Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 – Episode 2 Recap

Hola guys, sorry for the late recap, i’ve been so tired yesterday. So anyway, second episode, interesting, and fiery dramas of course. Here’s my recap for the second episode. Here we go!

So after the panel, Nicole gone crazy. She punched a board, and the other girls were shocked. They didn’t expect that at all. Nicole felt preassured with all the critique she got, and being in the bottom 3, and at one point she kinda tackled the cameraman. She was like “Get it off my face!!” Girl that’s kinda scary.

After Tia won best photo, the other girls were kinda scared about her, because she’s so young and she slayed the photoshoot. The other girls definetly sees Tia as a huge threat. So challenge time, Adam Williams came in with racks of clothes, and also he brings blogger turned to model, Bip Ling. She gave the girls her knowledge about the social media, about photos they posted and stuff. After that, the challenge begin. The girls were devided into 3 teams, but it ended up being 4 teams.

Team 1 : Tia, Janice, Marie, Thao

Team 2 : Sheena, Poojaa, Jodilly, Jihye

Team 3 : Josephine, Natalie, Katarina, Bona

Team 4: Nicole and Sneha

Apparently nobody choses Nicole and Sneha, so they formed their own team.The challenge is, they have to take selfies. Lol, like really? During the challenge, Nicole felt under-preassured, so instead of having fun and a great time, she turned it to a hardwork, she was bossy, and she took it too far and too serious.

And the winner is, Poojaa. Her shot was real cool , and she chose Katarina to join her. They’ll be going on a helli ride, and they got to stay at Pangkor Laut Resort. The house is unbelieveable. Private beach holla!!

Photoshoot time,The girls went to the gorgeous Batu Cave. They have to climb 200++ stairs, with fruit basket on their hands, and while they climed those crazy stairs, monkeys gonna come and try to eat the fruit. Poojaa dropped the fruit basket lol, and everyone screamed and stuff. Lol so funny. The photographer is Mau Maricio, and they only got 15 frickin’ frame. Seriously? That’s so hard for the girls. Janice apparently had a fever during the shoot. Some did good, some didn’t.

After they got home, gurrllll the drama began. Sneha left her clothes on the side of the room, and Janice got pissed cuz of it. The fought like crazy. I mean, really Jan? You’re mad cuz of pile of clothes on the floor, you could ask her nicely tho’. Whatever.

So panel, and Tia’s best shot became the screen background lol.

First is Tia ( Thai )

Judges : Wierd claw,lost her arm, downgrade from last week.

Me : I don’t think this picture is that bad. I mean, the face is gorgeous, the body language is good, yea she lost her arm, but i love the wind and the drama behind this.

Up next is Sheena ( Mly )

Judges : Killer shot, HOT

Me : I love love love this photo. The wind, the drama, everything works. She lost her arm, but this picture is just fantasticalls.!! Sheena rocks!

Up next is Poojaa ( Sing )

Judges : Chic.

Me : The face is stunning, the pose is elegant, very goddess like, but she looks a little stiff.

Up next is Sneha ( Indi )

Judges : Religious, chameleon.

Me : Like what?? Seriously? This shot is kinda awful. She looks like a broken statue, her face is terrible, NO NECK!! And she looks like she’s pregnant.

Next is Thao ( Viet )

Judges : Queen, the outfit looks good.

Me : The face is beautiful, the pose is good. She really shows everyone that she could model.

Next is Jihye ( Kor )

Judges : Nice movement, flat face. She looks like she’s saying to some kids “Hey what are you doing here!!”

Me : Rough face, the dress looks good, the movement is spot on, but the face is just WRONG!

Next is Janice ( Indo )

Judges : The dress didn’t look good.

Me : The dress looks terrible TBH. FLAT FLAT FLAT. Not liking her face.

Next is Bona ( Indo )

Judges : Painful, her fab look is not translating into photos.

Me : This is pretty bad. Too much tension on the neck, the body looks awkward, but at least the dress looks good.

Next, Marie ( Jpn )

Judges : Good leaning back.

Me : I’m not liking the pose to be completely honest, she looks like a broken statue, not loving the face, and the bottom half of her body looks huge. She can do much much better.

Next is Natalie ( Taiw )

Judges : Nice face, nice dress, wierd hand.

Me : She really had stepped up her game. The pose is nice, nice leg but she lost one of them, nice facem yea i agree the hand looks wierd.

Next is Jodilly ( Phi )

Judges :  FAB

Me : Well to be completely honest. I don’t like it. I like the commitment and the movement, but the face is just terrible. NO NECK!! And she lost her arm, she looks like the wicked witch,

Next is Nicole ( Sing )

Judges : Kung Fu princess.

Me : Now this is a huge improvement from last week.  Those pointed toes, that face is just the fiercest, and the way she showed the dress is spot on. Amazing!! This shot is FIRE!!

Next is Katarina ( Phi )

Judges : Improved, the only one who showed real emotion.

Me :  Now this is another “Really??!?” . The face is fine, the hand looks just plain awkward, stiff, nice pointed toes. But this is a meh.

Last but not least, Josephine ( Mly )

Judges :The awkwardness matches the background.

Me  : Now this is a chic broken statue. Those cheekbones, girl they’re preacious. Long neck, fabulous!

