America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 : Guys and Girls – 8th Photoshoot : Crow Underwear Photoshoot

Hola guys, unexpected post huh? Cuz it is the weekend and i won’t sleep until the photos are posted lol. VOTE HERE !!

Here’s my review about the photos, Here we go!

1. Adam

Love the body movement, i love the wings, the face is nice, i just wish i see more neck. 8

2. Ben

The body is greatness, very godlike, the face is good, a bit weak though. But this is a great shot from him. 8

3. Chantelle

The face is a bit flat, but the body language is great. The wings looks amazing. Love the movement, but need stronger face. 8

4. Denzel

His abs looks great, nice face, but the hands are awkward, also the wings looks terrible. 7

5. Ivy

Finally a gorgeous photo of her!! The face is divine! The body is great. She lost her hand, but everything works. WERK IVY!! 9

6. Kari

She looks plus size. The face is still gorgeous. The wings looks great, but the body… 😦 7

7. Keith

The wings looks amazing, it matches his tattoos, BUT, what’s with that face? Face doesn’t work. 7

8. Lenox

She looks like  a peacock. The face is divine! The body looks so elegant and free. Lenox slays everyweek! 9

9. Matthew

Same pose as Adam’s. He did well too. His face is nice, but need more neck. 8

10. Mirjana

I kinda like how angelic she looks on her face, because her outfit and wings are white, but i want something stronger. 8

11. Raelia

Da face is gorgeous as always. But why no wings?? It is a disadvantage for her, but she did good. Booty tooching, Great job. 8

12. Shei

This is, seriously the best photo of the whole cycle so far. THAT FACE!! This is such a dramatic photo. The wings looks amazing, also the color fits her hair. AMAZING!! ASIAN SLAYS! 10 out of frickin 10

13. Will

This is not his best shot, he looks like “y’all wanna smell my armpits?” lol. His body doesn’t looks so flattering, yea, but still good. 7

Finally an outdoor shoot, and the theme is amazing!! Also almost all of them did well. Here’s my COO:


2. Lenox

3. Ivy ( GASP )

4. Matthew

5. Adam

6. Chantelle

7. Raelia

8. Mirjana

9. Ben

10. Will

11. Kari

12. Keith

13. Denzel


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