America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 – Guys and Girls – Eliminated Models GUESS Photos

Here’s the GUESS photos for the eliminee, here we go!

First is Alexandra


Amazing fierce face, she looks like Katy Perry!  Very sexy , and look at that long neck! Amazing her best shot ever!


Kween Chleangel


Very simple, yet very beautiful, I love her face in this. Great shot from this Kween. GUESS worthy!!




He doesn’t even looked like him. His face looks completely different. I dislike this photo so much, big dissapointmen because i think he could rock this photo. FLAT


BlonDon is next


His shot looks really boring, there’s no excitement whatsoever. FLAT FLAT FLAT. He looks sleepy.


Jeremy is coming..


This picture truly amazed me, amazing body, he rocked that denim jacket, his face!!!! Finally some really fierce face from him! I would buy this jacket , if this is the campaign. AMAZEBALLS!! SMOKING HOT!


Queen Jiana


Umm,, there’s no flaw in this picture.Her face…. I can’t get over this picture, like ever! Love the way she grabbed the clothes, her eyebrows, her lips, her eyes, everything clicks. Perfect shot of GUESS!! One of the best pictures in this cycle! Queen!!




Very sexy shot, i love the body, i like the face, i don’t know her mouth looks wierd to me. But stunning shot.








A big big dissapoinment from her. Too posy, her face looks sleepy, not GUESS worthy at all. Meh




What’s up with the weave? His hair looks terrible, Not much to say about this.


Last but not least Renee


I love the sad look on her eyes, but NO NECK!!


Here’s my callout:

1. QUEEN Jiana

2. Jeremy

3. Alexandra

4. Chlea

5. Kanani

——- HUGE GAP ———-

6. Nina

7. Renee

8. Chris

9. Don

10. Phil

11. Mike

From what i see, the eliminated models did WAY BETTER than the final 3. Wierd. What do you think  🙂


2 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 – Guys and Girls – Eliminated Models GUESS Photos

  1. Don’t know what everbody sees in Jiana’s shot, but here’s my COO

    1. Alexandra
    2. Jeremy
    3. Jiana
    4. Kanani
    5. Chlea
    6. Don
    7. Phil
    8. Nina
    9. Renee
    10. Chris
    11. Mike

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