Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 : Episode 5 Recap

Hola guys. Another recap from the one and only me. AsNTM2 went sporty, who kicked it out? Who fall down? Here we go!After last shocking elimination, everyone was shocked. Nobody expect Thao going home so early. Everybody miss Thao. But in the other hand, some girls think that Janice should’ve gone home. Well not only the other girls thinking that, even herself thought she gonna go home. Yea she shouldn’t stay at all.

The next morning, Adam Williams came in to the model house, so early in the morning. He came in the girls room, and turned on the loud sirine. Everyone woked up suddenly. Tia thought that the sound was from the fire alarm lol. On the living room, there were some gym tools. It was from Technogym. Adam teached the girls how to be healthy and fit, because as a model, they should be fit at all time. Half of the girls never really work out. After the quick workout, Adam told the girls that they will be going to a bootcamp. So they wore their military outfits, and went to the location. On the way there, Janice was bitching about how Tia talked to a hairdryer at 3 AM. Ugh God another Janice TV Drama.

After they arrived at the location, there were Joey Mead King and Jason De La Pena. The challenge is a team challenge. An the winner of best photo and the runner up, got to be the team captain. Here’s the team they picked

Team 1 : Marie ,Natalie, Jodilly, Poojaa, Sneha

Team 2 : Josephine, Katarina, Sheena, Janice, Nicole

Team 3 : Tia

Why Tia was alone? Because nobody picked her. She was shocked, because she was very nice to both Jojo and Marie. So she’s all by herself. The girls will go through some obstacles, and the team who finished the challenge the quickest, is the winner.

So Team 1, All of them fell to the nasty muddy pond, Sneha got pushed by someone to the pond, and she was not ready to jump at all. Natalie got some scratches on her body. And the time they got is 15.15

Team 2, Nicole already fall before the challenge  even began. Nicole also just jump into the pond, and she didn’t even try. Lol she’s hilarious. Sheena got scared of fake bugs, and she said she has a phobia. And their time is 7.15

Team Tia, she was a firecracker. She just jumps through obstacles and obstacles, no falling, no screaming, no complaining. She’s a though chick. And her time , 2.03 . I mean, that was quick! She just proved everyone who didn’t pick her wrong.

For Tia‘s price, she got to pick a friend to go to a spa with. Of course she picked Janice, and Janice was happy. But the wierd thing is, on the way to the boot camp, she was annoyed and complaining about Tia, and she just got excited when she got to go to the spa with her. Acting much.

After the girls went to the model house, they got some make-up tools. And Nicole refused to fight over make-up. Photoshoot day, they went to a photo studio, they met Joey and Mike. They told the girls that they will be doing a futuristic sport themed photoshoot. They were shoted by Lok Lin Shan, and they only have 15 frames. During hair and makeup, Sheena and Natalie was talking about how annoying Janice is, and she heard the talk. They thought that Janice is insecure, and just need to project her problems to someone else.

During the photoshoot.Tia was called out because of her attitude. She wanted to make a photo of defeat. Mike questioned it. Janice came in with fiery personality, but it seems just to cover her modeling ability.Sneha, Marie and Katarina didn’t do so well, while Sheena, Nicole and Natalie did impressive. Poojaa was pretty much sabotaged because of her outfit. I mean, she got snow goggles as her prop. And her outfit was not matching at all, she got like shirt and shorts, she was confused how to work the outfit, because it was so confusing. And guess what? I was confused too!

After the girls went home, hungry and tired, but the kitchen was closed, and Nadya Mail, Poojaa and Sneha has to cook 3-course dinner for the girls. No help from the other girls. And they never cooked before. When Poojaa asked Sneha to grab the pan, Sneha was like “PEN?” and she gave her the pen. It was so funny, i was laughing so hard. And the food were really nice.

Nicole, Jodilly and Katarina was just talking, and suddenly Janice comes in. She thought that they were talking about her because they hate her. They had an intervention for her, and they talked about Tia, and Janice declared that “BFF is a joke!!”. I was like , WTF, i mean you just played with someone elses feelings. That is not cool. I swear, when i heard it i just want to slap her in the face. Nobody knows what she want. Tia was really dissapointed and shocked. And their “friendship” was pretty much over.

Panel time, first is Marie

Judges : Perfect last week, but flopped this week. The only good thing is the blue jacket.

Me : Truly downgrade from last week. Not liking the angle of her face, NO NECK, but i like the attitude in it.


Next is Sheena

Judges : Great body and face, it would be better if she raise her leg.

Me : Improvement from last week, the body is greatness. She took risk with her expression and it paid off.


Next, Jodilly

Judges : She turned it out.

Me : I love the creativity. I love the leg raised, it looks like it was photoshopped, but it’s not. Very very impressive.


Next is Poojaa

Judges : No emotion, scubadiving mermaid, no neck.

Me : This is very very dissapointing. She looked awkward and not bery flattering. But all of it has to do with the bad styling. Her signature pose didn’t really work out.


Next, Janice

Judges : ( She was Bitching about the drama ) Swagger

Me :  She looked like she gonna killed someone. I do see improvement, but it’s not enough.


Next is Natalie

Judges : Magazine cover worthy, a lot of usable pictures.

Me :  AMAZING!! Pickles killed it. She looked like a real football player. Love the movement. She’s improving week by week.


Next is Nicole

Judges : Shinning, delivers week by week.

Me : Love the body, love the face, stunning.


Next is Sneha

Judges : Boring

Me : Personally i like the pose, but the face is just….


Next is Josephine

Judges : She looks scary.

Me : This is not her best. The face is still stunning.


Next, Katarina

Judges : Still in the safe zone, same face over and over again, no effort.

