Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 : The Models Intro

The officially official AsNTM youtube channel just posted the 16 models interview. Here’s their intros :

1. Bona ( Indonesia ) – The Girl who has a daughter that wants to be a model too.

She’s such a lady, very elegant, i love the way she talk in english, not the best, but she’s good. Rooting for her!

2. Janice ( Indonesia ) – The Girl who speaks english very well and doesn’t like slow people.

She really really reminded me of Sheena Sakai from ANTM Cycle 11 and Allstars, from the photos they showed up in the video. Her english is really good, and she’s a peagant girl. I’m starting liking her, but she could be the villain in this cycle.

3. Sheena ( Malaysia ) – The Girl who dyed her hair blonde and looks gorge with any hair.

Loving her personality, seriously she’s stunning with blonde and brunette. My fav!

4. Josephine ( Malaysia ) – The Girl who smells her hair a lot and won Miss Malaysia 2013

I was not expecting that kinda voice coming out from that fierce face lol. Ugh another beauty queen, but she really looks like a model. One of my fav.

5. Natalie ( Taiwan ) – The Girl who was bullied at high school.

You know what? Remember her hideous promo picture? I absolutely hate her, but now, looking at this, i really like her. She’s really pretty and super nice, she could relate to so many young girls. Loving her.

6. Sneha ( India ) – The Girl who really is the Indian version of Lorde.

Her voice , her hair , just like lorde lol. But anyway, her nose is really distracting, she could be the villain this cycle, in one of the promos we could see that she had an argument with the other girls. Still not a fan.

7. Tia ( Thailand ) – The Girl who won Miss Teen Thailand and loves to draw.

I love her even more, she seems very artistic, very down to earth, funny. Another beauty queen UGH GOD! But she’s really pretty,also she’s the youngest! One of my fav.

8. Nicole ( Singapore ) – The Girl who has a sixth sense.

She seems to be the fun crazy girl this cycle. Loving her personality, i though she would be just this quiet girl. Sixth sense huh? She will bring some really dramatic yet funny scene on the show.

9. Poojaa ( Singapore ) – The Girl who looks more Indian than Singaporean

Okay whatever about the singaporean thing, she’s very very elegant, poise, and stunning. She’s gorgeous even when she’s not with full makeup. She became one of my favs.

10. Marie ( Japan ) – The Girl who lost her dad.

Her story is very sad. Her dad is black, her mom is japanesse, and the kids would make fun of her because of her skin color. So she blamed it all on her dad. And before she could apologize, her dad passed away. Aww this girl is so sweet. I’m rooting for you Marie!!

11. Katarina ( Phillipines ) – The Girl who lives a healthy life and loves to wear athletic clothes.

She’s so adorable. She said that she was born with something, sorry i don’t know what she’s saying. Loving her sporty style.

12. Jodilly ( Phillipines ) – The Girl who came from a poor family and looks amazing without that bangs.

She wants the glamour, the makeup, lol. But she’s super sweet, and she’s doing this for her mom. I have a serious problem with her bangs, maybe it’s just me, but without the bangs, you could see her picture in the video, she’s stunning!

13. Jessie ( China ) – The Girl who came from a traditional family and watched ANTM because she knows the “ugly-pretty”

She’s sweet. Lives in Canada, her english is very well. But still not a fan.

14. Jihye ( South Korea ) – The Girl who was insecure with being curvy.

She’s sweet, her personality didn’t really shine through. She’s a little shy. Really she’s curvy? I didn’t see it at all.

15. Thao ( Vietnam ) – The Girl who loves her family and reading.

Her english is not as bad as Trang, but i’m sure the producer will be tired cuz they have to put subtitles for her lol. She doesn’t really has that model look.

16 . Elektra ( Hong Kong ) – The Girl who likes to change her name and still looks hideous in motion.

She speaks english very well. This girl loves to change her name lol, she uses Elektra cuz it was strong. Yeah. I’m still hating her look. She looks old.


2 thoughts on “Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 : The Models Intro

  1. lol, before I know that Natalie is Taiwanese, I thought she is American lol (I’m confused because this is Asia’s NTM not america’s) lol 😀

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