America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 : Guys and Girls : Episode 9 Comeback Recap

Another comeback recap from ME. Here we go!

While the remaining contestants shoot their Field of Fashion photos, the eliminated models preparing backstage for the shoot, hoping for a chance to comeback in the competition. Here are their final photos:

1. “The Bubbly Fighter” Alexandra


Her face looks really beautiful. Piercing eyes, but her body, just looks disconnected. Her legs are just there, and the way she showed the dress is a little bit too catalog-ie.

2. “The Sexy Ice Cream Man” Mike


I don’t think this is a bad shot. I like his face, but the arms looks awkward. He looks old. Meh.

3. “The Fiercely Real Bombshell” Chleangel


Call 911, she’s giving birth of a baby! The legs open, and that face. It’s just, HIDEOUS!

4. “The Bodylicious Virgin” Jeremy


I love love this picture. Those eyes, love the intesity, looks very twilight-ish. The body is a little stiff, but he looks relax. Love it!

5. “The Fierce Single Mom” Kanani


The body looks very elegant. The dress looks beautiful, but her face looks sad and worried. Meh

6. “The Flirty Sexpot” Queen Jiana



Those EYES!! They’re piercing through the lens. The body looks TOO relax. Her legs are just there she’s not working it.


Here’s my COO for the comeback models.

1. Jeremy

2. Queen Jiana

3. Alexandra

4. Kanani

5. Mike

6. Chlea


Who’s the person joining the comeback models?


It was Phil, The Sexy Jesus. And the girl who came back is….



And who’s the GUY that’s coming back? It’s between Jeremy, Phil and Mike. I personally want Jeremy to comeback

Tune in next week for more recaps 🙂 Thanks for reading


13 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 : Guys and Girls : Episode 9 Comeback Recap

      • Jiana got 3.9 once in the paint photoshoot. After her trailer park shoot, her fan votes is getting lower and lower, even Alexandra passed Jiana’s fan votes in the perfume commercial. We also do not know the eliminated’s fan votes after they got eliminated. So, Alex probably has a stable fan votes than Jiana. Again, we do not know the average of all eliminated models. It is unfair. They can manipulate it, but if they show it, we do not know it is the “real” fan votes or not. If you also notice, starting from paint photoshoot, the fan votes are getting drastically lower. It is about the same score with Cycle 19’s fan votes.

      • Yea i think they did that on purpose. Why in the hell did they change the fan vote so drastically? Like Jourdan got an 9.2 on the nail photoshoot, and the next weeks, it just dropped. SABOTAGED!

  1. Jiana looks kind of fat in this picture. Too bad, because i really like her. Although I would have loved to see Kanani come back. It was so unfair how the prank affected her and made her go home. Also I think she’s beautiful in this picture.

  2. I think it will be out of jeremy and phil mike just dont do but alex is a good model so kudos on them bring her back jiliana just messed her self up i thought she could have won the hold thing but she was just to busy focusing on phil jiliana what a waist i know your fans are pretty ley down

  3. Jiana is a strong model but after week 3 the only time she came back on top was during the GUESS shoot, Kanani was very strong too, and it was sad how that prank affected her, she rocked, Alexandra was AMAZING, if it was up to me, Alexandra would finish at runner up, so, in the girls comeback competition, there were 4 girls, Jiana is the THIRD most deserving to come back out of them, after all, if Jiana did come back, she would have probably just been like Alexandra, eliminated the very next week, I actually like Alexandra’s flawsome and I say they should have eliminated Marvin there, overall, it really should have been Alexandra or Kanani who should have come back, but social media hates Kanani, and Chlea is downright terrible, so, really, I think that social media made the right choice.

    Bianca is signed with NEXT Models, one of the prizes

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