Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 : Episode 1 Recap ( SPOILER ALERT )

Hola guys, finally!! AsNTM is here!! And here’s my recap, so excited to be recapping this new season. So lets just jump right to it! Here we go!

So the 16 models from all over Asia, came to Malaysia, went to the capital which is Kuala Lumpur and they stayed at Ritz Carlton Hotel. Right after the girls came into the house, interesting personalities keep coming up. Apperently Janice (Indo) hates high squicky sounds from the girl’s screaming. Sneha (India) talks a lot. I mean, A LOT!   Nicole (Sing) is the mom, she makes whole bunch of rules, because the house was nasty. The girls didn’t like the rules at all, also they thought Nicole had an OCD lol. Poor Nicole, nobody cares about her rules.

Then the next day they went right into the challenge. Just like last cycle, the first challenge is a runway. But this runway is A LOT different. Adam Williams and Joey Mead King announced that the models will walk ON WATER. I mean, that’s insane, they’re not Jesus lol. But they’re not really walking on the water. On the pool, there was a transparant runway, and it’s super little. So they didn’t really know how wide the runway is, where the end is. It’s the real test.

So , most of them did bad lol. Marie (Jpn) almost fell into the pool, luckily there were 2 guys in the end of the runway , and they catched her. Lucky gal. Katarina (Phi) surprisingly is the only one who fell. She just fell right in to the pool. All wet. Jessie (Chi) apperantly has a fear of water, so she was defeated already, even before she stepped on the runway. Well when she walk on the runway, it was even worse. She walked , like she’s walking on a rope. Very very dissapointing.

After the runway show, Jessie broke down. The next day, more presonalities is coming. Elektra (HK) , according to the other girls, she was disconnected all the time, she acted wierd and crazy, she sings like she’s on a opera show. She’s an attention seeker lol.

First photoshoot, of course the new judge Mike Rosenthal will be taking pictures of them. And this photoshoot is quite interesting because the set is actually in the judging room. The photoshoot theme is, they will be shooting an opening clip for this cycle. The only have 10 takes to nail the shot. Oh and surprise surpirse, one person will be going home before the shoot. I saw this one coming. At the end, Nadya sent Jessie home. It’s okay, well she did the worst in the challenge, and she just looked like a peagant girl to me. Not a fan.

At the photoshoot, some did well, some did okay,some did terrible. Like Elektra keep outting her “model” face, well her face looks angry all the time. and Janice during the photoshoot, she was fantasizing Mike being shirtless lol, she was like “Mike, take your shirt off, you’re so hot!” LMAO this girl is thirsty!

After the shoot, Nicole got a phone call from her dad, unfortunately, her grandma just passed away. It was a hardbreaking moment, but she’s strong enough to handle it.


First is Josephine (Mly)

Judges : Fierce cheeks, strong pose, funny voice (lol)

Me : I love the pose, i love her bone structure, her eyes are fierce. LOVE.

Next is Bona (Indo)

Judges : She’s giving lenght, nice finger placement, beautiful jaw, over-exposed nose.

Me : This momma is werking it! I love it! The pose, the neck, the face. I’ll love it even more if i could see more of her face.

Next is Jihye (Kor)

Judges : Blank face, good body.

Me : It’s okay. But she’s pretty.

Next is Janice (Indo)

Judges : Dissapointing, but good confidence.

Me :  BORING BORING BORING. But her face is striking.

Next, Elektra (HK)

Judges : She looked like she’s on the edge of the building and she’s gonna fall, and it’s quite SCARY!

Me : Yea i agree, she looked scary, mad, and pissed off. All she can pull off, is an angry face. Not inspiring at all.

Marie (Jpn) is up next

Judges : Fierce pose.

Me : Fierce pose, loving the hand positioning, cheekbones for days!

Next is Poojaa (Sing)

Judges : Same face in every shot.

Me : I love the face, it’s quite gorge, the body is meh.

Next, Thao (Viet)

Judges : Love, pose, everything. Giving nice line.

Me : I like it. She’s doing something else the other girls didn’t do. I just didn’t love it as the judges did. But it’s gorge.

Next is Natalie (Taiw)

Judges : She looked demonic, and supposed to be angelic, way too fierce.

Me : She looks scary, NO NECK!! And i agree, this is too fierce.

Next, Tia (Thai)

Judges : Fierce, young and beautiful. She could really model.

Me : Stunning! The face , the body, the swag, everything. THAILAND RULES!!

Next is Katarina (Phi)

Judges : Chopped off finger, this is just a half way pose.

Me :  This is so dissapointing, because she’s such a pretty girl. And that’s all is see here. Pretty.

Next, Nicole (Sing)

Judges : Too squinty, need to work a lot.

Me : Now this is also too fierce, no neck. she looked quite small here.

Next is Jodilly (Phi)

Judges : Lost one of her arm.

Me : TBH, i don’t like the face, i hate the lost arm, she didn’t really pay attention to her body, but she’s doing the booty tooch.

Next, Queen Sheena (Mly)

Judges : Blonde works wonder, she’s like the warrior between the other girls.

Me : STUNNING H2T! The face!! Amazing.

Last but not least Miss Lorde (oops) Sneha (Indi)

Judges : If you have only 10 frames, don’t make it a profile shot.


So the final call out are :

1. Tia

2. Sheena

3. Josephine

4. Jodilly

5. Thao

6. Marie

7. Sneha

8. Janice

9. Bona

10. Katarina

11. Poojaa

12. Jihye

13. Nicole

14. Natalie

15. Elektra

Elektra’s shot was hideous. so it’s not a surprise at all.

And here’s my callout:

1. Tia

2. Sheena

3. Josephine

4. Bona

5. Thao

6. Marie

7. Jodilly

8. Poojaa

9. Jihye

10. Katarina

11. Nicole

12. Sneha

13. Janice

14. Natalie

15. Elektra

So that’s it! My recap for episode 1. Make sure you like, share and , keep coming for every episode recap, next and next weeks. Thanks for reading, have a nice day, and love ya! BYE!! 🙂 🙂 xoxo


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  1. your comments should always be subjective and rational. talk as if you’re tyra but all in all this is amazing thank you.

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