Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 : Episode 7 Recap

Hola guys. First of all, i’m so sorry cuz of my crazy late recap. My stupid yet useful internet gone crazy and i can’t even access my blog. But it’s here!! Here we go!!After judging, Janice have to share the car ride with Nicole. And both of them just have an argument before. At the car, Janice tried to apologizeto her, but Nicole refused. She can’t even looked Janice in the eye. Janice said that Nicole was being overdramatic when she cried, and hearing that, Nicole just tried to open the door. Nicole just gave her a pep talk, and she teached Janice the way Singaporean apologize, It’s all about the action. Apologize are only words.

After the car ride, Janice tried to talk to Nicole. She felt truly sorry. I appreciate that she tried to apologize. It’s good for her. Challenge day, they went to PJ Performing Art Centre. They met Nadya, Joey and Mike, there were also Adam and Lourd Ramos. The challenge is to transform the day look to the night look. Adam and Lourd teached the models how to do their hair. After some minutes, the girls came back to the stage. After seeing their look, Nadya called Natalie, Sneha, Tia, Josephine and Janice. 5 of them lose the challenge already. To the remaining 5 models, they got to choose 1 girl each to help them create their fabulous night look. Sheena picked Josephine, Marie – Natalie, Nicole – Janice, Katarina – Tia, Jodilly – Sneha.

Marie did some braids, Sheena did a bun, Jodilly did a bangs and tied up hair, Nicole just had wet-looking hair, and Kat just had curls. And the winner, is SHEENA. For her prize, she got a private lunch at Majesty Hotel, and she picked JoJo as a friend. They have their own room, and their own chef.

The next day, Nadya came into the model house, she brought chocolates and teas for the girls. She gave advices. And for the photoshoot,they went to Norman Foster Building. The photoshoot is all about the glamorous hair. The photographer is Ukay Cheung, and there was a special guest. It’s Coco Lee. The girls were starstrucked and screaming. During the hair and makeup, Jojo just felt nervous talking to her lol. During the photoshoot, Nicole, Sheena, Marie and Katarina did very well. Janice wanted some wind, and the other girls were like “You want us to fart JANICE??” It’s so funny Oh God.

Panel time, First is Tia

Judges : Tigeresque. The hair with the eyes works, but not the body.

Me : Loving the piercing eyes, but not so much with the body. I think she could show more neck, but this is far better than last week.


Next is Janice

Judges : Lovely, but she’s more than lovely. Nice sex appeal.

Me : She looks sexy, but the eyes are dead, MESS.


Next is Josephine

Judges : Need more smile, chin up all the time. Not listening.

Me : I do agree ,if she put her chin down, this could be much better. Her face looks so round, but the face is stunning.


Next is Nicole

Judges : Rocking short hair, looks like she’s in action, need to believe in her self.

Me : This is fire, the eyes, the body. I love the daringness in this. She could give more neck.


Next is Princess Katarina

Judges : Beautiful face, effortless hair, glamour, flawless.

Me : Did i just called her Princess? She’s not a princess anymore. This is a shocker picture. The face is stunning, the body is great, long neck. If she keep doing stuff like this, i’ll be rooting for her. AMAZING!!


Next is Natalie

Judges : Soft, womenly, need to be more aggresive.

Me : She looks mature, she looks like a hollywood star because of the hair. It’s very pretty.


Next is Marie

Judges : Nice movement, great eyes, fenomenal.

Me : FIRE!!


Next is Sneha

Judges : Love the eyes, bad body.

Me : The body is just,, a MESS. The eye is beautiful, but this is pretty bad.


Next is Sheena

Judges : Happy, chameleon, pure.

Me : Her arms looks so small. The face is soft, the hair is gorgeous, flawless.


Last is Jodilly

Judges : Perfect movement, but the camera just can’t freeze at time.

Me : The face is fine. I do think she has better shots, but because the camera can’t capture it. Her movent is perfect during the shoot.


Final COO :



3. Sheena

4. Katarina

5. Jodilly

6. Natalie

7. Josephine

8. Tia

9. Janice

10. Sneha

Double elimination. Not so shocking. No more Indonesian on the show, kinda sucks, but it happens already. Here’s my final COO :



3. Nicole

4. Katarina

5. Jodilly

6. Natalie

7. Josephine

8. Tia

9. Janice

10. Sneha
Well it’s almost the same. Thank you so much for reading. 🙂 Love ya


5 thoughts on “Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 : Episode 7 Recap

  1. Yaelah … Masa Indonesia dua-duanya udah keluar?!? 😦 wkwkwk
    But it’s not so surprising… I already think that Janice will be eliminated…

  2. i dont agree with the judges,i think sheena should win the best photoshoot 😦 but,it’s okay ;-).double elimination????,not so shocking………

    here’s my final COO:
    2.Marie(FIRE YEAH!!!!)
    4.Katarina(OH,YEAH!!!finally u can use ur beautiful face well)

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