And after panel, this is like another Brittani moment, um i don’t really know what happend, but i’m pretty sure that Sneha and Katarina were talking about Tia, if they have a problem with her or not, and suddenly Janice just slammed in between Tia vs Kat moment. Like what’s your problem girl? They were talking  about how Janice follows Tia around. Janice is crazy, aggresive girl. I mean they didn’t really do anything bad. They’re not like “Oh i hate Janice so much she such a WHAT” Well i don’t know. I try not to hate.

And here’s the final callout :

1. Nicole

2. Jodilly

3. Sheena

4. Thao

5. Katarina

6. Natalie

7. Sneha

8. Janice

9. Josephine

10. Poojaa

11. Jihye

12. Marie

13. Tia

14. Bona 😦

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY BONA WHY!!!! They seriously made the wrong wrong desicion 😦 . She’s strong, and i predicted her to be at least on the final 7, but no 😥

And here’s my callout :

1. Nicole

2. Sheena ( I’m torned because her shot was as good as Nicole’s )

3. Thao

4. Josephine

5. Poojaa

6. Natalie

7. Tia

8. Jodilly

9. Marie

10. Bona

11. Jihye

12. Janice

13. Sneha

14. Katarina

For me the elimination was ridonkculous, and some of the call out order was messed up pretty bad. But whatever.

Thanks for reading, like, comment, share, and love you all 🙂 Stay tune for every week recap.


13 thoughts on “Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 – Episode 2 Recap

  1. TBH, I like the simpler photos but still powerful like Thao’s, Pooja’s and Katarina’s than the over the top pose but forgot to work the face like Jodilly’s, don’t get me wrong, her picture is still good, just not my taste. Anyway, my call out goes like this;

    1. Nicole
    2. Sheena
    3. Thao
    4. Pooja
    5. Natalie
    6. Katarina
    7. Josephine
    8. Jodilly
    9. Tia
    10. Jihye
    11. Bona
    12. Marie
    13. Janice
    14. Sneha

  2. GOSH why Katarina survived again this week with that photo!? pretty face, yeah, but the picture? for me just… blah.

    I dont want to comment about the dramas, there so many bad words came out from the girls. i dont care.

    I honestly loooove this shoot sooo much, high fashion!!! Here is my coo.

    1. Nicole
    2. Sheena
    3. Natalie
    4. Josephine
    5. Marie
    6. Thao
    7. Jodilly
    8. Sneha
    9. Tia
    10. Jihye
    11. Poojaa
    12. Bona
    13. Katarina
    14. Janice (too chillin -,-)

    Thanks for da recap ^^

    • I think that Katarina’s promo shot fooled me a bit, cuz it was so good, but when she got into the other shoots she doesn’t look like a model.
      Your welcome 🙂

      • Why is everyone hating on Katarina’s shot? I really think it’s good, her close-up is good mainly because she’s beautiful and her body is quite nice. I really love how she doesn’t look her height in her photo, she looks so much taller because of how she pointed her toes and I love how it looks like her pose looks a little caught in the moment. The only thing that bothers me is that she didn’t bring much shape in the dress but the color is nice against her skin. I think Janice or Sneha should have gone home.

      • From a lot of people perspective, Katarina’s shot was flat. Because she’s just standing there. I didn’t see “model” i just see a pretty girl.
        Yea Janice and Sneha’s shot was bad too.

  3. Im frickin’ in love with your blog!
    I love AsNTM too
    Here’s my call out :
    1. Nicole
    2. Sheena
    3. Thao
    4. Jodilly
    5. Josephine
    6. Pooja
    7. Natalie
    8. Janice
    9. Tia
    10. Marie
    11. Bona
    12. Jihye
    13. Katarina
    14. Sneha

    Just sharin’ my opinion
    it’s really sad to see Bona went home! She represent my country Indo!
    Thanks for da’ recap 😀

  4. Interesting thoughts about the recap but I don’t quite agree with you in Jodilly’s shot, I thought that her pose was a kind of fitting with the dark color of her dress so it seems she looked like a witch lol, as you put it. But I do have to agree with you on Katarina’s photo though, her face was out of place in the setting, Janice’s was indeed flat, like she did not show variety when she was doing it just laying flat on the stairs. GAWD! ep. 2 was really really hard to look at during the judging time cuz the drama was too feisty and very vulgar than the last cycle.

  5. Go Filipina power! I just watched #ASNTM last night and what an episode!The TV broadcast here in the Phils. @TV5 is an episode later but I get to catch up here with your blog. Thanks a lot! Personally, I am rooting for Jodilly Pendre, the safe player, and Katarina Rodriguez, the underdog (totally because I’m also Filipina). Haters always gonna hate, but I’m very proud of the girls. Also…Sheena is model material. Keep it up Jodi and nice improvement Kat! I know you’ll both do great.

    Here’s my call out (just my opinion, of course):
    1. Thao (Vietnam)
    2. Pooja (Singapore)
    3. Nicole (Singapore)
    4. Jihye (Korea)
    5. Jodilly (Philippines)
    6. Sheena (Malaysia)
    7. Tia (Thailand)
    8. Katarina (Philippines)
    9. Marie (Japan)
    10. Natalie (Taiwan)
    11. Janice (Indonesia)
    12. Josephine (Malaysia)
    13. Bona (Indonesia)
    14. Sneha (India)

  6. My callout

    1. Poojaa
    2. Nicole
    3. Natalie
    4. Jodilly
    5. Sheena
    6. Thao
    7. Josephine
    8. Marie
    9. Katarina
    10. Tia
    11. Jihye
    12. Sneha
    13. Bona
    14. Janice

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