America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 : Guys and Girls – 6th Photoshoot : Robocop Cory

Sorry for the late post. This photoshoot, they’re doing a groupshot with last cycle’s contestant, Cory. Check the photos and my review below. Here we go!

1. Adam

His face looks really uncomfortable, the body too. His foot is twisted, he lost his arm. Meh. 5

2. Ben

I like his commitment. But i don’t really see model. Yeah. 7

3. Chantelle

I love the legs, but she looks like she gonna fall from the stairs. Her face is okay, booty tooch. 7

4. Denzel

I like his eyes, but the body is FLAT! It’s very forgetable. 7

5. Ivy

Finally her face looks good, but i think she can took risk more with the body, it’s kinda flat. 7

6. Kari

The photography is spot on. This looks like a still from a movie. But i’m not loving the angle of her face, but it’s a good photo. 8

7. Keith

His face looks really rough, in a bad way. But i like the action in this. 7

8. Lenox

Once again this girl took amazing picture!! Absolutely beautiful, the eyes are piercing, legs for days, she’s giving emotion. Gorgeous! 10

9. Matthew

Matthew is back!! I loveee the body. It’s very samurai-ish, and it fits his prop. I wish i could see his face more, but this is an improvement. 8

10. Mirjana

I like the body, but the face is a mess. But on the HD shot, her face looks quite good. This is such a downgrade. 7

11. Raelia

Actually her face looks quite stunning. The body is good. This is an improvement. 8

12. Shei

She looks really curvy here. Which is not good, when you’re a slim model, but you looked plus size on a photo, that’s a problem. I wish she could create more shapes with her legs. This is not her best. 7
13. Will
His face is nice, the body is nice. I like the connection with Cory. It’s good. 8
So reviewing the photo, the set is amazing, the idea is great, BUT the models didn’t deliver. It’s really frustrating, because the photoshoot could turn out really good. Anyway, here’s my COO :
1. Lenox
2. Matthew
3. Will
4. Raelia
5. Kari
6. Chantelle
7. Ben
8. Mirjana
9. Shei
10. Ivy
11. Denzel
12. Keith
13. Adam
Thanks for reading and share your comments about the photo 🙂

7 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 : Guys and Girls – 6th Photoshoot : Robocop Cory

  1. YOU AWESOME LENOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!your posed is look like lady gaga in alejandro video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Um, I think you scored Chantelle unfairly, the point of her shoot was to look like she was falling down the stairs, I think Lenox’s shot would be better if she was tilting her head like Cory, therefore creating some chemistry, but instead we meet again the vast expanse known as her neck, so glad she didn’t do the “Alexandra from Cycle 20’s GUESS shot pose”

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