America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 : Guys and Girls – 5th Photoshoot : Frosebitten

Hola guys. As for some of you have been asking, here’s the 5th photoshoot of the cycle. The theme is “Frosebitten”. Yea, just check the photos below. Here we go!

1. Adam

His face is very powerful, the body is okay, but he’s the no neck monster here. Gurll Miss J won’t be happy. I kinda liked it. 7


2. Ben

His face is good, his body is good. I just wish he was more intense. 7


3. Chantelle

The pose is absolutely gorgeous. Love the arched back. The face is a bit weak, but if the brief of the shoot is to look frozen dead, then she nailed it. I love this shot. 9


4. Denzel

I love the eyes. NO NECK!! This shot kinda reminded me of Jeremy’s animorph photo. I really like it, so animalesque. 8


5. Ivy

The face is weak, her arms looked short. But i do love her legs. 6


6. Kari

Amazing face, NO NECK, looks really short. Also her legs are super tense, it looks like her legs are attached together. Not her best, this is actually kinda dissapointing. 7


9. Keith

Okay i don’t know if the main theme of the shoot is to look  dead or not. But just judging from this photo. His face is weak, i don’t know what he’s looking at, the legs placement is wierd. 6


8. Lenox

Absolutely gorgeous!! Those shoes gurll!! She looks like Brittani Kline ( C16 ) so much. The pose is regal, the placement of her legs are on point. Dorky is werking it, very very elegant! 10 out of 10


8. Matthew

I like his pose, he looks like he’s sitting on his regal chair. I do think he tried to do something different with his face. I like this. 7


9. Mirjana

Absolutely gorgeous!! The pose is super dramatic, the face is gorgeous. She’s werking the set. Beautiful, this Queen keep slaying everyone. 10


10. Raelia

She looks like one of the backup dancer for MJ’s music video. The pose is wierd as hell, the face is bland and weak. Gurll is going downhill. 6


12. Romeo

No longer in the competition. I guess he quit, don’t know why. I’m so pissed cuz he just took the spot for the other guys, Danny!!


13. Shei

This is not as good as her last shot. The face is good, but kinda bland. The pose is interesting. Girl can do better. 7


14. Will

The face is absolutely striking. The eyes are piercing. NO NECK!! But his body looks kinda awkward. But i still love it. He’s the top of the pack for the guys. 8


So overall, AGAIN The Girls did much much better than the guys. The guys did ok. Here’s my COO :



3. Chantelle

4. Will

5. Denzel

6. Shei

7. Adam

8. Matthew

9. Ben

10. Kari

11. Ivy

12. Raelia

13. Keith





4 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 : Guys and Girls – 5th Photoshoot : Frosebitten

  1. How the heck do you get these photos in advance of the show airing? I’ve been looking all over for them! Good job, Rian. I appreciate you putting these out for us diehard ANTM fans. My faves right now are Matthew, Denzel (minus the nasty beard), Mirjana, Kara (though the blond Ty-over was a questionable choice and detracts from her natural beauty, imho), and Raelia.

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