America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 : Guys and Girls – 4th Photoshoot : Rocker with Long Hair

Hey guys. 3rd post of the day? Maybe i’m a bit too excited. So this photoshoot is another beauty shoot, but it’s mainly about the crazy long hair. And yes the guys have to wear wigs. I like this shoot personally. Here we go!

1. Adam

He looks busted. His neck looks so thick. He looks like a reject from Game of Thrones. Awful. 5


2. Ben

What the crap is that poodle hair! But the light hit his face beautifully, i love the expression, everything is good except that hair. 8


3. Chantelle

Gorgeous face, gorgeous hair. Gorgeous everything. girl is stepping it up week after week. But i do notice she did the same face from her last shot. 8


4. Denzel

He looks like a drag queen…. It looks kinda funny. But yeah, doesn’t work. 6


5. Ivy

I see improvement. I think the face is cute, but she supposed to be strong. The hair is gorgeous. Yea she did okay, 7


6. Kari

Amazingly stunning!! The eyes, the lips, the body positioning, the hair, every single thing works here. Goddess! 10!!


7. Keith

The hair kinda suits him, but he keep giving us same face. C’mon dude change it up. 7


8. Lenox

AMAZING!! The hair looks amazing! She looks amazing! Those eyes are piercing through the camera, i love the head tilt. She clearly take control of that hair. Finally she proved everyone that she’s the one to watch! 10 out of 10


9. Matthew

Same face from last week. It’s really boring. Plus the hair looks so damaged. Not my favorite. Matt you can do better. 6


10. Mirjana

This shot reminded me of Christina Aguilera, the eyes are stunning, she took control of the hair, and she didn’t get lost in it. Amazing job, and a tremendeous improvement from last photoshoot. 10


11. Raelia

Dead eyes, but the pose and the hair are beautiful. Slight downgrade from last photoshoot. 7


12. Romeo

No photo! Well what happen? I guess he quit? Just like Maria from Cycle 19. It’s such a shame cuz i was just starting to like him.


13. Shei

She looks like a witch, casting a spell on the camera. Absolutely stunning! She took control of the hair. And i really starting to like her makeover . 🙂 Asian is slaying it week after week! 10 out of 10


14. Will

The hair looks so bad, it looks like the wig is going to fly away from his head. But the eyes are powerful. He needs more neck. But this is powerful. 9


Overall the girls did way better than the guys. My COO :

1. Lenox

2. Shei

3. Mirjana

4. Kari

5. Will

6. Chantelle

7. Ben

8. Ivy

9. Raelia

10. Keith

11. Matthew

12. Denzel

13. ADAM


3 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 : Guys and Girls – 4th Photoshoot : Rocker with Long Hair

  1. lol at the guys 😀 i only like Will honestly among the guys. but i like all of the girls ♥

    three girls with blonde and pink highlight hair? emm not feeling good about it tbh. maybe they are the first three out? oh i cant.

    and wtf with romeo? is he out? so wasted. theres so many guys who want to make it in, but wtf if he’s really out.

    • Oh no please don’t. Kari is too amazing to be eliminated this early. I wonder why he quit, maybe for some personal reasons,but he took some really deserving guys spot. Danny!!

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