jourdan (I dont love her picture, but I dont hate it)
    5. Cory (he looks masculine)
    6. Don (he looks like a dead man from the sky)
    7. Phil (at least his pic is better than Marvin)
    8. Marvin (8,8,6? seriously judges? i will give him a 5 for his junk pic like this)

    Still cant believe Jiana didnt comeback :”( I am sure Jeremy will comeback because his fan votes always high.

    next episode is recap, right? do you still wanna make a recap for recap episode?

    okay then, thank you 🙂

    • Yea Alex is pretty. I don’t see anything very modelesque about her. Jiana took better pictures and looked way better in photos. Even though i love Jeremy, i prefer Jiana coming back. Well at least 1 of my favs gonna comeback.
      Yea i think it’s a real FW. Jourdan always lacks on personality. Her plea videos, if you watch them, her personality is flat, but she’s gorgeous. 4 or 5 challenge score would be very very low.

      Chris’s picture is as good as Nina’s. But Nina looks magical. Yea our COO are pretty much the same.
      Um probably i just gonna do some never-before-seen-footage recaps. Ur welcome 🙂

      • I just watched the episode and I would say, its my favorite episode so far. I love the challenge because its all about modelling. Renee deserves a 10 for the challenge because her walk was too good (in a good way), Don looks amazing with Civil Society and deserve a 9. Aaah I love the casting challenge.

        I always LOL when Jourdan tell everyone about her walk. esp when she is in panel and telling Tyra about her walk was TOO GOOD, then seeing Phil and Renee reaction…….thats make me ROTFL.

        And Marvin’s curse is so scary! Renee, watch out gurl!

        Hahaha I wanna see another episode like this, less drama but interesting challenge and photoshoot. and the ID is BALIIIIIII~ where you can find beautiful places, a lot of culture and friendly people.

        okay then, bye 😀

      • Renee killed everysingle runway challenge. Her walk was fab. Lol yea the TOO GOOD comment was hilarious, and that’s in the bad way.
        Marvin’s curse, please don’t flirt with Nina lol. Cuz Nina could went home, gurll!!
        Yea this is my fav episode so far, the shoot was great too. It would be EVEN GREATER if Queen JIANA came back!!
        IKR? Bali! Finally Tyra Co.visited my country XD So excited

  2. I Really Like Jeremy For Guys…I Hope He Can Get The Last Slot Left…Althought He is Not that Strong but I know that he can still do much better

  3. Like, here’s my callout:

    1. Nina (Better than Perfect)
    2. Chris (Amazing)
    3. Cory (Sexy)
    4. Don (Jiggly)
    5. Renee (Magic)
    6. Jourdan (Overrated)
    7. Phil (Too Jesus-y)
    8. Marvin (Worse than Horrible)

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