America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 : Guys and Girls : Episode 12 BTS Pictures

“The Guy Who Has a Panic Attack”

From the CW: “The guys and girls go to Bali, where they have to model swimwear while trying to walk under water and one of the guys suffers a panic attack. At a photo shoot at the local zoo, the models have to pose with snakes and leopards, where two of the models fail to perform out of fear of the animals.”
Panick attack? Obviously Don. Sum BTS photos are up, here we go!
The 8 remaining models on the boat for their underwater runway.
Don and Jeremy preparing to dive in.
Chris jumping happily.
Jourdan in water.
Don during hair and makeup. The painting on his face is ridiculous!
Renee and a leopard. This looked wayy better than her final photo.
Jourdan with the orangutan. AGAIN, this looked way better than her actual photo.
The judges in the new judging room. I LOVE the room!
Top 8 during panel. Who’s gonna go home? Check it out this Friday on CWTV, 9.8c

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