America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 : Guys and Girls – 7th Photoshoot : Hair Product Beauty Shoot

Hola everyone, so the newest set of photos of #ANTM21 had been posted. It’s all about showing hair product, just like Tresseme on AsNTM, so let’s review the photos. Here we go!

1. Adam

His face looks really handsome, but i don’t quite understand what his hands are doing, if he just put his hands down, this will be a much better shot. 7

2. Ben

I think his face looks absolutely gorgeous in this. His body is looking great, i like that he’s straight on to the camera. I like his little smirk too. Great shot from him. 9

3. Chantelle

Her hair looks amazing first of all. Her face is gorgeous, love that red lips, she looks like Tyra! That’sĀ  a good thing. 9

4. Denzel

Okay his beard needs to go, like seriously, it’s so distracting, it made him looked older. Anyway, his eyes are dead, but i like the body. 7

5. Ivy

Boring as hell. This is kinda expression-less,her body looks so small. She looks like some Miley Cyrus wannabe. 5

6. Kari

Her body positioning is great, her hair is beautiful, the only thing is , the face is just wrong. I think if she put her chin down a bit, this would be great. She’s going downhill, and i’m not happy, and she’s one of my favorites. 6

7. Keith

I actually really like this shot of him. His eyes are beautiful, i like that he’s trying different angle, the only wrong thing is his lips, too pouty. Other than that, this is pretty good. 8

8. Lenox

Her hair looks amazing! Her face is gorgeous, the cheekbone is beautiful, but i don’t like the armpit showing, not her best-of-the-best, but still better than everyone else. 9

9. Matthew

He looks so sexy! His body looks long, long neck, his face is beautiful as always. Very alluring, and he looks like a hot waiter lol. 9

10. Mirjana

Okay, this shot is just flawless!! The face is gorgeous, her profile is beautiful! I love the movement, It kinda looks like she’s gonna fight someone, and she got caught in the moment. Love it! She looks like Elina from cycle 11. 10 out of 10

11. Raelia

Am i the only one who think she looks a bit like Jiana here? I think she looks amazing! The hair is beautiful, i really like her hands, and her fingers. She’s booty tooching! Surprising, she’s very very surprising. 9. And the one thing i keep noticing, she always looks different in every photos. Chameleon!

12. Shei

I think her face looks absolutely beautiful. The hair is lovely. Love dat booty tooch, great pose. She’s back!! 9

13. Will

I like the face, i’m not sure about the duck lips, also he overposed so much. The background is so simple, so i don’t think you should overpose. I think he’s thinking “VOGUE”, i didn’t quite work out for me. But his face is lovely. 8

So overall, surprisingly almost all of them did well. I’m so happy. Also the shoot is simple, yet beautiful. It’s kinda wierd that they did 3 beauty shoot in 1 cycle though. But yeah i’m happy to get simple shoots, than over the top tacky shoot. So here’s my COO :


2. Queen Raelia

3. Lenox

4. Shei

5. Matthew

6. Chantelle

7. Ben

8. Keith

9. Will

10. Adam

11. Denzel

12. Kari

13. IVY


4 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 : Guys and Girls – 7th Photoshoot : Hair Product Beauty Shoot

  1. another plain beauty shoot! i hope they get another outdoor shoot again. i’m already tired of beauty shoot!

    I dont like Lenox’s photo. the pose is so awkward, but her hair looks gorgeous.

    MIRJANA AND REALIA SLAYEEED MAMA!!! I couldnt even decide who did better. but Realia stole my heart a lil bit more than Mirjana ā™„

    for me:
    1. REALIA
    2. MIRJANA
    3. Shei
    4. Will
    5. Chantelle
    6. Matthew
    7. Ben
    8. Adam
    9. Ivy
    10. Lenox
    11. Keith
    12. Denzel
    13. Kari

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