America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 : Guys and Girls : Episode 11 BTS Pictures

Hey guys another post from me, and this time, i’m gonna show some BTS pictures for the next episode of ANTM. Here’s the episode description according to BuddyTV :

“The Girl Who Gets Punked”

From the CW: “The models get tested at a commercial shoot to do ridiculous requests with a fake director played by comedian Reggie Watts. At a “flawsome” photo shoot, which highlights flaws to show they are beautiful, one of the models can’t focus because of a fight between the girls and the guys in the house.”
Cory during the photoshoot with co-models, Shaun Ross and Zendaya
Jourdan smizing during hair and makeup.
Zendaya as guest model.
Johnny Wujek with photographer Sarah Silver.
Kween Jourdan during her Flawsome shoot.
Comeback Girl Alexandra during the shoot with her huge hip.
Chris looking adorably-dorky with his gap tooth.
Don playing B-Ball.
The Judges in panel. Who’s gonna go home? Who’s getting best photo, and most importantly, who’s the guys that gonna come back? Tune in this Friday on 9.8c only on CWTV. 🙂

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