Me : OMG this girl can’t take a picture other than just pretty. She’s not putting anything into it. FLAT


Last but not least, Tia

Judges : Attitude about the defeated picture.

Me : Nice face. I don’t get the attitude problem at all. It’s not like she talked trash or rolled her eyes. The body is great.


Final callout :

1. Natalie

2. Jodilly

3. Sheena

4. Nicole

5. Marie

6. Janice

7. Katarina

8. Josephine

9. Sneha

10. Tia

11. Poojaa

Poojaa shot was pretty bad, but i think she deserves another shot.


Here’s my callout :

1. Natalie

2. Jodilly

3. Sheena

4. Nicole

5. Josephine

6. Tia

7. Marie

8. Janice

9. Sneha

10. Poojaa

11. Katarina

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14 thoughts on “Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 : Episode 5 Recap

  1. since the fist time i read this, i found that janice is drama queen. and maybe always got some bad shoots. and also maybe the audience ask why not her to out from competition. my opinion, maybe she is the last indonesian here. and maybe if they let her out, the rating of this show will drop. its just my opinion. im from indonesia. but i think from the photos i saw, she is not get any good photo. just my opinion. btw, some friends told me that katarina will win this cycle. hehehe true or not, will see at the end.

  2. Way to go Ms. Pickles! Jodilly really got back this time, but I am so disappointed with Katarina. There’s just no curves showing off of her. (maybe she should have just held the tennis racket like how it’s supposed to be held) And if you look at Pooja’s photos, there’s always that consistent hand pose, at least in the 1st episode it’s on the left (LOL). Sneha also has that same body…and Janice, same expression. Well, just so you know, I’m only giving my opinion.

    I’ve got my early picks for the top 5 finalists: (in no particular order)
    1. Nicole (Singapore)
    2. Sheena (Malaysia)
    3. Jodilly (Philippines)
    4. Tia (Thailand)
    5. Josephine (Malaysia)/Marie (Japan)

    Hahaha I got confused between Josephine and Marie. Always looking forward on your AsNTM2 recaps every week, iamrian7. Cheerio!

  3. I am so glad I found someone to share my undying love for ANTM! I loved Hannah Jones from cycle 16 and I found her in this cool video fro this company I just recently became enamored by Check this out! They’re are located in L.A. where I am and I all their items are vegan and cruelty free. And they feature an ANTM!!!

  4. I agree with the judge’s COO, Pooja’s shoot is awkward and weird, (hand on hip again!!) , she lost her neck in this photo… I THINK she deserve to be eliminated with that kind of photo :/

  5. hy gw lagi nihh, sorry for that comment in instagram, my computer was totally error.
    okey, so this my favourite episode so far! this episode is so frickin’ hillarious! not just that, there’s ‘HOTTER’ drama than last ep!
    okay, so Nicole fell down when the bootcamp, and its really funny(of course with sheena comment, lol, shenna’s comment was the best.) and then the PAN thing! omaygosh Sneha just made my day, also made me pee in my panties. LOL she didn’t know PAN at all? the drama was hot. between tia vs janice(bestfriend drama), tia vs mike (panel drama).
    my callout :
    1. Natalie (WOW! Fierce as hell!)
    2. Jodilly (i thought it was photoshopped too! total comeback for Jodilly)
    3. Nicole (her prettiest face so far, i just want more neck)
    4. Sheena(hot damn, but i wish she’s showing da’ shoes, if she shows that shoes, PERFECTION)
    5. Janice (i actually like this, she’s like a DIVA that gonna kill someone, and i really don’t know why , its remind me of alex(cycle20)
    6. Marie (downgrade, its quite similar with the lingrie shot, i just like that exotic look)
    7. Jojo (what happen? downgrade, she looks so damn small, but the face was firece)
    8. Tia (i dont like the mouth, i agree with you, what happen with her attitude at the shot, i don’t see bad attitude at all.)
    9. Sneha (super flat, she looks like Santa’s Goth Eve. I still love her because of that PAN thing, lol)
    10. Pooja (she deserve to went home with this shot, but i agree with you! sabotaged, or maybe they pick wrong picture)
    11. Katarina (okay so, what happen with her? she looks old, she looks like a grandma playin’ tennis, sorry kat, but you could do so much better)

    so that’s it, thanks for da recap ^^
    can’t wait for next ep, there will be HOtter dramas! i see nicole and janice shouting on the promo. its like the crazy vs crazy.

  6. Janice reminds me of Sheena (ANTM cycle 11) mixed with Jade (ANTM cycle 6) attitude.

    A little set back: I wish they gave her red head for make over. I wish they gave Katarina a light brown hair and blonde for Nicole. These three girls will be more stood out if they do so. Natalie make over is a WRONG one.

    My Top Six will be:

    1. Natalie (her looks is cameleon)
    2. Sheena (Risk Taker)
    3. Nicole (Fierce)
    4. Josephine (Model ability)
    5. Marie (Unique look)
    6. Janice (Drama Queen for the rating of the show, even the photo just so-so boring)

    For me, Jodilly has creativity but can not compare to these girls strength, except Janice off course. Tia could be top six with her fresh look but she still has so many to catch up with the others. I don’t like Sheena but her look and her way in taking photo are great that will take her to top 6. While Katarina need to out soon. She’s doing nothing. I love Sneha but with her way to show her hips all the time and forgetting her expression, could take her out from the competition. I hope Katarina will be sent home next week.

  7. final call out

    winner: Jodilly

    Runner up: Natalie

    3. Nicole

    4. Marie

    5. Josephine

    6. Sheena

    7. Sneha

    8. Janice

    9. Katarina

    10. Poojaa

    Eliminate Tia

    but my final top 5 should be:

    Nicole,josephine,marie,Katirina & jodilly

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