America’s Next Top Model IS….. – Part 1 Recap – Cycle 20 Guys and Girls

Hola guys, so so sorry for this super late recap. I’ve been super busy with school and stuff. Enough with my personal stuff, let’s get back to business! The part one of the final is up. Here we go !

After elimination, all the final 3 went to their home in Bali. They were super excited to be in the final, and super excited knowing that Chris, the public enemy went home. The next day, they went out to do their GUESS shoot. This is the biggest photoshoot they had in this competition, so it’s huge. Johnny announced that the final 3 gonna have their own team. Team Booch Blue, Fierce Fuchsia and Sunrise Smize. Every single eliminated contestants came out from the door, wearing the colour they chose. ( Alexandra didn’t join the others because she had to come home, because her mom was hospitalized. Poor girl)

Team Booch Blue : Phil, Don, Jeremy and Renee

Team Fierce Fuchsia : Chlea, Kanani, Mike, Queen Jiana and Nina

Team Sunrise Smize : Chris

Poor Jourdan, she only had 1 supporter, and she didn’t even like Chris. During the GUESS shoot, Cory had trouble showing his masculine side, Marvin didn’t take critique really well, and Jourdan, well basically Johnny and the photographer had a conflict. It’s so funny, it’s like another Kelly vs Jez Smith from last cycle. And Laura won, so maybe that’s a sign. But who knows?

After they got home, each of them called their love ones. It was sweet and very warming. The next day they went out , to do their NYLON Magazine photoshoot. Cory, again felt uncomfortable showing the masculinity.

The next day they went into this temple-like building, with their team. They met Ken Mok. They’ll be doing a fashion feature that’s gonna be a part of the final runway show. So the main theme is a Love Triangle. The final 3 gonna be the main player, and the eliminated models gonna be some extras. Cory potrayed a bad guy, Marvin  potrayed a good guy, and Jourdan, i don’t know. Cory again and again struggled with being manly. Jourdan felt kinda uncomfortable because in this fashion feature, it has a lot to do with abuse. Cory and Jourdan at one time, they had to kiss. They both felt wierd, but they did it anyway. So YAY!

The next day, FINAL RUNWAY! But there’s some twist. Johnny offered the eliminated models to switch team, with a thousand dollar. Mike decided to switch team to Team Sunrise Smize. After everyone was dressed up and ready to stomp on the runway, TyTy walked in. And she had a very important announcement, which is, only 2 of them is competing in this fashion show. CRAZY!! Totally freaked everyone out. I mean, it’s 5 minutes before the runway. One of them is going to be eliminated. The judges walked in to the room, and they judge the finalist’s photos. First is Marvin

Finale Part 1: The Finalists Shoot Their Guess Campaign


Tyra : I think you’re playing younger than you are.

Kelly : Your cheekbones are amazing, but it’s too soap opera. Are you a soap opera star or a fashion model?

Rob : I think this looks more like a clothes ad more than a GUESS ad.

Me : I actually like the smile. It’s cute nothing is wrong with that. But the problem is, is it Campaign worthy? I don’t think so.


Next up is Jourdan

Finale Part 1: The Finalists Shoot Their Guess Campaign


Tyra : I’d love if that neck to be back just a little bit more.

Kelly : This photo is very Daisy Duke. I want more Duke, and less Daisy.

Rob : You werked it out , it’s amazing.

Me : I love the booty tooch, i love the leg up, i love the face, she could sell anything for sure!


Last but not least is Cory 



Finale Part 1: The Finalists Shoot Their Guess Campaign


Tyra : It’s not an ad, it’s a catalog shot for me.

Kelly : You looked like a guy, but it could be a Facebook shot.

Rob : You looked more masculine in this.

Me : I like the face, it’s very masculine and very modelesque, the body is good, I like it, but i’m not super crazy about it.


So, who’s going home? Personally, i think Jourdan had the best shot, and either Marvin or Cory gonna go home.

So what do you think? Who’s gonna win? Leave your comment below 😀

Thanks for reading a have a nice day 😀


3 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model IS….. – Part 1 Recap – Cycle 20 Guys and Girls

  1. Jourdan had the best shot. FTW! I love her photo. but not so crazy, I love Jiana GUESS shot most.

    Marvin had a so so shot. that picture isnt like a fashion shot and just no no for campaign.

    Cory had a worst photo, for me. I dont know, is that enough for winning ANTM?

    So, I think Cory would be going home.

  2. I think Marvin’s most likely to be out here. But I didn’t like any of these three pictures, particularly 😦 Especially when Jiana and Alex had such phenomenal shots this week.

    Cory’s shot is my favorite of these three. Boring, but no real flaws. I liked the arched back in Jourdan’s shot, but it’s not an attractive angle for her face, and the stiff arms and neck tension is super distracting to me. Marvin’s is my least favorite. The hand position is awkward, and he makes himself look really small with the angles the clothes give his body. He’s also got the least expressive eyes if you take away the smile…

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