Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 : Episode 12 Recap

First of all, so sorry for another late post. I don’t want to give any excuses, but I have a life too.

So maybe a lot of you were wondering, last week was episode 10, and this week is episode 12. What happened to episode 11? Well it turned out that the episode won’t be aired on TV, because of the MH370 incident. And the episode had a lot to do with Malaysia Airlines. They went to HongKong with the plane, ang they did a photoshoot, with the plane as the background. It such a shame, because they got to meet Jessica and Helena from last cycle. My prayers goes for the family who suffered from the lost of their love ones.

Anyway, Episode 12 recap, here we go!


Anyway, the COO of episode 11 :

1. Sheena

2. Jodilly

3. Marie

4. Katarina

5. Nicole

So Nicole got eliminated. Katarina was pretty sad, but Sheena was also sad, because no one will clean the house and cook for everybody anymore lol. The next day, Nadya mail, and it had something about cycling. The girls went to Malaka, for fun and refreshing from the tension. the girls bought soverniers and rode pedicabs. They stayed at Majestic Hotel. Joey was there, and she already arranged a little tea party for the girls.

After they went home, Adam came into the house. He told the girls that they’ll be going on a go-see for Harper’s Bazaar ‘s Editor in Chief, Natasha Kraal. They had some time to prepare. Sheena went to a couple of go-see before, and she knew from expirience, that models shouldn’t wear makeup to go-see, and the other girls were wearing makeup.

Katarina was very excited to be there. She got to wear Prada, but her walk need to be improved. And her pose was too modely. Jodilly brought her stuffed toys with her lol. She had a lot of great photos, but she was not fresh. Sheena was really nervous, but her walk was really good. And Marie was very down to earth, but she can’t remember the names of the designers. In the end, Sheena won the go-see challenge. She won US $1000 MAC Makeup shopping spree.

After the go-see challenge, Joey arranged a really great session, the girls got to talk to Ashley Roberts from the Pussycat Dolls. They got to ask questions and talk. It was really cool, lucky girls. At night, when the girls were sleeping, Icona Pop’s “I Love It” suddenly played. The girls thought it was someone partying, but the sound came from the Nadya Mail screen. It was really shocking to them, because they didn’t get music in the house. Everyone were dancing, but Katarina just sat down, because she don’t want to get sick after dancing. Sheena threw her sandwich after that lol. And suddenly, Icona Pop popped on to their screen. The girls were shocked. Icona Pop were just talking the Nadya Mail. They’ll be doing the shoot for Harper’s Bazaar.

Photoshoot day, they went into a chinesse stadion, they were directed by Kenneth Goh, and makeup by Romero Jennings. During her shoot, Marie shared a really sad story. She told us that she never got the chance to model in Japan because she’s black. So she wanted to win this to break the wall. But she didn’t do so well. Sheena did extremely well. She knew how to work the wind and the fierce makeup. Katarina was really surprising, because she turned into a women during the shoot, and Jodilly were sexy and amazing.

After they went home, Adam and Joey came in to their house. Adam told Katarina how to walk, and Joey told Marie and Jodilly how to pose while showing emotions. For Sheena ‘s prize, she got a shoppign spree for US $1000 at MAC Makeup. She spent it all, and she got some giftbags for the other girls also.

Panel time, first is Jodilly

Judges : Lusting for her. Naughty girl. Little girl with the stuffed toys turned into a woman. She did Jimmy Choo and Prada proud.

Me : I think this picture is absolutely stunning! Her face, the inhale, the pulling of her skirt. This is HOT!! The tension is spot on, LUV!!


Next is Marie

Judges : Spectacular profile, overposed hand, weak performance.

Me : The face is stunning. I don’t have any problem with her hand, i think this is powerful. Love the inhale and the long neck though.


Next is Sheena

Judges : Confident, doing something different, but keep pulling tha same face over and over again.

Me : I think this shot is stunning! I see the sadness in her eyes, also her hair works perfectly with the lighting and the set.


Last but not least, Katarina

Judges : Perfection, fully commited, but needed A LOT of direction.

Me : Okay i have to admit, this shot is amazing. The pose, her face looks gorgeous, Very very sexy. There’s something about this shot that i love. I wish she could elongate her legs a bit more, because her legs looked short.


Final COO :

1. Katarina

2. Jodilly

3. Sheena

4. Marie

So Marie got eliminated, i kinda understand because her shot was less dynamic that the others, but if we look at her whole journey, she’s an amazing model, took amazing pictures, 3 best photos!! I think the judges should think about that before choosing the finals. Here’s my COO :

1. Katarina

2. Jodilly

3. Sheena

4. Marie


Thank you so much for reading, AsNTM finale next week. Love y’all 🙂


10 thoughts on “Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 : Episode 12 Recap

  1. to be honest I’d never thought that Katarina would go this far, she played safe all the time and started to shine after episode 7 I supposed. and Sheena… she’s a model, she really knows how to modelling from head to toe. and Joddily is rockin’ week by week, I’m really touched with the preview of upcoming episode that shows her crying while saying “I’m not here for fame, I’m here for a purpose”. sweet girl :’)
    it’s such a shame that Marie was sent home, but we gotta admit that her performance was the weakest on this episode, even during the photoshoot, they needed to change Marie’s outfit because the first outfit didn’t work out at all. (Or she didn’t work the outfit out).

  2. IMHO, i think marie eliminated is sabotaged, because when photoshoot session she got the pink bad dress and finally changed it with the new one, and the creative director Kenneth got dont like her , he give wrong direction and dont like anything poses Marie does, she a little bit confused. the first time i saw , oh i know she will eliminated this week .

    and i think to be honest too sheena photoshoot its not good , the face is not stunning kinda awakward and the wet hairs didnt work as well . but marie photoshoot isnt better too , so its kinda of confused to decided which one have to go to final ANTM S2

  3. hi,i’m back!!!!
    oh marie 😦 u eliminated 😦
    i think marie eliminated is sabotaged,same like sofia in season 1,sofia got the bad dress,but jessica,stephanie and kate got the great blue dress.katarina,jodi,sheena got the good dress,but marie,got the bad dress,and marie always got blamed by goh and mike 😦

    1.Marie:epic,disco diva,love the legs,love the body,the mouth but overexposed hands
    3.Sheena:love the body,love the expression,love the blue lip
    4.Katarina:Beautiful,love the face,but not the legs 😦

    here’s my COO:



    4.Marie(Out 😦 )

  4. Marie should stay for final,not Sheena! Sheena posts and her face always the same! I had enough of her seeing in the television. Marie is moreeeeeeeee better than Sheena 😩😩😩

  5. Lookin’ forward on your post on ANTM 12th photoshoot. It’s been quite a while but I’ll wait. Xo

  6. i just remember at first episode of ANTM Cycle 2, Katarina is the girl who fall down to the pool when runaway challenges , and i think thats so embarassing, and now she’s the one who come to win it , NICE

  7. ola guys SHEENA LIAM won…oh what the f****** result… I will never watch this show again… and olah guys i did’nt informed that this show is changed to MALAYSIA’s Next Top Model what a biased show….OH F*ck

  8. I like sheena and marie. They are really give best photoshoot from 1st episode. But Katarina so much growing up and jodilly too. Feel sorry for marie but congrats for the other girls being top 3.

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