America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 : Guys and Girls – 12th Photoshoot : Photoshoot with Tyra

Sorry for this extremely late post. So anyway, this is the last photoshoot they did for the season. I don’t think this is for GUESS, so that’s a little wierd. but they got to pose with the one and only, Tyra Banks. Here’s my review of the photos. Here we go


1. Adam

His lips looked so tense, also his eyes are dead. I don’t know where’s he looking at. Mama Tyty pretty much overshadowed him. 5


2. Ben

This picture is just hilarious! His face, he’s like “Oh my God someone get me out of here!” His face is priceless. This photo is really bad! Probably one of the worst in this season. 4


3. Chantelle

She looked amazing! Her skin looked gorgeous, i love the expression. She’s not overshadowed by Tyra. That’s a good thing. Love this! 9


4. Denzel

Now this guy is absolutely beautiful!! His face is gorgeous. Thank God that hideous fake beard is gone. But Tyra pretty much stomped him. I would like him to be stronger. But this is good. 8


5. Ivy

I don’t know why her body looked really small. I really love the expression, but she lost her neck. 8


6. Kari

What the crap is that bangs?? That looked hideous! But her face is absolutely stunning! Now this is what i’ve been waiting from her! Werk! 9


7. Keith

Love this photo! It looked like Tyra is in love with him, and he’s the strong man. LOVEEE the intensity in his eyes. Love this! 9


8. Lenox

Okay, the first time i saw this picture, my eyes went straight to Lenox. Her eyes are powerful, piercing. Love the styling, all black. There’s something very Twilight-ish about this that i really love. Tyra got beaten this time. 10 out of 10


9. Matthew

I miss his beard. I think he looked better with it.  His eyes are weak, also i didn’t like the angle of his face. 6


10. Mirjana

I absolutely love this picture. Her face looks stunning! The expression is beautiful. She’s proving Tyra that she really need long hair. Love this side of her. 10


11. Raelia

Cheekbone sisters!! She looked like Tyra’s sister. Love the styling, i love her face. Stunning. 8


12. Shei

Why did they styled her so poorly?? Sparkly shirt, hair back, SABOTAGED!! Gave her big hair and great dresses!!! She’ll rock that. But this picture is pretty dissapointing. her face just looked uncomfortable and sleepy. 6


13. Will

Why is he the only one who didn’t wear anything? His eyes are powerful, i love the little seductive smirk. He’s smizing with TyTy. 10


Here’s my COO :




4. Chantelle

5. Kari

6. Keith

7. Raelia

8. Ivy

9. Denzel

10. Shei

11. Matthew

12. Adam

13. Ben


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