Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 : Episode 9 Recap

Hola guys. Episode 9 recap is here. #AsNTM2 went to Borneo. Who will be the Queen of the Jungle? Here we go!

After Tia went home, the house became kinda quiet. At first, Nicole thought Tia is just a spoiled 17 year old, but she’s actually a really good girl. When Nicole went to her room, she found out that her stuff had been moved to Katarina’s room. She’s upset, break down, and crying. She won’t tell the other girls what is happening. Maybe she saw some ghost because she has the 6th sense. But i don’t know. Nadya mail, the girls need to wake up at 4 AM, and they need to pack up their things. While the other girls use their small luggage, Sheena brought her HUGE luggage. Good luck to her lol.

When they arrived at the airport, Katarina forgot her toothbrush and pajamas, but thank God she had her panties lol. They met Mike, and they’ll be flying to Borneo. And after they arrived, they need to go on a bus for 5 hours, to Kuching, in the deep forest. After they arrived at the spot, They met Nadya with some traditional dancer. When the girls have to go through a river, and Sheena has to carry her HUGE luggage. Lol it was so funny. After talking to Nadya, they went on a boat ride. They met Emong and Teddy, their camping instuctor. He told the girls that they’ll stay here for the night. None of them were really excited to be honest, especially Sheena. and Sheena don’t know what she’ll do with her bunch of heels. They have 1 hour to build their own camp. Natalie, Marie, JoJo and Sheena will stay together, while Jodilly, Kat and Nicole will sleep together.

For some dinner, they’ll only eat food that they found on the jungle.And they found alive worms. The girls were grossed out. And they cooked the worms in the “kitchen”. Surprisingly the girls liked it. It was very creamy, like an egg. The head was crunchy. And for the second meal, is a frog. Marie felt so guilty, so she release it. Photoshoot day, they’ll be shooted by Mike Rosenthal, and they”ll be styled by Rob Scheppy, the Kardashians make-up artist. So for the photoshoot, the girls will be potraying Jungle warriors, and they have unlimited frames, but they only have 10 minutes. Natalie‘s make-up was really strong, so she was worried that it will overpower her. During her shoot, she was holding 2 torch thingy, and the smokes keep coming out, and she was struggling to open her eyes. Jodilly struggled in the beginning, but when she took her skirt off, she became more confident. Marie fell to the river, but she keep going. And Nicole struggles a lot.

They won’t stay in the forest again, because they will staying in a hotel. The malaysians got the bigger room, so they invited Natalie and Marie. But the filipinos and Nicole keep talking about them, but they keep saying ” we only talk about them just because they talk about us.” Yea i’m not into dramas. Elimination day, another outdoor panel, at Sarawak, Borneo .

First is Marie

Judges : Beautiful , took risk, full of energy.

Me : I don’t like the mouth, she lost her leg. I think she has better pictures to choose, the one right before she fell. But it’s still better than the other girls.


Judges : Her best photo ever. Graceful and soft, looks like she gonna shoot laser from her eyes.

Me : I love the eyes, her torso looks so short. NO NECK!! But this is one of her good photos.

Next is Sheena

Judges : Story, interesting pose, lost her neck.

Me : I love the story, the pose is a bit wierd, she lost her neck. Yea not her best,

Next is Josephine

Judging : Different, struggling, cool photo.

Me  : I love her eyes, but i hate the mouth. I like the pose, it’s very animalesque.

( Sheena came forward crying, she’s upset because she never got bad feedback )

Next is Natalie

Judges : Love the movement, not sure about the face, Not a fashion shot.

Me : I love the body movement, but the face is bad,. She should turn her head to the camera and this will be one of the best. I think she got sabotaged because she got the hardest prop.

Next is Jodilly

Judges : Beautiful, gorgeous, fabulous, commited, took direction well.

Me  :Insanely gorgeous. Long neck! Gorgeous profile. Love the arched back, the pose is gorgeous. STUNNING!

Last but not least, Nicole

Judges : Struggle a lot, have great poses, but not for this shot.

Me : Her face looks like she just smell something bad. But the pose is good. Not her best.

