America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 : Guys and Girls : Episode 12 Recap

Hola guys, another recap. Here we go!

So, all the remaining 8 models was going to Bali, Indonesia. That place is gorgeous. While all of them packed their bags, Nina felt that Chris didn’t show his love and care for Nina anymore. She’s a little annoyed. Yea i do have to agree. We never see any Chrina moment anymore. Jourdan finally realized that Renee is a big competition.

They arrived at Bali! All of them were so excited and happy, Jourdan was the happiest, because she never went anywhere out of her hometown. When they arrived at their mansion, they were welcomed by some traditional dancers and Gamelan player. Then Rob and Johnny showed up. Their house is gorgeous! They have a pool, lounge area everywhere. When some of them decided to dip in the pool, they talked about last panel. Marvin and Don didn’t think that Chris deserved his 9 from Kelly. Ugh God Marvin being a little kid again. Okay seriously, he said “He’s just standing there, being pretty.” LMAO i laughed so hard. Just look at his Flawsome picture. He “just standing there” too. What an irony.

The next day, challenge day, they rode on a boat with Johnny Wujek and Carole Lacroix, the swimwear designer for “69”. They announced that they will dive in the water, and guess what, they’re doing walking on the underwater runway. They wore helmet, so they could breath. Nina had a little situation at the moment. When she was really really sick, a part of her Lug was cutted off. So she struggled with holding her breath underwater. Don also had a little panick. He just felt uncomfortable doing the whole diving thing. He walked out from the challenge. When the others dived it, Nina and Don was asked to pose underwater, just posing, with no helmet.

Jourdan and Renee killed the runway as always, Marvin was flat, Chris took advantage of the water, and Jeremy did some girl poses at the end of the runway. In the end, Renee won her third challenge. Challenge board is up[2013.10.12_20.21.54]


The next day, photoshoot day, the arrived at Bali Safari. Johnny was there, with an Orangutan. The models will pose with some animals for their shoot. Nina was frustrated because the Python won’t stop moving, making her shoot even more awkward. She cried at the makeup room. Again, When Nina needed her best friend, Chris wasn’t there to calm her down. Renee freaked out because of the Leopard, while Jeremy killed it. A little drama happening with the “lover” in the house. Starvin Marvin vs Renee. Marvin is a jackass. He just being cocky, because he won “a really stupid and random” best photo, while Renee hadn’t won one. Stupid Marvin, he just cared about Renee’s body.

Panel time. The judging room was beautiful. First is Renee 

The Guy Who Has a Panic Attack


Tyra : It looks like your body is very very wide, what you have to do is lenghten your lower body.

Kelly : You looks less modely in this.

Rob : You looks flat.

Me : She looks bored and sleppy, she looks bigger than she is. She booty tooching, but in a wrong way, that makes her body looks plussie-.


Next is Cory

The Guy Who Has a Panic Attack


Tyra : You did the challenge, which is to embody the Orangutan

Kelly : I love this shot of you. Androgyneous creature.

Rob : It doesn’t look edgy, it doesn’t look editorial.

Me : Okay. I understand that the main task is to embody the animal. I get that. But at the same time, you need to model. Not being an animal. This is a fashion shoot. And i don’t think this picture is as near as a “fashion shoot.” His eyes , there’s no smize, the body looks terrible. Awful photo.


Next is Don

The Guy Who Has a Panic Attack


Tyra : You face looks absolutely gorgeous. Wide shot, you looked like a boxer.

Kelly : Your face is amazing,

Rob : I love this picture. You looks badass and strong.

Me : I LOVE this photo! Those eyes, they’re smizing, love that tough mouth,stunning side profile, but what’s up with the blue pants? LOVE IT!


Next, Chris

The Guy Who Has a Panic Attack


Tyra : I have to agree with Rob.

Kelly : You looked fantastic, the king of the birds.

Rob : There’s no connection and it’s flat.

Me : This picture is very dissapointing. His face just looks sleppy and boring, there’s no body language, his neck looks short. I blame the makeup artist!


