America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 : Guys and Girls : Episode 14 Recap

Hola guys long time no see, another recap for another ANTM episode. Here we go! So after the shocking double elimination last panel, everyone was very upset because of Nina leaving. The others  thinks that it was Chris‘ fault, because he drained Nina emotionally. He wasn’t there when Nina need him. Cory, Jourdan and Renee confronted him about that. The fight was HUGE! Literally! OMG Chris blew up like we never seen him before.

( “`NaNaNaNaNa 2.0“`)

After that they all left Chris alone. They all want Chris  to go home. The next day, they arrived at this gorgeous beach, with thousands of stairs. They met Rob and Cycle 19 Winner Laura James. They announced that the models will do a workout challenge to test out their physics. The guys will compete againts each other, and the girls will compete againts each other. The winner will joined Rob and Laurange into a Fierce Model workout video.

So the guys was first. Marvin won the Jab-Jump-Pose challenge, Cory won the Jump Rope challenge. And Chris won nothing.

The gals, Renee won both challenge, and Jourdan won nothing. The next challenge was the Be On Top Run. They need to sprinted up on all of the stairs. Renee And Marvin (MARNEE) wins the challenge. After the challenge is over, Jourdan had a little meltdown because she was so tired and she can’t see. Marnee got to go to a spa and pool area together. They kissed and cuddled all they there. So cute, i’m happy for them.[2013.11.03_11.49.55]

TyTy MAIL[2013.11.03_11.50.37]

The next morning, Cory got a video call from him boyfriend AnthonyMARNEE also cuddled all night on bed. After that, they went to a Bat Temple. All the citizen was there to do some kind of ceremony. Johnny gretted them , well, with a bat on his hand. He announced that they gonna be posing as bats and upside down. Marvin wasn’t super stoked because when he was little, in his apartment, rats were everywhere. And bats kinda looked like rats with wings. The photographer was the talented Jez Smith.

Jourdan and Marvin did well on the shoot, while Renee felt dizzy and she passed out. Chris struggled, but after some talk, he’s back as the HF Model.


First is Jourdan

The Guy Who Becomes a Bat

Tyra : You’re tooching upside down. Your face is stunning and the head tilt!

Kelly : I love everything about this shot except of your bat hand.

Rob : This is typical HIGH FASHION!

Me : I love her face, it’s very model and she’s smizing. She’s creating interesting shapes with her body. I have to agree with Kelly on this one. Her fingers looks awkward. But she still slayed this.

Next is Cory-ndorgyneous.

The Guy Who Becomes a Bat

Tyra : What’s gonna happend in your career is polarity. So it’s your job to change peoples mind.

Kelly : You really brought HIGH FASHION in the articulate of your body . This is T2H ( Toe to Head )


Me : I have to agree with Rob on this one. IT’S TOO FEMINIME! He’s a male model, and androgyneous is not a bad thing it’s actually a gift. But it doesn’t mean that he need to use his feminimity in everysingle photoshoot.

Next is BatGal Renee

The Guy Who Becomes a Bat

Tyra : I think you’re better than this. This looke very amateur and like back in week one.

Kelly : This looks like an accident photo.

Rob : I like the way you’re working your body in this picture, but you’re doing the duck lips.

Me : Is abso-fricking-ly LOVE this photo!! She arched her back to the max, she’s creating interesting shapes with the fabrics, her skin looks gorgeous, her face is very dreamy and stunning. Her best shot so far, and one of my favorite photo in this cycle! Renee’s WERKING IT!

Next is BatChris

The Guy Who Becomes a Bat

Tyra : Your face looks insanely gorgeous!

Kelly : You mouth looks disordered,

Rob : After so many photoshoots, the pose you could come out with is that.

Me : I like the face, it’s very dreamy, the rest was flat!

Last but not least Starvin Marvin

The Guy Who Becomes a Bat

Tyra : ( “Squating down with BB BOY Dramatically“)

Kelly : You looked like the chief bat in the castle that can turn into a hot man.

Rob : Your bone-structure is amazing.

Me : I absolutely HATE this picture. It’s gross! What;s up with the face? Looks sleepy as hell and the body just looks flat! The head tilt was just, WHATEVER! He looks constipated.

So final result, Surprise-Not-So-Surprise, another double cut

Rank Name Tyra Kelly Rob Challenge Fan Vote Total
1 Jourdan 9 9 10 9 7 44
2 Marvin 9 9 9 10 5.7 42.7

And the bottom 3 was Cory Renee and Chris. Who’ll join Jourdan and Marvin in the final?[2013.11.03_12.25.50]

Two of my favorite, went home!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My COO :

1. Renee ( STUNNING!! )

2. Jourdan ( Fierce )

3. Chris ( Batman )

4. Cory ( Andorgyneous )

5. Marvin ( GROSS )

Who’ll earn the title of America’s Next Top Model? Jourdan ( Sunrise Smize ) vs Marvin ( Booch Blue ) vs Cory ( Fierce Fuchsia )

I totally think Chris should’ve been in the final!!![2013.11.03_12.29.04]

Thanks for reading and have a nice day:)

4 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 : Guys and Girls : Episode 14 Recap

  1. I think so dude, Chris has a great portfolio. He should replace Marvin in the final 3.

    None of the final three is my favorite. But, it would be insane if Jourdan is not the winner. So, I think I would be #TeamSunriseSmize

    So long story for 2pt0 🙂 thank you for your recaps. I hope you will make a recap also for AsNTM Cycle 2 on January.

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