Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 : Episode 6 Recap

Hola guys sorry for the late recap. Yesterday i had to study for my chemistry test and it was a disaster. But enough about me, just jump right into it. Here we go!

Everyone was extremely sad that Poojaa left. Guess what? So do i. Tia hated Janice, and nobody wants to talk to her anymore. The next day, Joey Mead King came into the model house with Haritha Shan. Joey told the girls that they will attend a cocktail party. Haritha was there to teach the girls how to put on makeup, and she gave the girls MAC makeup goodies, and Joey also gave the dresses to the girls. When they fitted the dresses, Tia was a bit worried about the boob area, it was so small, and her boobs were,, well. She didn’t want to have everyone staring at her boobs only lol.

After they arrived at the party, backstage, Janice feels isolated from the group.Nobody wants to talk to her. So the challenge begin, their ultimate mission is to leave a lasting impressions on everyone. But something they don’t know, is there was a hidden guest judge, Glenn Tan from SUBARU. Josephine and Sheena definetly had a leg up from all of the other girls, because they were Malaysians and they pretty much knows everyone at the party.Nicole and Tia did very well communicating with other people. Natalie and Marie saw Glenn all by himself, so they decided to talk to him. But suddenly Jodilly just cut their conversations.

After the hidden judge was revealed, everyone wass shocked, and nobody expect that. Of course , he only talk to Natalie and Jodilly. And the challenge winner was… Jodilly, just because she told him that she wants to buy Subaru Forester lol. For her prize, she got extra 15 frames for her photoshoot. They went backstage, and Janice, again just saying stuff like “I’m isolated” “I was bullied”.Ā Nicole cried because good girls went home, but the bad still there. After they went home, on the lobby of Ritz Carlton, Janice tried to apologize, but it felt more like an acting. She wanted to apologize, but the way she talk, it’s like she don’t care. She was like “I’m not here to make beauty peagant BFFs” . Nicole screamed because Janice just keep talking over her. Katarina also got her switch flipped. She just got pissed at Janice and screamed at her. Janice just wished everyone was a group of guys.

Photoshoot day, they went to the Subaru Assembly Plant. They will be wearing Imelda Kartini‘s couture dresses and they were shotted by Timon Wehly. They will also pose alongside 2 male models. During the photoshoot, Jodilly shared her heartbreaking story. Her dad had a heart attack, and he asked jodi to sit with him, but she refuses. And the next day he died. It was sad, but she uses it to be succesful. Janice and Katarina just keep struggling, and Josephine and Sheena slayed it.

Panel time, first is Marie

Judges : Levatating, no neck, unique pose.Love

Me : I love this picture! Absoultely stunning. Love the body positioning, love the creativity. Love love love


Next is Sheena

Judges : Great pose, nice angles, giving rythm, photographer’s favorite

Me : For me it’s a bit safe, but the face is still stunning. She’s using the guy as a prop, and the dress looks amazing.


Next is Josephine

Judges : She looks like she’s in love, focus on the guy, right kind of tension.

Me : I love the story behind it. She does looked a little short, but her profile is stunning.


Next is Jodilly

Judges : Goddess, romantic, confidence in motion

Me : Absolutely beautiful, the dress is unbelieveable, i see the story. Her face is suttel, soft but striking at the same time.


Next is Katarina

Judges : Growing, trying, confused.

Me : Ohh… Princess Kat on the fairytale land. Wishing the world peace. It’s so annoying that she’s still there, but she literally didn’t do anything.


Next is Tia

Judges : Boring ,bland, Tia doing Tia, bad to worse.

Me : Unfortunately this is very dissapointing. She looks plus-sized. There’s nothing wrong with plus size, but when you are a slim model, but you looked plus-sized, that’s a problem. The face is fine.


Next is Nicole

Judges : Gorgeous.

Me : Why did she get a blurry shot? But i think that works with her photo. Because she looks like a witch, and she’s like “I dare you to come here” , and she just spelled the camera. The face is gorgeous and the dress is stunning.


Next is Natalie

Judges : Painful face, frustrating, not giving time to the photographer to capture the photo.

Me : This is a huge downgrade from last week. She looks like she had a stomach-ache. And i think they should’ve choose this picture for her.


Next is Sneha

Judges : Fantastic

Me : Her best shot to date. The body posture is stunning, she’s focused. And the face is beautiful.


