Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 : Episode 4 Recap

Hola guys, first of all, Happy Chinese New Year, have a good horse year ahead. May all of you bless with prosperity and wealth.. And back to the recap.. MAKEOVERS! New looks for the gals, here we go!

After Jihye got eliminated, the  other girls were bummed out. They think that she deserves another chance, and she has a potential. After her panel incident, Marie came back to the house felling better, but after knowing that Jihye got eliminated, she broke down. She was very close to Jihye, they’re like sisters. It was so sad to watch. But it’s a competition..

The next morning, Nadya came in, the other girls were sleeping. She’s holding Marie’s picture. And she told them to pack their bags, wonder what’s gonna happen? IT’S MAKEOVER TIME !!!

During the makeover, the mirrors were covered, so they can’t really see what’s happening. Sneha broke down because they chopped off hair. Sheena’s hair keep coming off, because they left the bleach for too long. GURLLL Sabotaged!! She was pissed! Like, really pissed. After the makeover, the girls finally gonna see their new hair. And they’re copying AusNTM style. Lol, but anyway, here’s the list of the makeovers :

Josephine : Shoulder Length Cut

Thao : Bangs

Sneha : Aashta’s cut

Natalie : Shoulder Length Cut

Katarina : Dyed Black

Jodilly : Pretty much stays the same

Janice : Layers

Nicole : Pixie Cut

Poojaa : Shoulder Length ( Sharp Victoria Beckham )

Sheena : Reddish Highlights

Tia : Layers

Marie : Red Curly Afro

And for added surprise, their family came to KL to see their new look. Their moms, dads, boyfriends, bestie. But unfortunately, Marie‘s family couldn’t make it, so they just brings the girls together for her. So about the makeover, a lot of standard boring shoulder length cut. And the best makeover,, for me it’s Tia. Because she don’t need anything else. Never cut it short!! Layers and trim are what she needed.

And worst makeover, at first i would say it’s Sneha‘s, but after watching the episode, i feel that Natalie‘s cut was so wrong. She’s so commercial, and cut won’t do anything for her. She looks so much older, terrible makeover. She looks like someone elses mom.

After the girls went back home, their family came into their house too. The other girls feels like Poojaa was being another Tia, keep talking about herself. I mean, she just met her boyfriend, and the other girls also. Y’all should be excited, talking about your family isn’t a bad thing.

Nadya mail, photoshoot day, the girls came back to the salon. They thought that they’ll get another makeover. But it’s a photoshoot. They will be posing in the salon, they can use any props there, and they were photographed by Nicoline. They only got 15 frames. During the photoshoot, Sneha, Katarina and Janice felt uncomfortable. Jodilly didn’t do so well, after the shoot is over, she broke down.

After the shoot, the house was a hot mess. Thao was super dirty. Apparently she is a big actress in Vietnam. So maybe she always have someone clean up for her. Panel time, now this judging was interesting. Because it’s an outdoor panel. They did it at Petaling Jaya stadium.

First is Tia

Judges : Not dangerous nor exciting. Still in the safe zone.

Me : The face is pretty, but the body is too flat. She’s not werking the set. Too safe.

Next is Natalie

Judges : Not the same as last week. The smile seems forced.

Me : The styling is sooooo wrong! She looked just like some chick at the mall. Anyway, i like the way she werk her body, the smile is cute, but no neck.

Next is Sneha

Judges : Scared. Not aware of her own body. She looked like she didn’t like her hair.

Me : Liking the booty tooch. But her left hand is awkward and the face isn’t too flaterring.

Next is Josephine

Judges : WORK! Nice expression, good usage of the wind.

Me :  STUNNING STUNNING STUNNING!! My eyes goes straight to her eyes first, not her crotch. The face is gorgeous, but she lost her neck, and looked kinda short. But the face!!!

Next is Sheena

Judges : Confident.

Me : SABOTAGED!! She did so well during the shoot, and they chose this photo. The face isn’t the most beautiful face. but good body.

Next is Janice

Judges : Not doing much.

Me : FLAT FLAT FLAT for the fourth time in the fricking row. This girl just doesn’t look like a model in photos. NO NECK MONSTER!!! Face is meh. Can’t believe she stayed, and still produce this kinda picture!

Next is Thao

Judges : Awkward peacock hair.

Me : This is not the most beautiful picture of her, but she’s doing something different here. I like the body language, the way she played with tha cable, and i really like the reflection.

Next is Jodilly

Judges : Not her best ( Joey cried )

Me :  I actually really like this shot of her.Those legss!! I like the shapes she’s making with her leg, but no neck.

Next is Poojaa

Judges : Gorgeous. Beautiful hair, no longer in the safe zone.

Me : STUNNING! The face is gorgeous, the body is greatness, she took risk, and it paid off. Amazing! This girl is the one to watch if she keep being this way.

Next is Marie

Judges : Glowing, power, beautiful.

Me : I like this picture. Finally she delivers. It’s dynamic, it’s funky, it’s different. Another girl who took risk and paid off.

Next, Nicole

Judges : Nice body twist, fantastic, full of energy.

Me : I like that she did something different. I love the movement. It’s quirky, it’s edgy, the thing i don’t like, is her little squirrel teeth lol.

Last but not least, Katarina

Judges : Fearful, too safe.

