America’s Next Top Model IS….. – Cycle 20 Guys and Girls – Finale Recap

Part 2 and the final episode of cycle 20 Guys and Girls, here’s my final recap. Here we go!

So from the previous episode, we knew that one person is gonna be eliminated before the fashion show started. It’s down to the final 3, Cory, Marvin and Jourdan. And Best photo is ….. Jourdan, WOW 6 best photos, this girl is rockin’ it! and the bottom 2 is obviously Marvin and Cory. The person who placed 3rd is….



It was Cory. The androgyneous, sad to see him go, but he still had the chance to walk on the runway. So minutes before the final runway started, the fashion feature that they shooted the day before was on the screen, Here’s some screengrabs

Americas.Next.Top.Model.S20E16.mp4_snapshot_10.05_[2013.11.18_15.26.28] Americas.Next.Top.Model.S20E16.mp4_snapshot_10.28_[2013.11.18_15.26.49] Americas.Next.Top.Model.S20E16.mp4_snapshot_10.34_[2013.11.18_15.26.57] Americas.Next.Top.Model.S20E16.mp4_snapshot_10.48_[2013.11.18_15.27.14] Americas.Next.Top.Model.S20E16.mp4_snapshot_10.59_[2013.11.18_15.27.37]


It’s pretty cool. They all did an amazing job. Now, the fashion show was started. Laura , winner of cycle 19 also participate. Now let’s talk about the final 2 walk. Jourdan, on her first walk, she did a fabulous job, except when her dress got stucked on her shoes, but she got back up. Marvin’s walk is strong, just like how a man should walk. Here’s some screengrabs

Americas.Next.Top.Model.S20E16.mp4_snapshot_12.26_[2013.11.18_15.31.22] Americas.Next.Top.Model.S20E16.mp4_snapshot_12.31_[2013.11.18_15.31.30] Americas.Next.Top.Model.S20E16.mp4_snapshot_12.38_[2013.11.18_15.32.08] Americas.Next.Top.Model.S20E16.mp4_snapshot_13.00_[2013.11.18_15.32.52] Americas.Next.Top.Model.S20E16.mp4_snapshot_13.06_[2013.11.18_15.33.00] Americas.Next.Top.Model.S20E16.mp4_snapshot_13.14_[2013.11.18_15.33.43] Americas.Next.Top.Model.S20E16.mp4_snapshot_13.46_[2013.11.18_15.33.28]


Jourdan was panicking a little bit because of her little accident on the runway, but she turned it on the second walk. So for the second walk, it was actually next round of the fashion feature. So, Cory, the model with Rob Evans as the photographer just walking fabulously on the runway, until Marvin and Jourdan came in, Marvin and Cory had a fight, then Jourdan pushed Cory down to the floor, and just took pictures of him using Rob’s camera. Then , SURPRISE SURPRISE, Jourdan kissed MarvinMarvin was shocked, you can see it on his face. The kiss wasn’t planned at all.

The third walk, final walk, Jourdan looks divine with her all-gold dress with cape.

Americas.Next.Top.Model.S20E16.mp4_snapshot_17.10_[2013.11.18_15.40.05] Americas.Next.Top.Model.S20E16.mp4_snapshot_17.26_[2013.11.18_15.41.02] Americas.Next.Top.Model.S20E16.mp4_snapshot_17.29_[2013.11.18_15.41.07]

The runway show is ovah, then all the models came out to do the 2.0 hand sign, it’s pretty silly, but , it’s Top Model. The next day they did a final photoshoot with the one and  only, Tyra Banks as their photographer. So the theme is very simple, they need to stand behind some trees, very natural makeup, with some XX20 sign written on their body and they wore some black swimsuits. Both of them had a really great session with TyTy.

Final panel y’all. The judges gonna judge their entire journey from the beggining till the end, just like usual. They also gonna judge the final photos with Tyra. First is Jourdan

Americas.Next.Top.Model.S20E16.mp4_snapshot_30.40_[2013.11.18_15.48.09] Americas.Next.Top.Model.S20E16.mp4_snapshot_30.26_[2013.11.18_15.50.41]


(Sorry no HQ for this photos)

Tyra : U didn’t stop modeling.

Kelly : It’s white, it’s glorious and it’s powerful.

Rob : Everything from your past photoshoots is building up to this.

Me : I love the wind in her hair, very elf-like, i like the face, but not the body. Her hands just looks wierd.


Next is Marvin


Tyra : We did some shades on your body. Everybody cheats.

Kelly : It takes a lot to do something like this.

Rob : Your body looks so much better

Me : I like the body, the face is kinda flat.


After long and long deliberation, tons of arguments, the results are in. America’s Next Top Model is……..



















IT’S JOURDAN Y’ALL!! So happy for her! Truly deserves it! The best model this cycle for sure, she killed everyphotoshoots, never been in the bottom, 6 best photos, Queen of social media, amazing!! One of my favorite winner!

Marvin, even though i always hated you, you have so much potential, strong bone structures, piercing eyes, great HF body,i think you’ll do amazing in this industry 🙂


So there you have it. It’s my final recap for ANTM Cycle 20. It’s been fun , and i’m really happy because people reads my blogs and appreciate what i posted. Thank you so much for your supports and you’ll see more recaps from me for sure, because i love doing it!! 🙂 Probably gonna recap Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 ( Bon’s request and i’ll love to do that 🙂 ) Thank you for all the comments and likes, i love you all!!

7 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model IS….. – Cycle 20 Guys and Girls – Finale Recap

  1. Your not ganna judge the eliminated contestants photo shoots? I really wanted to know your call out orders and comments on the bat and Guess shot for the eliminated models.

  2. JOURDAN WOOOON!!!! I was so freakin nervous when Tyra and Rob suddenly dislike Jourdan, and Tyra said that she really wants the guy to win the competition so bad.

    …….and I dunno why it is true or not about my feelin to Cory, his elimination is planned before. He played a bad guy in fashion feature and Marvin played a good guy, its because they want to show only Marvin and Jourdan for the finale, so they gave Cory to potray a bad guy.

    ……..and also, the finale score is the same score when the top three elimination. i dunno, its just weird.

    BUT, I am so happy Jourdan is America’s Next Top Model. She deserved it!

    Thanks for the recap! See ya~

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