Last but not least, Janice

Judges : Why did she keep pulling her hair!!

Me : I actually like this picture. The body is good, but the face ruined her shot. I think this is her best shot to date.


And the final callout :

1. Jodilly

2. Josephine

3. Nicole

4. Sneha

5. Sheena

6. Katarina


8. Natalie

9. Tia & Janice


WHY!! Just sent someone home. Ugh God, this seems so planned.

Anyway here’s my COO:


2. Josephine

3. Marie

4. Nicole

5. Sheena

6. Sneha

7. Janice

8. Natalie

9. Tia


Thank you so much for reading, stay tune for everyweek recap. Like, comment, and share. Love šŸ™‚

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17 thoughts on “Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 : Episode 6 Recap

  1. Drama Queen Janice… Hysteria Nicole… Farting Natalie… Cross Dresser Tia and Lazy Katarina… The episode just hilarious.

    While watching ANTM, they kept bad attitude model to the top 6, sometimes even to the top 3. My point of view is: The bad attitude model is the test for the most potential model to see how far they handle a pressure. Am I right?

    I don’t know why but I think next week bottom three will be Janice, Katarina and Natalie. Hopefully Katarina will be sent home. I just love Natalie features. She’s gorgeous.

  2. I agree with you. I am from the Philippines and I think Katarina is very beautiful but c’mon she doesn’t know how to model. She should have been eliminated in this episode.
    I don’t know why the judges have so much faith in her, they want to mold her and turn her into something awesome. But if that’s the case she should try harder. Can’t wait for the next ep,

    • I know right? She’s crazy beautiful. But pretty doesn’t make a model. It has to come from her heart. And she just doesn’t look like a model in all of her photos.

  3. i know right? Natalie’s preview looks much better than her best photo at the panel. cant agree with the judges. i dont even mind if Natalie get best photo again with that preview photo. just confussing why judges choosed that stomachache pose of Natalie.

    and Marie called after Katarina is like a joke. Marie’s picture is waaay better than Kat. she is pretty girl, but i dont see a model.

    honestly i dislike Jojo’s photo first viewing because she did profile shot, but in second viewing, her photo is stunning. i also like Sneha for the second time, beside her batu caves photo.

    my COO:
    1. Jodilly (absolutely stunning, very ellegant)
    2. Marie
    3. Sneha
    4. Josephine
    5. Sheena (i dont get so much love for her photo this week)
    6. Nicole
    7. Natalie (her face is beautiful)
    8. Janice (the face is just ewww)
    9. Katarina
    10. Tia (she looks like a horrible witch)

    I dont understand why Katja always saved from bottom 3 for her mediocre picture week after week after week. smell favoritism.

    Thanks for the recap anw. always love your recap. see ya~

    • Katarina being saved from bottom 3 so many times is ridiculous. And this week, she was called before Marie, when Marie had a stunning photo.
      I smell favoritism, just like Marvin from ANTM 20, even when he did bad, the judges still save him

  4. Iā€™m Indonesian and I
    know that Iā€™m better to support my
    girl but janice make a bad atitude for this event:(
    and why indonesia chose janice for following this event? indonesia have a many good model too choose for this event

    • Lol i didn’t hate Kat, but she just doesn’t step up her game from the begining. I actually really liked her before the show started, but after the show came, i found that she can’t model at all.

      • i love as well Katarina but she really looks like not a model. Actually, she is the most beautiful among the girls….

  5. i think tia should go home,cause her photoshot is REALLY BAD!!!!she like a Red-Hair wicked witch,and about janice……..she GORGEOUS!!!!!but i dont like her face,and she pulled her hair,but i think this is her best photoshot so far……

    MY Callout!!!:
    1.Jodilly(goddess of beauty )
    2.Josephine(second taylor swift :P)
    5.janice(Beauty Drama Queen)

  6. let us just say that the gals are trying hard………Really, Jodilly deserves the best photo…

    #exited for the next episode!!!!!!!!

  7. Katarina hater!, Her photo is NOT worthy of last, look at Natalie, Look at Tia, their photos are disgusting, Yet you put okay little Kat last, you just want her to go home, Your biased, Even in the jungle shoot, you had to change Jodilly for Katarina in photo of the week because you hate her more than Janice.

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