America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 : Guys and Girls : Episode 11 Recap

Hola guys!! Finally another recap for one and only me!

Here we go!

So yea, just like the last 2 weeks, the cliffhanger was on. Who’s the guy that will comeback?


YES!!! It’s JEREMY! Well at least one of my favorites came back.

On the way back home, everyone was very excited for Alexandra and Jeremy. Waitm did i just say Everybody? Jourdan’s not happy at all. She thinks that out of all the eliminated girls, Alexandra is probably the strongest. Really Jourdan? You forgot Queen Jiana!

Finally King Chris got best photo. HE was very happy and he picked Alexandra for the Tyra Suite. Hmmm.. Wierd. Nina was a little bit upset because he didn’t pick her. Remember the “Renee vs the guys” drama? Well Renee promised that, if a guy got best photom she won’t talk. Like, really can’t talk for a week. Guess what? She didn’t give a damn about it. I sense fear.

Jeremy drives Jourdan bananas. Lol! Jeremy used to have a crush on Jourdan, but now, he didn’t like her at all.

The next day, Challenge Day. They went into the Siren Studio. There were Kelly Cutrone and Reggie Watts. They gonna be working with a green screen, and auditioning for the water commercial, QUAFF. Alexandra nailed it, Chris did very bad and overdid it, and Jourdan was very proffesional. Renee got freaked out, because she had a fear of things that in a suit. She hated it. But she did it.

After the challenge, everything was revealed. The challenge, the commercial and the water , all of them were fake. The challenge was actually all about how well the models gonna commited with the directions, proffesionalism, and flexibility. Jourdan won another challenge. Challenge board is up


After going back home, Chris immediately washes all the dishes. The house was so fricking dirty, it’s a disaster. It’s another classic top model moment. One persone cleaned up for the entire house. And he’s not very happy with it. So he write stuffs on papers and sticked it on the dirty dishes. When Renee saw her name on the paper, she got pissed off. She won’t wash it. Like really girl? Bugs and roaches gonna come for you lol. Fights and drama happening. Chris and Renee started argueing, then Jourdan got involved, saying stuff like “You have to know what love is to respect.”  Then Jeremy was very offended because everyone started attacking Chris. He got involved in the fight againts Jourdan. He said stuff like ” But how do you know what love is when you got divorced at nineteen? ”

Jourdan just went MAD. Like really Mad. The girls were very over the top. It’s okay when the girls became the victim, but it’s not okay when the guys were victimized. LMAOing at Jourdan keep telling everybody about her divorce, but when Jeremy mentioned that, she just blew up. In the end, Jourdan apologized, and everything was okay. But Renee won’t apologize. Whatever. She’s one of my favorite, but sorry, she became such a douche this week.

The next day, Photoshoot, they arrived to the highschool where the photoshoot will begin. Tyra and Johnny was there to announce the theme, FLAWSOME. Then Tyra brought Shaun Ross out. He’s the first male supermodel that had albinism. He’s the defenition of Flawsome. When Tyra teached the models how to pose, Disney Star, Zendaya walked out the door. She’ll joined the shoot. During the hair and makeup, the models got their flaws. Zendaya also got a fake freckeles on her face. During the shoot, Chris struggled, Jourdan was distracted, and Nina blew everyone away.

Panel time, first is Cory, with his Widow’s peak

The Girl who Gets Punked

Tyra : You looked crazy amazing in this photo for me!

Rob : Maybe this makes you want a widow’s peak of something.

Kelly : In this picture, it doesn’t make me wanna buy your jacket.

Me : His face looks really beautiful, the body, not so much. Too relaxed.

Next, Jourdan with her Unibrow

The Girl who Gets Punked

Tyra : I want you to be mixing that thing , like “Whatever”.

Rob : You’re posing too much. It doesn’t look like you’re relaxed.

Kelly : It doesn’t really looked like a fashion moment for me.

Me : I totally disagree with all the judges. I think her face is stunning, she’s giving us attitude , like “WHAT??!” . Yes her body looked a little stiff tho’.

Next is Starvin Marvin, with his Mole


Tyra : You’re not creating interesting shapes with your body.

Rob : You don’t actually looked like a little kid.

Kelly : I believed that you were the tough kid in school, whose not gonna be bullied.

Me : He’s just standing there! There’s no body language whatsoever. The face is okay, the mouth open it just weird.

Next, Gapped tooth Chris


Tyra : If you opened up your sweater just a little bit, it would be more interesting.

Rob : Everything looks relax, except your mouth.

Kelly : I kinda like you in this shot.

Me : High Fashun as heck! Love the gap, serving Leila’s realness, I love the body, love the head tilt. Very nerdy-hot!

Next, Skinny Legs Don


Tyra : You proved that you’re not just a straight-on, you went with it, I think you looked beautiful.

Rob : You definetly looked like a model in this. The way you stand, your body position. You definetly gonna sell that pants to someone.

Kelly : I like the fact that you were working that jeans. The rest was a little bit rough.

