America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 : Guys and Girls – 10th Photoshoot : Sightseeing at Gyeongbokgung Palace

Hola  guys. So the 10th photoshoot just came up. It’s all about the shoes.  They also had to pose with extras. How did they do? Here we go!


1. Adam

His body is good, but the face looks so sleepy. Also the female model looks horrible. 6


2. Ben

The body is good, but if he could put more intensity instead of that wierd smirk, this could be a better shot. he’s not even trying anymore. 6


3. Chantelle

This is a weak shot. The body looks so flat, the hair movement looks great, but her face looks so weak. Actually i was more interested to the male model, because he’s werking it. 6


4. Denzel

He looks like “Hey babe wanna go somewhere else?” . This looks so candid, not a modeling shot. I can’t even….. 5


5. Ivy

This shot is gorgeous. Her face is absolutely beautiful. The shoes are beautiful, her arm looks kinda short, but it’s because of the camera angle. 9


6. Kari

I love the face,  love the pose,  I love the drama behind it. I just wish she would place her legs in better position. But this is such a great comeback for her. 8


7. Keith

I really love the pose. He looks strong. His legs looks kinda wierd, but this is a great shot. 8


8. Lenox

I hate the camera angle. But it’s not her fault. Her face still looks beautiful, legs for days, the shoes looks great. 8


9. Matthew

Face, gorgeous as always. i love his connection with the female model. The shoes looks good, but one of his shoe got covered by the girl. But it’s still a great shot. 8


10. Mirjana

She’s back!! Her face is gorgeous, beautiful legs, nice wind in the dress. The only thing is, she looks so short. No neck monster. But her face is stunning. 8


11. Raelia

QUEEN!! Her face is powerful, legs fo days, love the zig zag with her hands. Nice touch with the umbrella. LUV IT!!! 10 out of 10


12. Shei

Booty tooching, nice connection with the male model, but her head looks so small. Her face still looks beautiful. 8


13. Will

This is pure romance. He looks strong, loooveee the suit. The colors fits him so well. His profile is beautiful. The umbrella is  a nice touch. Finally the female model didn’t looks so busted. 10


Here’s my COO :



3. Ivy

4. Matthew

5. Lenox

6. Kari

7. Keith

8. Mirjana

9. Shei

10. Chantelle

11. Adam

12. BEN





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