America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 – Guys and Girls – Eliminated Models Bat Photos

Hola guys, so sorry because i abandoned this weeks ago, but it’s here. First is the Bat Photoshoot. Here we go!

First one is Alexandra


Her face is pretty, her body is flat. She’s not creating interesting shapes with her body. She looks DEAD. Not my favorite.


Next is Chleangel


Her face is gorgeous, I love the way she’s werking the wind on her fabrics, modeling H2T, LUV!


Next is Don


The first time i saw this picture, i was like “Wow this is amazing, the body and the fabrics flying, he looks like a vampire.” Until i saw his face, everything changes. He looks constipated.


Next is Jeremy


I like his face, the body is the complete opposite, i hated it. FLAT FLAT FLAT


Queen Jiana has arrive


Stunning face, i love the way she’s werking the fabrics behind her head, FABo!




This is my favorite photo of her hands down. THE FACE!! Werking H2T, I love the way she covered her face, very mysterious. AMAZING!


Mike is next, whatever


Just like what i said, WHATEVER.


Nina is here


Stunning, love her eyes, but her head looks very round for some reason. I love the booty tooch, the fabric flyings, amazing i luv it!


Philsus , the last one


I love the eyes, very intense, but his hands looks really small and short, because he pushes his arm way backwards. Also his hair looks horrible.

Here’s my callout order for the elimenee :

1. Kanani 

2. Jiana

3. Nina

4. Chlea

5. Phil

6. Alexandra

7. Don

8. Jeremy

9. Mike

So basically the girls did way better than the guys? What do you think?

My GUESS eliminated models photos post is coming up 🙂


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