America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 : Guys and Girls : Episode 13 Recap

Hey guys, sorry for the late recap. I went to my friend’s birtday party yesterday, and had been super fun. But yea i can’t blog this yesterday. But it’s coming finally! ANTM Recap here we go!

After panel, all the remaining 7 models went to their resort. In their room, there were a lot of candles being set up. All of them sit between those candels, execpt Marvin. He was super upset and down because he was in the bottom again, especially with his bro Don. All the sudden, Tyra popped out. She came to talk about the contestants journey so far. It’s pretty emotional. TyTy also talked to Marvin, and she brought him into the room to gather together. When they were talking, Chris declared that he was jealous of everybody’s friendship. But what he didn’t realize, Nina really cared about him. Nina felt really dissapointed because he felt that Chris didn’t give her the same love back.

( “`NaNaNaNaNaNa 2 0“` )

After the Nina-Chris incident, Renee, Jourdan and Cory decided to do a “kinda”intervention on Nina. They felt that Nina is focusing more on Chris than her self, knowing that Chris didn’t really care about her anymore. Nina is a sweetheart, so she didn’t want to make Chris feel guilty. The next morning , a little “kinda silly” drama was happening. Okay so basically, Jeremy felt offended by Chris, because when they just arrived at Bali , Jeremy stood infront of Chris, then Chris put his arm infront of Jeremy’s arm and pushed him backwards. So Jeremy felt that Chris didn’t let him stands in front of him. They had a fight on the side of the pool.



Then they arrived at this huge Rice Paddy, and there’s where they will do their photoshoot. The theme of the clothes is “Green“. They invited two very popular designers from Indonesia, Oka Diputra, and an 11 year old Deft boy, Rafi A. Ridwan. Wow a deft young designer. The photographer was Jez Smith, he shot the Cycle 19’s Nine West shoot. During the shoot, Jourdan fell into what she called “nasty water with snakes.” , Chris was complaining and unsure of himself, After the shoot, Tyra announced that they won’t being going to their resort, but they will stay at Ubud, Bali. Also there’s no challenge ( dramatic music ) Then they went separately, they went to a Shaman healer, they saw the monkeys. At night, they went to Elephant Safari Park, where they’ll be staying in. The room is big, but there’s only 1 bed. Chris, again arguing with the others , because the couch didn’t fit him. The next day, they went out to see the elephants, and to ride the elephants. Chris rode the elephant by himself. In the middle of the elephant riding. MARNEE kissed!

Panel time y’all, and (drumroll) DOUBLE ELIMINATION!

First is  Marvin

The Girl Who Gets Kissed on an Elephant


Tyra : You’re a man in pictures.

Kelly : You finally looked like a model, i love your bonestructure, you’re HOT!

Rob : You looked like a Balinesse prince.

Me : I love his eyes, i like the body position, but he looks a little short in this picture. His mouth looks awkward to me. Also NO NECK!


Next is Renee

The Girl Who Gets Kissed on an Elephant


Tyra : This is Half-Regal.

Kelly : You looked like a sad little girl, that has been working on the rice field that wants to go to a dance party.

Rob : I like this picture because you didn’t really looked like you’re modeling, it’s very natural.

Me : I LUV this picture! The sad look on her face, it tells a story, the pose is graceful , long neck, gorgeous!


Next is QueenDan

The Girl Who Gets Kissed on an Elephant


Tyra : I love a model that is MODELING

Kelly : You looked like a goddess! I love your hand positioning, for me this is a SUPERMODEL shot.

Rob : This picture doesn’t looks real for me.

Me : AMAZING! She looks incredible,the pose is great, the dress flew there nicely, she’s werking that headpiece, I love love love that FACE!


Up next is Cory

The Girl Who Gets Kissed on an Elephant


TyTy : This outfit is begging you to be androgyneous.

K-Ly : This picture is absolutely beautiful! I love the zigzag, i love everything.

Ro-By : You don’t need to be super high-fashion everytime.

Me : This picture is incredible, the body positioning is spot on, the face is stunning, he’s werking that scenery! Androgyneous Creature!


Next is Nina

The Girl Who Gets Kissed on an Elephant


Tyra : This is not what i see at the makeup room.

Kelly : I don’t like what you’re doing with your face, it’s too crazy carnaval.

Rob : You got lost at the dress. I looks like a still from a music video.

Me : She overposede so much. Also her head porpotion, her head looks really small, because she pushed her head way backwards. The mouth pouted is wierd. Not my favorite picture of her.


Next is King Chris

The Girl Who Gets Kissed on an Elephant


Tyra : This looks very natural, but this looks so natural that you don’t look like you’re modeling.

Kelly : This is not a great example of modeling.

Rob : I love this shot because you’re not overdoing it.

Me : LOVE! This picture is fantasticalls, the eyes are piercing, the body is beautiful, SMOKIN’


Last but not least, Jeremy

The Girl Who Gets Kissed on an Elephant


Tyra : You have a very beautiful face, but you don’t want to have too big bulk.

Kelly : It doesn’t look like a fashion shot.

Rob : Everytime i see your picture, i don’t see fashion model. I see commercial model.

Me : I like this shot, but it’s not the best, the body is flat, there’s no body action, the face is okay, but the muscles work here.


Final result


Rank Name Tyra Kelly Rob Fan Vote Total
1 Jourdan 10 9 7 7 33
2 Marvin 9 9 9 5.7 32.7
3 Cory 9 9 6 6 30
4 Renee 7 7 10 5.2 29.2

And the bottom 3 was Nina Jeremy and Chris. WHO WENT HOME?




Here’s my callout :

1. Jourdan ( Goddess )

2. Chris ( Fierce )

3. Cory ( Androgyneous )

4. Renee ( Beauty )

5. Nina ( Couture )

6. Marvin ( Good )

7. Jeremy ( Flat ) 😥


Overall, i love the shoot, my favorite photoshoot in this cycle FO SHO, and a terrible ending.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day 🙂


4 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 : Guys and Girls : Episode 13 Recap

  1. Chris is being an annoying person when he said that no one cares about him, like WHAT!? So, who is Nina for you, dude?! I’m so sad in that moment Chris didnt realize Nina’s feeling towards him. Jerk!

    Okay, I’m trying to be calm a little bit more.

    Rice paddy! I was waiting for this shot so many days! I love this shot, so high fashion. But I’m so upset knowing my favorite couple landed in the bottom three together and one of them went home ;A; honestly I cried when Chris gave Nina a goodbye hug 😥 and telling her that he would win this competition for her. Even I cried more when he gave Nina a necklace. NINAAAAAAAAA :”””””””(

    This is my COO:
    1. CHRIS (I love his rice paddy picture soooo freakin much, I dont wanna lie. but too sad the judges feel different. This picture is high fashion and natural)
    2. Jourdan (if Chris is the king of highfashion in his picture, and Jourdan is the queen. unfortunately they cropped her beautiful legs)
    3. Marvin (he looks short and his neck looks short too, but his body looks great tho)
    4. Nina (I looove her pose, for me its not for modelling 101. but yeah i’m kinda dislike her face in her photo)
    5. Cory (its too feminine for me, but maybe you looking for an androgin model. yeah you found the right one. but its so ironic, when in the previous episodes the judges always dislike about Cory’s femininity, but then when he really shows his femininity in his picture this week, they pretend to forget all about their “dislike” towards Cory)
    6. Jeremy (stiff, he should learn more about how to make good angles)
    7. Renee (i dont know how to say this, i just like her picture. a big boring!)

    nice recaps! keep on your good work 🙂 thank you

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