America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 : Guys and Girls – 9th Photoshoot : MCM Bags at Seoul City Hall

Hola guys so sorry for the late post. This and last week i had crazy mid term tests. And pretty much had to study the entire week. But hey, it’s here! So by the title you already know, #ANTM21 is going to South Korea!! I was really excited, cuz Korea have a lot of great places. So lets just review the photos. Here we go!


1. Adam

He’s missing 1 arm. His face looked really sleepy, but the body is good. Yeah not that great. 7


2. Ben

Hate the smile! Why did he smile in almost every photoshoots? The body is bad, it looks kinda comedic. Meh he’s not even trying anymore. 6


3. Chantelle

I think her face is gorgeous. I love the wind on her hair. The pose, the legs. I think it’s gorgeous. 8


4. Denzel

This looks like “Mommi take mah picture please!” This shot looks so candid, like really! 5


5. Ivy

This girl is on fire! The face is strong, she looks more mature in this. The body is banging, pointed toe. I love the entire thing. 9


6. Kari

She looks like Leila in this. Her body looks really short though. No neck, but i love the face. 7


7. Keith

Well somebody is stepping up his game. I think this shot is just dynamic! The action is spot on, his face is gorgeous. I just don’t like that open hand, but other than that, this is a really good shot. 9


8. Lenox

The face is just STUNNING. The hair added her fierceness to another level. But she looks really short here, dunno why. 9


9. Matthew

This photo is just… Perfection, His face is just gorgeous. And he didn’t really look like he’s jumping. He looks like he’s running on the air. I was so impressed by this. KING!! 10


10. Mirjana

Her face looks really wierd, too squinty. Her pose is awkward, twisted hand. Yeah not liking this shot of her. 7


11. Raelia

She looked crazy, In a bad way. I just hate the face. i can’t see her body. Not her best. 6


12. Shei

I think her face is just gorgeous. I just love the wind in the hair! The body movement is great. This looks really dramatic. 9


13. Will

Very ballerina-esque. His body movement is so graceful and efforless. His face looks good too. LUV IT! 9


The photoshoot  looks pretty much the same as the Corybot shoot, cuz of the color and background. Most of them did very well. Here’s my COO :


2. Will

3. Keith ( GASP )

4. Ivy ( GASP )

5. Shei

6. Lenox

7. Chantelle

8. Kari

9. Adam

10. Mirjana

11. Raelia

12. Ben



6 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 : Guys and Girls – 9th Photoshoot : MCM Bags at Seoul City Hall

  1. makasih,saya suka banget blog nya…sebenernya karena saya baru suka sama ANTM sih..tapi informasinya lengkap dang menghibur,sampe ada vote segala..hahaha
    QUESTION, kenapa model yang sudah tereliminasi masih bisa photoshoot seperti top 7 ya?klo untuk callback okelah ngerti..tapi kan callback udah kok masih ada ya kyk ben n matthew..

    bukannya gasuka,seneng malah karna saya fans nya Matthew. cuma bingung aja..

    mohon pencerahannya

    • Hihi makasih.
      Kalau soal itu, biar ga ketahuan siapa yang udah keeliminasi. Kan sekarang pakai sistem voting online, kalau foto yg udah keeliminasi gak ada, ketahuan dong siapa yang udah out.

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