America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 : Guys and Girls – 3rd Photoshoot : Natural vs Vampire Beauty Shoot

Hey guys, 2 posts on 1 day huh? Well it’s fine cuz i have to catch up. This photoshoot is all about vampires and warewolf (maybe? i’m not sure). I’m not sure what the guys tried to potray, but the gals are definetly vampires. It’s a simple shoot, but some of the photos are really powerful. Check it out below. Here we go! PS. also they just had their makeover.

1. Adam

He looks slightly older, but the eyes are powerful, it’s intense, i like the neck twist. This is a really good redemption. Also the buzz cut works wonder for him, rather than that tacky tarzan hair. 9


2. Ben

Buzz cut??? Really? His hair was so perfect why do you need to cut it off!! Bad bad makeover. And the photo is cute, but not really modely. 7


3. Chantelle

Absolutely gorgeous. Strong eyes, nice lips. It’s super intense and very vampire-ish. And the straight hair works for her. LUV THIS! Such a tremendous improvement. 10 out of 10, she looks like Tyra


4. Denzel

What the crap is that beard!! It kinda looks fake to be honest. The eyes are powerful, his nose looks so big lol. But the eyes are gorgeous. 8


5. Ivy

She looks like Miley Cyrus. This is really boring. She does this kinda pose a lot. Straight shoulder, twiggy eyes. She really need to step it up, because the girls are slaying. 6

PS. i don’t see a makeover, maybe just a pixie cut, or even her hair just got slicked back.


6. Kari

Absolutely stunning! Love the blonde. I actually would never ever ever expect her to be blonde, but now that she is, i freaking love her. The eyes are intense, very haunting, everything works. I just wished her eyebrows are not too bright. 10!!


7. Keith

Ugh God Tyson Beckford in the house. He looks really sexy. Nice stare. 8


8. Lenox

The eyes are gorgeous, she looks like she’s gonna kill the camera. The mouth is a bit too tense,love her bone structure. I’m not sure what her makeover is. Maybe just dyed darker. 8


9. Matthew

This is cute. I really like his face shape. It’s kinda unusual, which makes him unique. I like the eyes. But not fantastic. 7


10. Mirjana

WTF MAKEOVER!! What is that hair!! Horrible cut, it looks so bad on her. Plus she looks drunk in this. Mirjana is ruined 😥 , but i kinda like her smile, but this is BAD. 5


11. Raelia

Her face looks too round, but she’s gorgeous!! She looks like TYRA ! Lovely eyes, lovely hair. I love her makeover, she could work anyhair. She’s beggining to impress me. 9


12. Romeo

He looks HOT! I like his bone structure, the eyes, the lips, very alluring. Also i like him as a blonde. Such an improvement from last photoshoot. 8


13. Shei

Okay. I know what you were thinking. The hell??!? That hair is too much. Half blonde half black? She looks good with either color, but please don’t blend them together. Personally i think she’ll stands out more, and i wanna see how she work it. Anyway, body could’ve been much better, but the face is gorgeous. 8


14. Will

Amazing eyes!! Strong bone structure. He looks like he’s gonna come to the person who saw this picture. He did such a great job week to week. 9


So here’s my COO.

1. Chantelle

2. Kari

3. Will

4. Raelia

5. Adam

6. Shei

7. Keith

8. Lenox

9. Romeo

10. Denzel

11. Matthew

12. Ben

13. Ivy

14. Mirjana ( Awful makeover, Awful photo )


6 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 : Guys and Girls – 3rd Photoshoot : Natural vs Vampire Beauty Shoot

  1. i dont know why. but i think its not really a photoshoot, maybe a motion editorial or comercial like cycle20 genderbend comercial? and if you realise the next shoot is hair beauty shoot, two beauty shoot in a row? there is something wrong.

    • Yea they never do 2 beauty shots in 1 cycle. I heard people speculating the Vampire shoot to be some kind of commercial, but i honestly can’t think of anything, what kind of commercial that involved a vampire?

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