Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 : Episode 8 Recap

Hola guys, another recap for #AsNTM2 . The girls went down and dirty with “Cute Caterpillars” ( Tia’s quote XD ) , who slays? Who don’t? Check it out below! Here we go!!Everyone was shocked about the double elimination. But mostly was happy that Janice went home. But Jodilly was super sad that Sneha went home, they were so close, and Sneha wrote a letter for Jodi. At the house, there were some secret alliances been made. Nicole formed an alliance with Kat Jodilly and Tia. While the Malaysians got together with Marie and Natalie. At nighttime, Sheena suddenly broke down. She missed her family, and she think that she will go home soon. Girl get some confidence. You are awesome, you just don’t know it yet. Nadya Mail, they’ll fly to Penang Island. Sheena was excited because her family came from there. After they arrived, they stayed at a very nice hotel. the next day, the girls went to Penang Butterfly Park. Joey told the girls that they’ll be shooting a digital campaign. They have 5 minutes to memorize the lines. What the girls don’t know, the girls will be wearing some “unsual” natural accecories, venipides. The main challenge is to stay composed during the shooting.

Josephine screamed so loud, even the girls at the makeup room could hear her. Katarina didn’t get scared at all, and Tia SLAYED IT!! And of course, the challenge winner is Tia. She was so natural, she didn’t care about the venipides at all, and she looks super confident. For her prize, she will go to a private dinner with Joey Mead King. But after they arrived there, Tia found out that they won’t be eating with her, instead, she’ll eat the lunch with Jimmy Choo, the shoe designer. He talked a lot about his past and experience. Tia was super lucky, the other girls didn’t really expect it. They were jealous lol.

The next day, they went on a yatch, they’ll be going to Pangkor Laut Resort. During the journey there, Nicole and Jodilly did the Titanic scene, and Marie and Natalie smelled Nicole’s amazingly smelly feet. Her socks were almost black, lol. The resort was really gorgeous, the beach, the house, everything. The next day, they were introduced with Waka Yogi, a yoga instructor. She teached the girls how to do yoga. Nicole struggled because she was so unfit. Their photoshoot, is all about the resort. They need to show off the resort. They’ll be shooting in 4 different location. Tia, Jojo will be shooting at the resort, Nicole, Kat will be shooting on a yatch, Jodilly, Sheena will be shooting at the Spa Village, and Marie and Nat will be shooting at the beach. They were shotted by Chunky, and Andrea Fonseka as a guest. Everyone did great, but Marie really overshadow everyone. Even the photographer wish that she will win. After the photoshoot, they had dinner with Chunky, Mike and Joey.

Panel Time, first is Jodilly

Judges : Great body, duck face. The body and the face are not matching.

Me : The body is bangin’, but the face is just flat. He head looks so big.


Next is Nicole

Judges : Fierce pose, but doesn’t sell the resort.

Me : This is pretty bad shot of her. The body just doesn’t look good. She looks super short. NO NECK!! The face is just MEH!


Next is Josephine

Judges : H2T modeling, luxurious, and sells the 5 star resort.

Me : Absolutely stunning! The face is just flawless. Legs for days, totally confident. She did this expression a lot of times already, i wanna see her doing something different more. But this is flawless.


Next is Sheena

Judges : Queen of the jungle, long legs, Ok expression.

Me : H2T modeling, look at that pointing toes, long neck, fab face. Beautiful as always.


Next is Tia

Judges : In control of the moment, but never listen.

Me : This shot is beautiful. I don’t get what the hell the judges are talking about. During the shoot, Andrea showed the pose she should do, and she did it. And the photographer was like “Perfect! Great!” . SABOTAGED!!


Next is Natalie

Judges : No connection, expressionless. Giving new shapes, but seems timid and weak.

Me : The shape she’s creating is beautiful. But the face is just flat. I love the body, it looks like she’s dancing.


Next is Katarina

Judges : Beautiful face, need to be aware of her body.

Me : Waist up , FLAWLESS. Waist down, need to work on it, Her face is stunning though.


Last but not least, Marie

Judges : HOT

Me : HOT!! Dramatic, Dynamic, Fabulous face, banging body, amazing movement and eye contact. She’s clearly bringing it to the max.


Final COO :

1. Marie

2. Josephine

3. Nicole

4. Sheena

5. Katarina

6. Natalie

7. Jodilly

8. Tia

It’s so unfortunate. Tia has so much potential. But 1 door closes, 10 will open. Here’s my callout order :



3. Sheena

4. Tia

5. Katarina

6. Natalie

7. Jodilly

8. Nicole

Thank you so much for reading, stay tune for every weeks recap, and i luv you all 🙂

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24 thoughts on “Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 : Episode 8 Recap

  1. I don’t know why Tia went home, if we would be considering the output of the shoot her shot was way way better than the rest, when talking about selling the resort I’m pretty sure she has sold it with her photo. I ain’t a fan of her but I think what happened was not a very transparent judgment.

  2. For me Andrea was the reason why Tia got eliminated! Andrea should let the contestant to pose what ever they want to do like what other guest did in the previous episodes. Hell Andrea!

