Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 : Episode 10 Recap

First of all , i’m so sorry for the late recap. Why? Because i was busy, i’m still in highschool, so it’s kinda hard to manage my time, since i have tons of homeworks and tests, and mid term tests this week. But i’ll try to post recaps on time 🙂

Anyway, the 10th episode finally aired after 2 week hiatus, and here’s my recap. Here we go! 🙂After Natalie got eliminated, Sheena, Josephine and Marie was really sad. Especially Marie, since both of them were like sisters already. Natalie left Marie a letter on her bed, and actually she didn’t want to read it by herself, because she think she’ll cry her eyes out. So she asked Sheena and Josephine to read it to her. The letter was so sweet, and Marie cried after they read it. Natalie i missed you too 😦

Well because Natalie got sent home, their group kinda felt the preassure. So to clear up the tension, they played truth or dare. Some of the dare were really funny lol. Like, when Jodilly had to lick Jojo’s left ear, and Marie had to suck Katarina’s toe. That’s nasty lol, but it’s really funny. And the most dramatic truth, Marie got “Who amongs the remaining contestants you want to eliminate and why?” Surprisingly, Nicole already felt Marie gonna choose her, and she did. Marie told the reason, that Nicole sometimes became very aggresive, like when she punched the wall. Nicole was pretty offended. It’s just a game.

The morning after, Nadya came in to their hotel room. Everyone was still sleeping, everyone’s hair was a mess lol. And one time, Sheena was in the bathroom, and Nadya called her, and Sheena told her to go in. I was like “WAT? lol” And it turned out she thought it was Josephine lol. Nadya told the gals that they’ll go to Sabah. Everyone was excited. After they arrived, they’ll be staying at Gaya Island Resort. Gurll these girls are so lucky, going to resorts. They have to share rooms, 3 girls in one room, 3 other girls in the other room. Sheena, Katarina and Jodilly, and Nicole, Marie and Josephine. Sheena felt really uncomftable to sleep with the filipinos, since they weren’t the closest friends. And Josephine really felt awkward, since Marie and Nicole had a little argument last night. Marie tried to apologize, but Nicole still felt offended. Ultimately, they switched rooms.

Joey met the girls, she was joined with Justin, their instructor. The girls had to search for their next photoshoot location, through a jungle. Sheena complained a lot while hiking lol.After they arrived at their photoshoot set, they were amazed. It was like their private beach. The filipinos and singaporean decided to had fun at the sea. But the only thing bothering the malaysians, is Nicole didn’t wear a bra. So her nipples were showing. That was hilarious lol. It’s like Laura ANTM Cycle 19 situation.

They went back to the resort on a yacth, and on another boat, there was Adam, he asked the girls to join him, and he had someone really special with him, supermodel Jade Parfitt. The girls were starstrucked. They asked questions, Kat asked her about short models, and there were models like Kate Moss, and Cara Delevigne, and they’re really successful, so it’s not really a problem. After they arrived at the resort, they had dinner with Marina i don’t know her last name, from Storm London.

In their room, Kat Jodi and Nic were bitching about Sheena. They thought she had a bad attitude, no manners and things. That’s not a nice things to say, i actually was really surprised they said that. For their photoshoot, they had jen Atkin, from LA, a hair stylist, Their photographer is Jake Guy, also from LA, and their dresses were design by Alex Perry, and he came there. Katarina did great, i think she looks gorgeous in her dress, also she had water to work with, that could be an advantage for her. Jodilly killed it with her amazing body movement, while Josephine stuggled to translate a real emotion.

Panel time !!

First is Katarina

Judges : A little unsure, tight neck, unconvincing eyes. She’s a sensual pretty girl

Me : Neck down, gorgeousness. Neck up, flat. Her face doesn’t look really good. BUT i have to give her credit, because she looks amazing at the shoot.


Next is Jodilly

Judges : Nobody thought this was coming, she’s like a ninja. She’s flying her way, and someone to watch.

Me : Her amazing movement worked really well with this shoot. I love how her dress looked. Her face is fierce ( Her face looks really red, i don’t know why ). More neck, and this will be a better shot. But an amazing shot from her yet again.


Next is Josephine

Judges : (Adam singing “My Heart Will Go On” ) Over the top, commercial, not editorial. She doesn’t look like her.