Final COO :

1. Katarina

2. Jodilly

3. Sheena

4. Marie

5. Josephine

6. Nicole

7. Natalie

Kat got FCO?? What a joke. It’s ridonkculous. Here’s my COO :


2. Marie

3. Katarina

4. Josephine

5. Sheena

6. Nicole

7. Natalie 😦

Thank you so much for reading 🙂 Love ya


25 thoughts on “Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 : Episode 9 Recap

  1. really love marie and jodilly photo,but why katarina get The FCO????weird…..
    i think katarina get the FCO because her eyes are more stronger than jodilly’s and marie’s eyes.

    i miss you natalie,really miss you 😦

    here’s my COO:

    2.Marie(downgrade 😦 keep going!!! 😀 )





    7.Natalie(out 😦 )

      • i think jodilly deservs to get the best photo………. 😛 ……… go jodilly your the best

      • hi bla bla bla,i’m not a hater of katarina,katarina has a good photo,she has strong eyer,but she lost her neck….i think jodilly that deserve to receive the FCO……
        sorry if i make you angry 😀

  2. i cant for Kat’s FCO with that chubby cheeks and short body proportion. the only thing that i like is her intensity.

    my coo:
    1. Jodilly (love her profile, she always did great with profile shot)
    2. Natalie (why I put her super high? cause I love her photo. the movement looks great, unfortunately i cant see her face)
    3. Josephine (everything works, except the mouth)
    4. Katarina (dont get so much love for her photo, dunno why the judges love so much her picture)
    5. Marie (Dont like the face, she looks short. She looks much better in her banner photo)
    6. Sheena (awkward pose, just dont find something interesting)
    7. Nicole (hate the face, the pose looks so weak for the theme as warrior princesses)

    sad to see Natalie go. she had been super sabotaged since car shoot. thanks for the recap. bye~

  3. ANTM’s cycle 21 6th set of photos (featuring Cory from the previous cycle) are out! Go check it out! Xo 😉

  4. Natalie’s picture is like, super good. Not model-esque, but super-good. I’m very disappointed in Sheena’s photo btw, and I can’t see anything special with Kat’s photo. I love Nicole but she’s taken bad photos for two consecutive weeks (although the judges, for whatever reason, loved her resort photo) now. I’m afraid she might be eliminated next week.

  5. Author, its a bit unfair of you for not using Katarina’s photo as the introductory photo even tough I agree that Jodilly’s photo is preferable.. You always use the FCO in the other ep. but not here.. :))
    Anyway, heres my CO:
    1. Jodilly- I love everything about this photo.. one of my favorites in this season… love the arms, love the face, the body.. everything.. amazing!!
    2. Katarina- I love this photo of katarina looking very fierce!! those eyes stole my heart. I kinda like the arms but yeah no neck and she looks short. It is still very smizing!!
    3. Josephine- Kinda like it.. the face and the arms are good.. even tough I cant see the body, I still feel that she is doing something in there.
    4. Sheena- awkward pose.. arms looks stiff.. the theme is jungle warrior but I dont see it here.. dont like the story shes creating like she became out of her mind because she lost her baby..
    5 Marie- I dont like this photo of Marie.. she looks tired and the mouth looks bad. not her best..
    6 Natalie- the photo is not for modeling type but there is a story in it.. she did a pose different from others.. its unique .
    7. Nicole- This is not the fiery and fierce nicole that I know.. 😦

  6. Thank you iamrian7 for the 9th episode recap! Been waiting for it the whole week…I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE KATARINA GOT THE BEST PHOTO!!! I was like shocked like “wait…what???” I personally think, too, that Jodilly’s shot was the best. But hey…Katarina’s bringing it on, always having great improvement since the non-elimination episode. Too bad about Natalie, it really has to do with the makeup and props. Now I changed my bets (I only chose my 3 favorites): Katarina, Jodilly, and Marie. I have to say the other 3 are sorta declining but we never know what’s gonna happen next. That’s why I’m always looking forward on your posts iamrian7. More power to you…

  7. Keep us updated for episodes, iamrian7. I can’t wait for ASNTM2 to come back. I know it’s been tough for the last few days, there are lots of theories everywhere about what really happened to the Malaysian airlines incident. I feel sorry for the victims as well as to their families and friends. Let’s just pray that it will all turn out right in the end.

  8. I need somebody to explain what’s wrong with Natalie’s photo because apart from not seeing her face well, it doesn’t look like it deserves elimination AT ALL, compared to Nicole’s. As a photo, it is fierce and her movements were good during the photoshoot even with so much distraction from the smoke.

    AND WHY IS KATARINA STILL HERE? SHE CAN’T DO HIGH FASHION MODELLING. She’s pretty and I think her personality portrayed on TV so far is okay, but all the models are being creative with their poses and during photoshoots you can just basically see her doing the same thing. I don’t want to offend any Katarina fans or Katarina herself, I think she’s lovely but in this competition I see her falling flat

  9. i’m still waiting for episode 10 is it still not out or what cause i’m waiting for it for 3 weeks

  10. My callout:

    1. Jodilly (Love her profile)
    2. Katarina (love it)
    3. Natalie (didn’t deserve to go at all)
    4. Sheena (love the emotion)
    5. Marie (she was outshined)
    6. Nicole (such a hot mess)
    7. Josephine (just a mess)

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