America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 : Guys and Girls : Episode 10 Recap

So obviously, this episode is a RECAP episode. So basically i’m doing a recap for the recap episode. The things were pretty much the same, but yea i’m gonna blog about some Never Before Seen Footage. I’m gonna make this real quick. Here we go! So just like Cycle 19, they did this 10 moments countdown. In the episode, there were the Top 10 Flirty Moments Countdown. Here’s the list :

#10. Starvin Marvin kissing semi-finalist Hayley during the masquerade runway show.

#9. Jeremy Jourdan love story on the 2nd episode (2nd part of casting)

#8. Cory flirting on Mike

#7. Starvin Marvin’s whole condom thing

#6. Mike and Bianca kissing in the confession room and slept together. ( Just cuddling )

#5. Jiana flirting with Nina during Nina’s hula-hoop glow in the dark dance show.

#4. Don cuddling with Alexandra after him being in the bottom two.

#3. Phil flirting with Jiana on the bath tub.

#2. When they were playing Truth Tooch or Dare, Jeremy picked Jiana to kiss with ( Wierd why didn’t he pick Jourdan? )

#1. Renee falling for Marvin, and asking Jourdan for her advice.

Also they did this wierd Phil-er. It just showed how many crazy things Phil has ever done. Like when he jumped all over the place, He slept on the runway, he made a bed that was connected to Marvin and Don’s bed,

And a whole bunch of dramas. Like Phil and Marvin blaming Jiana because Kanani went home. Like seriously dude? Kanani’s elimination was totally your fault. Then , Chris H. during the fitness excersice with Rob Evans and last cycle’s winner Laura James. He can’t do a jump rope ( or whatever it’s called ) the he just gave up and cried. Everyone was annoyed. Not me. HA!

And some very interesting moments. Like when Kelly Cutrone waxed Cory. Renee crying because her hair didn’t get cut off. Marvin and Phil impersonating the judges. And a ( worm ) or anything, i’m not sure, crawling on the NYLON Magazine. Everyone was freaked out lol. Jourdan was like “It has legs?” It’s hilarious!

And remember when the guys pranked the girls, they taped their room? Well gurl got some revenge to do. The taped tissues all over the room, and put tampons in the guys room. Lol the girls are very smart.

And one day, Kelly Cutrone with a special guess Suzannah Galland, came in to the house to give the models some advice. Jourdan was tearing up, and finally the other models see the true side of Jourdan.

So that’s my very quick recap episode. Be sure to check next weeks episode and the other recaps i’ve done 🙂

Thanks for reading and have a nice day 🙂


6 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 : Guys and Girls : Episode 10 Recap

  1. Ugh! So much Phil and Starvin Marvin.

    I dont know why, but seeing Phil jumping all over the place, it makes me sick and irritating. And its Phil-er, not Phil-ster, you are wrong for this part 🙂

    and I love Jourdan words; “we all have acne on our face, we’re human being”.

    I will like this recap episode if they show less Phil and Marvin. Ugh.

    • Some of Phil’s action was hilarious tho’ . I do find him annoying sometimes. After watching the episode, I HATE MARVIN EVEN MORE!
      He’s such a jerk. Also he talked bad things to Jiana during Kanani’s post elimination, but once she went home, Marvin wanted to make out with her. Like, he’s such a man whore!
      IKR? Also, there’s no CHRINA in this! Also i needed more of Chleangel cuz she’s hilarious lol

  2. Yeah they expose less Chleangel. They only want to show Phil and Marvin definitly. And its so precious when Chlea said that Marvin FCO (first photoshoot) is nonsense!

    emm… for the comeback guy, do you see a blue t-shirt guy sitting next to Jourdan when Zuzanna and Kelly coming to the model house? for sure he is Jeremy.

    • “If you put me, in a picture with all you with girls, i’m going to stand out!” Love this Kween XD
      I did see him, well judging from the muscle and the shirt he’s wearing, it’s Jeremy.

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