Me : I actually really like this picture of him. I love the face, the body looks good, I love the action with the B-Ball. Overall, well done.

Next, Comeback Guy Jeremy, with his Duck Lips


Tyra : I think you killed it. You pooching your lips just enough, I think you looked stunning!

Rob : It’s the same face, too stiff, always straight-on.

Kelly : I agree with Tyra, I think you looked great in this shot.

Me : I love love love this picture. The eyes are piercing, I see pure, innocent, and vulnerability. His face looked beautiful. Luv it!

Next, Big Eyes Nina


Tyra : Every little girls gonna be like “OMG I want eyes like Nina,” This blew me away!

Rob : It’s crazy and you definetly working your flaw.

Kelly : I love your eyes, I love you body. I LOVE everything about you.

Me : Those eyes are crazy. She looked like a serial-killer lol. Well, a MODEL serial-killer. I think she looked stunning, she’s working her flaws, and make it looked awesome. Amazing!

Next, Comeback Girl Alexandra, with her Big Hips


Tyra : Zendaya looked really pretty, she looked like a model, and you looked like her MOMMY!

Rob : It doesn’t seem like you’re working that big hips properly.

Kelly : Big ass hips and NO modeling!

Me : She looked bored. She looks like “OMG I’m so tired! C’mon just rap this up. I take good pictures without even trying!”

Last but not least, Renee with her Big Forehead

The Girl who Gets Punked

Tyra : I’m very happy that you were apart of my 5 Head Crew.

Rob : You looked amazing!

Kelly : Your photo looks better than you do In person.

Me : Legs for days! Very lovely face, not sure about the smile tho’ .

Before the judgign was rapped up, Alexandra went out of panel. She was very sick and dizzy. I felt bad for her. It was very shocking. After the results were in, only 8 models standing, and Alexandra got a rest in the waiting room. Here’s the final result

Rank Name Tyra Rob Kelly Challenge Fan Vote Total
1 Nina 10 10 9 8 6.9 43.9
2 Don 10 9 7 8 6.1 40.1
3 Renee 9 9 10 7 4.7 39.7
4 Jourdan 7 8 7 9 6.1 37.1
5 Cory 10 8 7 6 6 37
6 Jeremy 9 6 8 7 5.7 35.7
7 Marvin 7 8 8 7 5.7 35.7

Bottom 2 were Chris (WTF) and Alexandra. Who went home?


It’s Alexandra. I felt bad for her, but at the same time, she’s such a waste of a comeback. Queen JIANA 😥

Here’s my callout :

1. Nina ( AMAZING )

2.Chris ( H-Fashion )

3. Jourdan ( Versatile )

4. Jeremy ( Piercing )

5. Don ( Cool )

6. Renee ( Legs )

7. Cory ( Okay )

8. Marvin ( Starvin )

9. Alexandra ( Flat )

Next week clip? BALI! Underwater runway, Marvin vs Renee

Overall i enjoyed this weeks episode.. What do you think? Thanks for reading and have a nice day 🙂

8 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 : Guys and Girls : Episode 11 Recap

  1. Did Renee really not get any fan vote for this shot?
    I swear, some girls are just cursed at ANTM fan votes…
    Especially girls that aren’t all-American blondes.

    • People sees everything in a different way. I though her picture was beautiful. Yea blonde girls like Kristin and Alexandra (before) got incredibly high scores

  2. I dont know what to say…. its like…. WHAAAAT!!!? Chris’ flawsome photo is one of my favorite this cycle … but this photo puts him in bottom 2? Seriously?

    Im so happy Nina got best photo (finally) but seeing Chris was in bottom 2. its shocking! big shock! 😦

    I think he shows the gap as well as Leila. but whats wrong with Rob and Tyra? They gave him low scores. dafuq!

    This my COO:
    1. CHRIS (i love this picture from the beginning. its high-fashion. but wtf with the judges! i doubt the judges’ sense of fashion)
    2. NINA (those eyes! O.O)
    3. Jourdan (she gives the story in the picture)
    4. Cory (i dont really like the eyes, looks dead, but i find a bit high-fashion)
    5. Jeremy (i love the intensity, but i feel he is still stiff)
    6. Don (awful legs, but the legs are his flaw… but i like his pose)
    7. Marvin (I had a bad dream because Marvin’s huge mouth. ugh. seriously)
    8. Renee (i dont like this picture, i feel theres someting wrong with her eyes. and i dont feel she does model in here)
    9. Alex (I’m sorry Alex, i feel everything is wrong. the hips look awkward)

    Ugh. i still dont get why Chris was in bottom 2! i was thinking of that all day long.

    See you in Bali 🙂

    • IKR? His picture was one of the best in this cycle! Amazingly High Fashion! Serving Leila’s fierceness!
      I’m just confused at the judges. You supposed to open your mouth to show the gap. For someone who doesn’t have an actual gap, of course it’s gonna be challenging. But he slayed it. Whatever judges. At least Kelly loved it.
      Least Marvin in this episode YAY

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