Me : This is really dissapointing. This is just too much, she should do something simpler and edgier. This is just too cheesy.


Next is Nicole

Judges : ( She didn’t like it ) Unsure, very bridal magazine. Hidden waist, and she covered her dress.

Me : I loveee the long neck. Her face is nice, but her body is FLAT.


Next is Marie

Judges : Beautiful, editorial magazine worthy, a little downgrade,

Me : She had a really difficult dress to work with, and she made it work. Her face is beautiful, the body is simple yet powerful.I wish she could show her neck and her other arm, but this is really good.


Last but not least, Sheena

Judges : Overthinking it, she got in her own eay, huge issue with her face.

Me : Her body looks really nice, her dress looks amazing. Her face is good, but not great.


Final COO :

1. Jodilly

2. Katarina

3. Sheena

4. Marie

5. Nicole

6. Josephine 😦


I was so sad that Jojo went home, because she’s my favorite, but her shot was really elimination worthy. Here’s my COO :

1. Jodilly

2. Marie

3. Katarina

4. Sheena

5. Nicole

6. Josephine

Thank you so much for reading, like, share, and luv y’all 🙂





19 thoughts on “Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 : Episode 10 Recap

  1. holla, its been a long time since i dont comment your recaps. last time i comment was the sport theme shot.
    I just want to tell you that, in your COO, Sheena is 2, and no Marie, lol.
    btw thanks for the recap. and i really love your posts about antm 21. i decided to be a silent reader. hehe :). good luck for the exams! cause my brother had some exams too!

  2. this photoshoot is a NO! looks really cheap, idk why but the dress didnt really match with the location, and also the photography is like no editing. downgrade for the show. sorry

    • I feel the same way about this episode!! I mean, they already did a beach theme photoshoot back when Tia was sent home. and they did it again this time. boring episode.

  3. Cycle 2 is really crap. Always commercial shoot, not a high fashion shoot. Subaru, TRESemme, Malaysia Airline, Malaysia Tourist,… I am so dissapoint. After the successful of cycle 1, they use cycle 2 for commercial, for money. The photoshoot looks cheap, the challenge sucks,… And i can easily guess who will be eliminated week after week. *sigh*

    • they promoting malaysia because malaysia goverment already paid AsNTM Show to promoting malaysia……so,they must take a photo that promoting malaysia and make malaysia rich by tourists

  4. It seems to me that they dont know how to choose the best photo of each of the girls…!! I saw Katarina giving nice poses in the shoot and they chose that photo?! IM PISSED!!!

  5. Hola!!!!!!!!i’m back!!!!!!!!
    i want to give comments today!!!!!
    FIRE LADY SEASHELL!!!!!!!!!good body,nice face,gorgeous hair,but neck??no!.keep
    going jodi!!!!!!
    Exotic Blonde Girl!!!!!!nice body,nice hair,good expression,but the eyebrow,bad 😦
    Beautiful,she looks like beyonce
    beauty face,gorgeous body,but bad neck
    very disappointing :(,she do to much
    love the neck,love the face,but body,really flat

    so,here’s my COO:






  6. Nicole didn’t do so well, it’s really flat, not doing much, I think she should be the one to eliminated. At least, Jojo spread her arm in that photo :p

  7. I think you’re wrong nicknogravity…Nicole got eliminated on episode 11. By the way, congratulations to Ms. Sheena Liam for having the best photo. I browsed the web for a 12th episode recap and found out that’s where Marie’s eliminated. Now I am eagerly waiting for your posts iamrian7, but of course I know you’re busy with school so I understand. I was just being painfully curious about their photos…jeez! On the other hand, I am so excited and proud of Kat and Jodi. Go for the win and bring the title, girls. Go Philippines! #cantwaitforfinalphotoshoot

  8. I mean not that you (nicknogravity) edited the video…but…I…just…I…ahh…that…ya know…by the way, for me, it might be a little depressing that Sheena got her first best photo and the episode couldn’t be aired on TV. Think about it, she represents Malaysia where the Malaysia airlines company resides but unfortunately there had currently been an incident. We are still saddened about the loss of the family of the victims. I hope everything will be okay from now on.

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