Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 – Episode 3 Recap

Hola guys, another recap from ME. So lest just jump right to it. Here we go!So after all the after panel drama, the house was definetly devided. Janice stated that she only liked Tia, and both of them didn’t really hang out with the other girls. And Katarina just kept giving them ice treatment. I think they need to made up.

The next day, Mr. Adam Williams came into the model house. Because it’s Visit Malaysia Year, the models have to do a 10 second commercial. They need to do their own makeup, and some girls didn’t really have experience with makeup. Seriously, models need to know how to put on makeup. What the girls didn’t know, is that they’ll be put on top of the Kuala Lumpur Tower, 300 meters above the ground, they have to walk fabulously on the edge of the tower. Now that is the real challenge.

Some girls did good. But Janice was all over the place, and after she was done shooting her commercial, she freaked out. She had a little panic attack, she was crying and shaking. I felt bad for her. And on top of everyone, Josephine nailed the commercial. She was confident, original, and fearless. She was the winner of the challenge. Even though Adam and Joey didn’t claim who was the winner, her commerical was aired on the episode, and the other girls didn’t.

The next day, surprise not really a surprise, Adam Williams came in to the model house, again. Well this visit was really just some inspection. The rooms were a mess lol. It looks like a bomb just exploded at the house lol. He also talked with the girls, giving advice on makeup and stuff. And as a reward for best photo, Nicole got to get into the pool they have on top of their house. She could pick 4 friends, and she picked Poojaa, Jodilly, Janice and Sheena.ย Sheena was pretty shocked, because they weren’t the closest friends. I also though that Nicole would choose Sneha, but she didn’t. They also had sushi buffet. Lucky gals.

Photoshoot day, they arrived at the freezing cold Snowalk Ice City. In there it was -5 degrees. They’ll be modeling lingerie, and the photographer was Jesper Mcilroy. Some of the girls did amazing even though they were super uncomfortable with the cold temperature. Josephine and Sheena rocked it, while Janice and Jihye didn’t do so well. Jihye was having a hard time showing real emotions on her face, because on high school she got bullied a lot, and she usually kept her emotions inside of her heart. Aww poor girl, she’s so sweet.


Panel time.

First up is Sneha ( India )

Judges : Nice twist with the body, beautiful curves.

Me : For once i really liked her shot, the curves, she’s creating shapes with her body, but i think she could work on her face a little more.


Next is Natalie ( Taiwan )

Judges : A surprise, the only girl who sat on the snow, confident.

Me : I really like how she took risk by sitting on the snow, i really like the face, i just wish she has more neck in this.


Next is Marie ( Japan )

Judges : Janet Jackson.

Me :I hated this. No neck!! And the bones popping out of her body was kinda distracting.


Next is Josephine

Judges : She’s having fun, spontanity, very creative and original.

Me : This picture is FANTASTIC!! The shapes, the body positioning, the creativity, the killer cheekbones, the piercing eyes. Every single thing works in this. AMAZING!!!


Next is Jodilly ( Philippines )

Judges : Bad expression, frozen from neck up.

Me : The body is great. Booty tooching, leg tooching, but the face is just rough. It looks like she’s trying too hard to be naughty. Not her best.


Next is Thao ( Vietnam )

Judges : Commercial.

Me : She’s the only one who wore a full outfit. Don’t know why. And i don’t agree at all that this is her best shot, cuz we all see, during her photoshoot, she kept giving us shapes and poses. Sabotage!! Anyway, she looked quite short, but her face is still stunning.


Next is Jihye ( Korea )

Judges : She didn’t know what to do, flat, painful.

Me : I kinda like the rock chick look on her. Nice face, but flat body.


Next is Sheena ( Malaysia )

Judges : She was meant to be there, very creative, international fashion.

Me : Ice goddess!! The blonde hair was made for this picture. Love the pose, love the shoe tooch. Very cool. Lol she was worried cuz she ate tons of sushi buffet and she had the tiniest lingerie. Lol but she did awesome.


Next is Poojaa ( Singapore )

Judges : Same pose as last week’s photo.

Me : Same pose, same face, it was kinda dissapointing because she’s one of my favorites.


Next is Katarina ( Philippines )

Judges : Improving.

Me : Finally a good shot from this girl. The face is beautiful, the body is good, i just lost her neck, but this is an improvement.


Next is Nicole ( Singapore )

Judges : Amazing, Knockout.

Me : This girl is the fire between all of the ice. Smoking hot. Amazing shapes, amazing face, she looked quite androgyneous here. Nicole is on a roll!!


Next is Tia ( Thailand )

Judges : She’s pulling it off, nice shapes.

Me : I like the playfulness on her body , and also the fierceness on her face. This is a true comeback from last week.