Me : She looked super pretty. But do i see model? NO

After though deliberation, here’s the final COO :

1. Marie

2. Josephine

3. Poojaa

4. Nicole

5. Natalie

6. Tia

7. Sheena

8. Katarina

9. Jodilly

10. Sneha

11. Janice

12. Thao



Anyway, here’s my callout :

1. Josephine

2. Poojaa

3. Marie

4. Nicole

5. Natalie

6. Jodilly

7. Tia

8. Sheena


10. Katarina

11. Sneha

12. JANICE!!!!!

Thank you so much for reading. Like, share, comment, and give me feedbacks. 🙂 I really appreciate it.

What do you think about the episode, and baout the makeover? Tell me! 🙂 Love ya’

PS : NEXT WEEK, JANICE is the one to HATE!


28 thoughts on “Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 : Episode 4 Recap

  1. hi! its me again! well, when i saw ep 4 intro, i was very damn excited! but after i see the photos, dissapointed! Many of them, were playin’ too damn safe!
    here’s may call out :
    1. Marie (what? this is a suprise!)
    2. Josephine (not a suprise, she really could model!)
    3. Nicole (lovin’ that edgy look, but not her angle)
    4. Pooja (if i make this photo potrait, the hand placement was same as last week, but improvement!)
    5. Natalie (lovin’ that commercial cute smile, that smile was a lot better than her first promo-picture)
    6. Tia (she colud do so much better, too safe, flat)
    7. Sheena (she could do so much better)
    8. Janice (too safe, but improvements!)
    9. Thao (downgrade for the last 3 ep)
    10.Jodilly (sorry jodi, i love you but its to flat, sorry, but you looks kinda chic)
    11. Katarina (flat, just standin’ there be pretty, i can do that thing too 🙂 )
    12. SNEHA ( she looks scared, weird, flat, not lovin this at all. I miss Rachel from last cycle. Rachel represent India so good)

    So that’s it! Maybe we’re not got the same thoughts about the photos, not like last week that i agree all of your comments :D! hehe but i still appreciate it. Thanks for the recap! you’re my number one recap blog on top model series!
    much love from Bandung, XOXO

  2. If Janice don’t step up her game, Next week she will be eliminated… So sad to see Thao go.. 😦 She didn’t deserve to go home..

  3. Yes absolutely. Janice still stay over there to create the drama. Gosh poor Thao :”( she kept doing a good job, but she eliminated over Janice. Were the judges joking???? Janice was in the bottom two last week, cmon she should be eliminated. I’m Indonesian (and I know that I’m better to support my girl), but its weird and unfair Thao is eliminated over Janice. Bring Bona back and please replace Janice! :”(

    THE MAKEOVER! for me the best makeover is…… dunno who. but the worst are Marie and Sneha. I prefer Sneha long and straight hair, and Marie too. I wanna see Marie’s hair like Renee or Fatima in ANTM after makeover—straight black and long.

    The photographer OMG Nicoline ♥ love her, but the theme of the photoshoot. emm just NO for me, a better place maybe.

    My COO:
    1. Josephine (the faaaace, cheekbones sister, but distracting legs)
    2. Nicole (love the movement)
    3. Poojaa (hand on her hips again? but this photo is amazing tho)
    4. Marie (she is improved)
    5. Jodilly (love the long legs)
    6. Tia (yes too safe, but gorgeous face)
    7. Natalie (dont like the hair, i love the pose)
    8. Sheena (SABOTAGED! she didi great in the photoshoot)
    9. Thao (love the pose, too safe)
    10. Sneha (idk why i dont like the booty tooch)
    11. Katarina (she is overrated by the judges, she didnt knoe what to model, the reflection kinda weird)
    12. BYE JANICE

    thanks for nice recap. I was also pissed when I know Thao is eliminated over Janice.

    • I was also thinking about Marie with black or brown weave. But i don’t think they would ever do that, cuz all of the makeovers were BORING!!
      Thao didn’t deserve to go at all!

  4. janice janice janice… her face looked all the same in all her photos… come on! Thao has something beautiful to share and she got eliminated… whatda!!!!

  5. I actually love the concept of this shoot but it just didn’t paid off as much as I wanted to. I think Marie benefits from having an African origin in this shot because the color of the dress, the lighting, everything works beautifully against her skin. I also really like Pooja’s shot. She is stunning and I hope she keeps it up. Here’s my call-out:

    1- Marie (This is the Marie I have been wanting to see.)
    2- Pooja (I love her, hope she keeps being this way.)
    3- Josephine (She is just FIERCE. Werk!)
    4- Nicole (I love the movement, the quirkiness, she is the CHAMELEON.)
    5- Jodilly (She looks great by doing less, in contrast to her first two efforts where she’s trying way too hard.)
    6- Natalie (I love Natalie and all but she is middling for me, hope she steps it up.)
    7- Sheena (First Sheena’s shot that didn’t work that much.)
    8- Tia (Pretty. Just pretty but at least she’s doing something.)
    9- Thao (ROBBED! Seriously!? Why eliminate her over Janice (maybe even Sneha)?)
    10- Katarina (Now I get where the hate comes. Pretty but bland, blander than Tia.)
    11- Sneha (I love her booty tooch but it is off-putting and kinda awkward.)
    12- Janice (She just needs to go.)

    • Fourth time in a row that I agree in the FCO and third time in a row that I disagree with the elimination. Janice really needs to go.

  6. You right! Janice shouldn’t be here anymore, however she is one of many who made dramatic here so I think she will stay longer, unfair with Thao, she did well, she had many better pictures but they chose the worst to kick her out.

    • One bad week, and she’s out. That’s ridiculous. She has been impressing everyone with her ability.
      I think if Janice went home so soon, no one will create drama anymore. So they were thinking about the ratings.

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