America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 : Guys and Girls – Official Cast + 1st Photoshoot

Hey guys, sorry for the late post. So the officially official cast of the newest cycle had been announced , and here are the hopefuls, and their first photoshoot, black and white beach theme photoshoot. Check it out below. Here we go!1. Adam Smith – 26 years old, Memphis, TN

I can’t even believe this douche made it. He’s awful and old. We don’t need a tarzan, we need model. So pissed he made it over Danny and Josh D. ( Rumoured a homophobe ). Here’s his first photo :

This is obviously better than her hideous selfie, the body is good, the face is good. Yea.


2. Ben Schreen – 24 years old, Waverly, IA

He’s cute. #freespirit huh? Another Phil. Here’s his first shot :

I actually find this to be really good. Some people absolutely hate it, don’t know why. His pose is natural, very sexy, nice expression. I wish he could work his abs more, but this is one of my favs actually πŸ™‚


3. Chantelle Young – 19 years old, Toronto, Canada

Canadian in the house. At first i thought the white mark on her face is just make-up, but it turns out to be her skin condition, she had Vitiligo. But she’s so beautiful, and she has both skin colors!! Here’s her first shot.

Very dramatic, i love the hair flying, the expression, she’s telling a story. I really like it.


4. Denzel Wells – 23 years old, Houston, Texas

He’s cute, but i don’t see model material, i saw boyfriend material. Here’s his first shot.

Not liking his face, looks super uncomfortable, the body is great, but i wish he could do more. Not his best.


5. Ivy Timlin – 20 years old, Buffalo, NY

Very twiggy-esque, she’s really interesting. Reminds me of Nina a bit. Here’s her first shot.

This is really good. Love the face, love the body, booth tooching, WERK!!


6. Kari Calhoun – 23 years old, Coppell

She has amazing eyes, very haunting and piercing. Not liking her angle, but still gorgeous. She’s one of my favorites, here’s her first shot.

Absolutely stunning, Love the face, sexy as hell! I really like the shirt pulling, created something dynamic. Love it! Underated queen.


7. Keith Carlos – 26 years old, Bridgeport, CT

Tyson Beckford is that you?? He’s so Tyson’s lost brother. He has a very handsome face, wanna see his body but it’s covered by that silly LINE sticker. Here’s his shot.

He looked so old!! EWW!! The pants off is a bit too much, i don’t know if he did it on purpose, yea i don’t like it at all.


8. Lenox Tillman – 19 years old, Newnan , GA

Absolutely beautiful! One of my early favorites. Love the face, love the wierdness in her. Here’s her shot.

Face is FIRE!! Body is flat. I wish she could make more shapes with her body. But the face is just everything!


9. Matthew Smith – 24 years old, Highlands Rance, CO

Very mature looking. I do see something in him, but not in this selfie. Here’s his shot.

LOVE IT! Love the face, love the water dripping on him, i do wish for more body movement, but it’s physicly gorgeous.


10. Mirjana Puhar – 18 years old, Charlotte, NC

One of my early favorites, Those lips!! That face!! That body!! She has it. Here’s her shot.

Sex kitten alert!! Absolutely stunning, love the body, super sexy. The face is just stunning. With the water and everything, she’s still smokin’ HOT!!


11. Raelia Lewis – 22 years old, Philadelphia, PA

She looks super old!! #Sheshot? i don’t see it. Can’t believe she made it over Olay and Jamie Rae. Here’s her shot.

Actually she looks really good here.Β  Beautiful face, effortless pose, banging body. I really like it.


12. Romeo Tostado – 23 years old , Salinas, CA

I actually really like his wierd look, very very interesting. If he can work it, then i’ll root for him. His shot.

This is just plain awful, bad face, meh body. Just doesn’t fit it with the whole theme. Dissapointing. He’s overthinking it.


15. Shei Phan – 22 years old, Oklahoma City, OK

Finally an asian goddess!! Love her face. She’s the bombshell. PS. She’s besties with Renee. Here’s her shot.

This is badddd!! Hate the face, she looks sad, and the water on her face is just not working. And why only half body shot?? Dissapointing. Gurl you can do better.


14. Will Jardell – 23 years old, Nederland, TX

He’s cute. The selfie didn’t really do much, i didn’t see model in this. But he looks really good in actual photoshoot. Here’s his shot.

Amazingly quirky. Love the one eyed close, love the pose, very Cory-esque, but slightly better. He’s a fan favorite for sure. I’m his fan.


So overall, some did good, some bad. The photoshoot is AMAZING!! Simple, black & white. Love it. ANTM really stepped it out with Yu Tsai. So my COO :


2. Lenox

3. Kari

4. Matthew

5. Ben

6. Will

7. Adam

8. Ivy

9. Chantelle

10. Raelia

11. Denzel

12. Keith

13. Shei

14. Romeo

Thanks for reading, i’ll post the other photoshoots tommorow πŸ™‚


9 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 : Guys and Girls – Official Cast + 1st Photoshoot

  1. finally you posted it! yay for ya!!! πŸ˜€

    i’m also rooting for Will! we have same early favo~ besides Will, I have Ben for #teamguys and for #teamgirls i have Lenox, Ivy, and Shei. Cmon Asia you can do it this time!!! two Asians on cycle21, but unfortune i hate Adam.

  2. i like romeo i like his weirdness plus his instagram has some very good pics. also they have release up to episode 3 for photoshoot i hope u can upload them soon! lol
    p.s love ur blog

  3. The photo shoot theme is pretty much same like ANTM Cycle 9 1st photoshoot (or casting, or whatever, obviously it’s the 1st)…

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