Last but not least, Janice ( Indonesia )

Judges : She looked scared, tires. A mess.

Me : FLAT FLAT FLAT ( this is the third time in a row , that i said Janice’s shot was flat ) Horrible face. She looks short, and her body looks bigger here. Meh just NO.


After judging, Marie was really cold. She could barely speak. The medic took her to the hospital. Girl i hope she’s okay.


Final callout :

1. Josephine

2. Nicole

3. Sheena

4. Katarina

5. Natalie


7. Thao

8. Poojaa

9. Jodilly

10. Marie

11. Sneha

12. Janice

13. Jihye


I was so sad, because Jihye is so pretty, and Janice’s shot was way worse than her.

Here’s my callout :

1. Josephine

2. Nicole

3. Sheena

4. Tia

5. Natalie


7. Thao

8. Sneha

9. Jodilly

10. Poojaa

11. Jihye

12. Marie

13. Janice

Thank you so much for reading. Share, like, comment, and love. ๐Ÿ™‚ Love ya, and stay tune for every week recap. #AsNTM2

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13 thoughts on “Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 – Episode 3 Recap

  1. I totally agree that Janice is the worst here . she looks NO energy , NO fire from the eyes and NO confidence at all . Jihye is more .

  2. I’m so damnnn dissaponted by Janice performance ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    I really know that she could do so much better! Thank God we still have Janice represent Indo ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    Here’s my callout :

    1. Josephine (really love that sexy,fierce, photo!)
    2. Sheena (she’s kinda creative with that pose)
    3. Tia (love that pic! even she used the coat and not opening it, she already looks so sexy!)
    4. Jodilly (I kinda love this pic,she took risk by not using the coat,i thought its cold there)
    5. Natalie (took risk too! love it)
    6. Nicole (fierce yet sexy)
    7. Poojaa (she reminds me of an actress)
    8. Katarina (finally! but not loving the face, and no neck!)
    9.Thao (why isn’t she using lingerie?)
    10. Sneha (sorry, she looks kinda short and chubby *ups)
    11. Marie (sorry, but i think it’s a creepy shot with that popping out bones,she could do better)
    12. Jihye (no emotion, kinda flat, but better than Janice shot –“)
    13. Janice Jessica Hermijanto ! (she’s the worst, really dissapointing)
    I hope Janice will do MUCH BETTER for Indo, and i think Bona kinda deserves more!
    Thanks for da’ recap ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I’m so glad I found your blog! Thanks for recapping, and I love your comments, most of the time you’re saying exactly what I’m thinking. Will have you on bookmark for the rest of the season ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. The first time I saw the pictures, I wasn’t sold but it all grew on me so much and I think only two girls failed and the rest ranges from amazing to good to mediocre. Anyway, here’s my call-out order. :)))

    1. Josephine (Aside from looking short, this is fiercely hot.)
    2. Nicole (This is smoldering, smoking, hot.)
    3. Natalie (I love that she took risk. She is one of my favorites so I’m happy that she is improving.)
    4. Katarina (Love, she is also improving. Beautiful face, great body.)
    5. Sheena (It is very high fashion but her eyes bothers me a bit because it is a little uneven but aside from that, this is amazing.)
    6. Thao (I love Thao! That face is money. If only the arms placement is better, it would have been a knockout.)
    7. Tia (It used to be higher but when my sister says it is a little too sexy that it borders to being slutty, I dock it down a little.)
    8. Poojaa (Poojaa is also one of my favorites. This is a good photo but I agree, this is the same as last week.)
    9. Jodilly (The body is fierce but the close-up is meh. But I love how she elongates her neck in contrast to her previous efforts.)
    10. Jihye (That face is a killer. The body is a little bland but the face is really cool and it is far from the worst this week.)
    11. Sneha (The body twist is good but that is not the most unflattering angle for her face.)
    12. Marie (I love Marie’s look, very rare but I was starting to think that her first photo was a fluke. Two disappointing shots in a row.)
    13. Janice (She needs to go. Bona is a lot better! She should have been eliminated last week.)

    Overall, this week is good. I would definitely eliminate Jihye this week too but with Janice around, I wouldn’t mind her staying at all. Moreover, I would have love to see Sheena or Thao getting FCO next episode. They are the most consistent this far.

    • I really like the shoot, it’s exciting. Janice should’ve been eliminated last week, she’s there because of her personality, not her look. Jihye is not the strongest, but i think she have so much more to offer.

      • I think if Janice was eliminated last week, Jihye will be the weakest out of the cast and definitely an easy boot.If my predictions are right, I think Sneha is the next to be eliminated and Poojaa, and maybe even Katarina, will be early eliminees too.

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