America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 : Guys and Girls : Episode 12 Eliminated Models Photos

So yeah no more comeback, i’m just gonna post their final photos that didn’t get the chance to appear on our TV screen. Also my opinions and my callout order. Here we go!

So this weeks photoshoot is the Animorph shoot. The models have to embodies several animals they were given.

First is Chleangel



Her face looks beautiful, very simple and traditional, her mouth looks a bit awkward. Long neck and the bird stands there gracefully. Nice job Kween Chlea!


Next eliminee is Mike



He looks pissed. And from what i see, The OrangUtan looked really cute, and Mike looked like “U MAD?”


Next eliminee is Alexandra



She looks amazing! Her face looks good, she werk her body, booty tooch, LUV it!


Next is Kanani



Her face looks sleepy and boring,Her body is good tho’, totally chanelling the OrangUtan. But Modeling? No


Next is QUEEN Jiana



This is not my favorite picture of her. The mouth open is just.. wierd. And she looked way too sexy for some reason. Nah.







So here’s my callout. Not everyone did well:

1. Alexandra

2. Chleangel

3. Queen Jiana


5. Mike

6. Phil


Yeah overall not impressed with all of the shoot. What do you think? Comment below 🙂


One thought on “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 : Guys and Girls : Episode 12 Eliminated Models Photos

  1. LOL @Mike and Phil face-painting x”D I do think so for the COO, love how Alex looks fierce with the leopard (actually better than Jeremy and Renee with the same animal). and I agree with you Mike’s orangutan is sooooo cute. I want to bring him to my house (the orangutan, not Mike) ‘ ‘/

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