America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 : Guys and Girls – 2nd Photoshoot : Twofold Atmosphere

Hey guys, sorry for another late post, this photoshoot is all about posing horizontaly. So basically, they lay and pose on the ground, but then for the final photo, they will be rotated, so it looks like they are just walking or posing normally, but it’s not. It’s really cool, i really love the photoshoot and it turns out great!! So here we go!!1. Adam

He looks terrible, uncomfortable, angry, and super duper short! Maybe his previous photo was just a fluke. Meh. 5


2. Ben

LOVE !!! He really looks like he’s in motion. He looks like he’s really running, i love the movement, the way he grab the bag. We can see his clothing well, but kinda derpy face, AMAZING! 10


3. Chantelle

FLAT. She looks short, face is blank, and just doesn’t look modely. This is very dissapointing. 6


4. Denzel

I’ll give him props for the bicycle lifting. It’s so hard to lift the bicycle when he layed down on the floor. The face is nice, also the body, this is an improvement. 8


5. Ivy

She looks 4 foot. The pose is terrible, the face also. This is very very dissapointing! 5


6. Kari

Ugh @ Adam being in her photo. I love that shoes!! Nice intense face, NO NECK!! And i don’t get what her hand supposed to be doing. Could be better. 7


7. Keith

I think he looks nice, but kinda boring. I want more movement. 7


8. Lenox

I LOVEEE the shoe off. She looks like a barbie doll, who fell from a chair or something, and her shoe fell off. I love it, but i wish she can elongate her body a little bit. She looks really short. But love it. 9


9. Matthew

This is very impressive. I love the pose, i love the movement. The face is gorgeous, He really looks like he’s sliding through that. LOVE! 10 out of 10


10. Mirjana

I love the pose, the clothing looks really good on her, I wish she has more neck and intensity in her eyes, but it’s still really good. 8


11. Raelia

I don’t know what her hands are doing, but her body and face looks nice.7


12. Romeo

It looks like the remake of the bat shoot. Face is bad, body is fine, but i think his foot looks kinda cool lol. 5


13. Shei

This is absolutely stunning! That cheekbone is killing me! The pose is gorgeous, Asian in the house!! 10 out of 10


14. Will

I really like his legs up, it looks like he was blown by a whirlwind, the umbrella is such a nice touch. I want more neck, but the face is beautiful. Love, 10


A lot of them did very well, so it’s kinda hard to decide the COO.


2. Matthew

3. Will

4. Ben

5. Lenox

6. Mirjana

7. Kari

8. Keith

9. Denzel

10. Raelia

11. Chantelle

12. Ivy

13. Romeo

14. Adam


6 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 : Guys and Girls – 2nd Photoshoot : Twofold Atmosphere

  1. I think anyone who has a contestant in the background is most likely still in the running. So this means Keith, Mirjana (doubt), Mathew (Doubt), Will (Highly doubt) and Chantelle (doubt) are eliminated last week. Unless their was a stupid double elimination last week. But my guess is that Keith was eliminated (keep in mind its just a prediction, Im most likely wrong :))

    • On second thought, Mathew was behind Raelia and Denzel’s picture and Mirjana is behind Ben’s picture so forget what I said about them

    • I don’t think the producer will do stuff like that to spoil elimination. That’s why this cycle we had a lot of studio shoots, so we can’t really tell who’s eliminated.

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