Nina is up next

The Guy Who Has a Panic Attack


Tyra : Your interaction is very strong. Well done. I think there are 2 snakes in this.

Kelly : You looked absolutely stunning and i love this shot.

Rob : I see no connection here.

Me : I adore this shot. She looks relax and comfortable with the Python. I don’t sense any fear in this. Her eyes are beautiful, love the cheekbones, Nina slayed everyone.


King Jeremy had arrived

The Guy Who Has a Panic Attack


Tyra : You have a makeup that demonize your face, but you’re not making it hard.

Kelly : I can’t see any of you legs in this.

Rob : For the first time, you worked your body.

Me : This picture is absolutely amazing, those eyes, pouted lips, twisted body, the muscles, everything works perfectly. He looked like the Leopard’s dad. Very strong and powerful.


Kweendan is next

The Guy Who Has a Panic Attack


Tyra : This looks like some catalog shot.

Kelly : You looked like a supermodel who has 4 ex-husbands.

Rob : I second-guessed if this is you or not.

Me : She looked like a lost traveler, who goes nuts because the Orangutan messed up her hair.


Last but not least, Starvin Marvin

The Guy Who Has a Panic Attack


Tyra : You’re showing the angles and you pushed.

Kelly : I don’t see one thing in this shot that i like.

Rob : You could do so much better than this, you looked too draggy.

Me : I actually like this picture. I like the chin up, the bird looks amazing, and i really like the shirt he’s wearing.


Here’s the final result

Rank Name Tyra Rob Kelly Challenge Fan Vote Total
1 Nina 10 6 9 6 7.3 38.3
2 Renee 8 7 8 10 3.9 36.9
3 Jeremy 7 8 7 8 6.8 36.8
4 Cory 9 6 9 6 5.4 35.4
5 Jourdan 6 7 8 9 4.9 34.9
6 Chris 6 6 9 8 4.5 33.5


Bottom 2 is BFFs Marvin and Don. Who went home?[2013.10.12_20.21.36]

It’s Don. What a shame, because i love his picture.

Here’s my callout:

1. Nina ( Stunning )

2. Jeremy ( Strong )

3. Don ( Fierce )

4. Marvin ( Whatever )

5. Jourdan ( Messy )

6. Chris ( Sleppy )

7. Renee ( BIG )

8. Cory ( Monkey )


What do you think about the episode, anything you wanna share? Comment it on the comment box 🙂 THX for reading


6 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 : Guys and Girls : Episode 12 Recap

  1. I dont like all of the photos, sorry I have to say it. This is the weakest photoshoot ever in this cycle. I think theres so many things in Bali to become the theme of the photoshoot; beaches, temples, or maybe underwater shoot beside a challenge. its disappointed.

    I miss ChrisNina so muuuuch, their relationship is sooo cute. but seems both of them want to focus for the competition only.

    LOL on Marvin’s comment towards Chris photo in flawsome. he should take a mirror seriously xD

    Don’s poor challenge send him home, I actually kinda like his picture. but its all about score.

    This my COO:
    1. NINA (this is a beautiful picture, but it would be more interesting if she holds the head of the snake)
    2. Jeremy (a strong picture of him, congrats Jeremy)
    3. Cory (I dont know, but Iike his picture. so
    4. Marvin (I like the angle of his picture, but sorry i dont like his shirt. looks cheap)
    5. Don (he werk the animal)
    6. Renee (nothing special, but its better than two pictures below)
    7. Chris (his picture is superly boring this week. i dont know whats wrong with him, he can do much better)
    8. Jourdan (Jourdan is a disappoinment this week, her messy hair is awful)

    next episode is rice paddy rite? superb excited 🙂

    • Yes i do think this is the weakest photoshoot this cycle, beside the role reversal. Don left at his best tho’ .
      I just can’t wait until next weeks episode because we can see Chris’ and Jourdan’s redemption in their photo.Both of their photos are stunning!

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