    1. Marie
    2. Sheena
    3. Tia
    4. Katarina
    5. Josephine
    6. Jodilly
    7. Natalie
    8. Nicole

  3. STUPID JUDGES!!!!they think tia’s photoshoot is bad???!!!!for me,is fabulous!!!!and nicole photoshoot????BAD,AWKWARD!!!!she look like she gonna fall in to the sea!!!!

    here’s my COO:
    1.Marie(FIRE!!!!,but don’t forget to show ur neck)
    2.Josephine(second kate moss)
    5.Katarina(keep going!)

    to all judges of AsNTM S2,please be carefull to make a decision…….this week,you make a wrong decision……

  4. I agree that Nicole’s shot was the worst but I disagree with your callout to eliminate her (if you were in charge of the elimination round this week I would’ve totally been bummed out lol) since she had done so well in this competition. I would totally eliminate either Natalie, who keeps giving flat faces/poses every week, or Katarina, who, in my opinion, knows nothing about modelling at all (try again next year or something, girl). I agree that Tia’s elimination was a sabotage because compared to most of the others, she was the only one giving me the “resort” vibe. Overall, except for some, most of the girls did “meh” this week.

    And thanks for your review! Looking forward to it every week!

    • I wouldn’t send Nicole home lol. She has such a strong portofolio, she always been on top 3, so sending her home even before top 6 is gonna be a mistake.

  5. no idea why the judges sent Tia home. her picture is totally beautiful and sell the resort. and the important thing is she won the challenge. she screams Helena 2.0 who got eliminated while she won the challenge and with not-that-bad-picture. i just think that the judges hate her personality, same cases with Helena. fortunately, queen Helly make an appearance this cycle. yay for her.
    and wtf Nicole called so early? lol at this. her picture is so freakin bad. and i just realized that she is kind of one-look.

    my COO:
    1. Marie (very dynamic. i love it. but i thought she didnt really sell Pangkor Laut)
    2. Jojo (as always strong face, same with Nicole, she is kind of one-look. simple pose, but strong)
    3. Natalie (she is so pretty, i dont get a hate for her picture, but yeah she is kinda bland)
    4. Tia (beautiful, sell the resort. but her boobs kinda distracting and need more relax for her mouth/lips)
    5. Sheena (i love everything, but her face is just eww. she looks like she just woke up from sleep and do photoshoot)
    6. Jodilly (she looks like a peacock in a bad way. her face is just wrong and unconnected with the pose)

    Bottom 2
    7. Katarina (the face is gorgeous, but the body is just ewww. she needs to lose her weight, her athletic body didnt look good for bikini)
    8. Nicole (ALL MESS; the face, the pose)

    but i will send Katarina home for her portfolio.

    Thanks for the recap. I laugh when i read about Nicole smelly feet. lol

  6. yup this is personal issue from judges to her, why judges keep Nicole so badly she is ugly, boy and flat face meh, i think the judges will eliminate not from current photoshoot but all performance model during this show may be

  7. we all know that Tia had her ups and downs during the competition. but it’s clearly that the judges sent Tia home in this episode was because of her attitude.
    her best photo is sexy and stunning, she didn’t defeat the purpose of photoshoot’s theme. she could sell the resort with this mature and sexy photo.
    the judges is so bias. Nicole’s photo is just wrong, and still she didn’t get into the bottom 3.
    it’s not the first time the judges made terrible mistake, remember why the judges saved Janice over Thao in the 4th episode just because of the show’s ratings?
    totally sabotaged. dissappointed.

    • i think so…..uh…AsNTM not seek a next asia’s top model,but they only seek a money……really disappointed…….. 😦

    • i agree………..TIA’s photo looks stunning and amazing…and TIA should not have gone home……… one should send home at this episode..

  8. I think I have he most unpopular opinion in this shot specially on Sheena and Natalie. Anyway, here’s my COO.

    1. Jojo- Face is working though I’ve seen it several times from her. Still a great shot tho.
    2. Natalie- Unpopular opinion? This shot is really working for me. Simplicity at its best. Love the movement and she’s so pretty. I don’t see why i is so underrated.
    3. Marie- I absolutely love he close-up, the face is fire. Body is good too, love the arched back. The problem is the arm placement combined with the terrible cropping which cuts her arms and hands.
    4. Katarina- I agree on you about her shot. I think the leg placement, specially the left one, ruins a what could have been an amazing shot.
    5. Tia- I love he body, the face not that much. Her lips is so tense and it bothers me so much but i is not elimination-worthy.
    6. Sheena- The close-up really doesn’t work for me that is why I cannot place her any higher than six. So sad because the body is really working and I really want to place it higher.
    7. Jodilly- Disappointing. She could do better. Same with Tia and Sheena, with a better close-up, this will actually work.
    8. Nicole- Disappointing. She’s been doing so great the entire competition and she delivers this? She could do way better.

  9. My callout:

    1. Marie- Hot & Flawless perfection
    2. Josephine- Strong, fierce, high fashion editorial
    3. Tia- She definitely sold the resort with this
    4. Natalie- Really pretty, interesting shapes
    5. Katarina- I saw her do better
    6. Jodilly- Hate the face, but the pose is interesting
    7. Sheena- Good Morning, sunsheena!
    8. Nicole- She’s overthinking it.

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