Asia’s Next Top Model IS…… – Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 : Finale Recap

Here we are. The finale, last episode of the cycle. It ended so fast, i was quite sad because i’ll miss the show :'(. But anyway, the final 3 girls, Katarina, Jodilly, and Sheena fought for the crown of Asia’s Next Top Model. Who will win? Read everything below. Here we go!

So after the final 3 were revealed, the girls came home happily, dancing all over the place, Sheena blowing bubbles. They were super excited. Jodilly and Katarina were really happy because they got a chance to bond with Sheena. Sheena felt a lot of preassure from last panel, because she was in the bottom 2, and Nadya mentioning “Malaysia”. From the beggining, Jodi and Kat were super close already, because they were from the same country, speak the same language, and Sheena felt left out.

Nadya Mail, they flied to Kuala Terengganu, for the last photoshoot. They stayed at Tanjung Jara Resort, which is their best resort by far, the view, the beach. The girls were playing at the beach to had fun. Suddenly, there were people playing Gompang, which is a traditional musical instrument. The girls followed them, and they lead them to Nadya. Nadya were standing at a Kampong, or Village in English. Nadya told the girls that they’ll be doing a photoshoot at a Kampong. The girls had to potray longing and moody. Sheena did very very well. She was thinking about her family, friends, and her grandfather. Katarina got really sad because it was her last photoshoot, and she used it as an advantage. She did very well. And Jodilly was thinking about her mom, she did everything for her mom, to give her a better future. Oh God she’s such a sweet girl. She just need to work on her facial expression.

When the girls were just opening their house’s door, they met all the eliminated models. They were really shocked. They hugged each other. Sheena just went straight to Josephine, and Jodilly started crying because she met Sneha and Nicole. It felt like day one again.

FINAL RUNWAY!! They had a rehearsal at the runway, before the show started. Because of too much walking on her own shoes, Jodilly had blisters on her foot. It was very painful, and it weaken her a little bit. She thought Sheena was happy lol. For the runway, they need to do 3 walks. The spoiled brat walk, the princess walk, and the couture dramatic walk. Right before the runway show about to start, it started raining, and the runway became very slippery. The girls were kinda nervous. For the first walk, they were wearing Jonathan Liang collection. Everyone did well. During outfit changing, Justice Crew performed. For the second walk, they were wearing Ohea Panggabean collection. During her second walk, Katarina had a flashback to the first runway they did, the water runway. She fell into the water, but now she’s walking at the final runway. Such a big improvement. For the third walk, they were wearing Albert Andrada collection. Everyone did great also.

FINAL JUDGING!! They invited 2 very special guest judge, the first one, returning Kenneth Goh, and Asia’s first super model, Ling Tan.

First is Katarina

Judges : Great job listening. Beautiful, she looked like a Hollywood star, Liz Taylor. She need to master her body.

Me : I think her face looks absolutely gorgeous. Very heartbreaking. I felt her emotion, but her hand looked really awkward, she lost one finger and her neck.


Next is Sheena

Judges : Crushed it, confidence, glowing. She’s a chameleon, transforming. Very consistent.

Me : This picture is just flawless. The face looked very sad and longing, i love the way she covered her body, she looked very vulnerable, that’s the point. She slayed the photoshoot. Also the background is just gorgeous.


Last but not least, Jodilly

Judges : Great attitudem so much emotion, very retro and classic. She need to master her expression.

Me : I love the slight broken body, i love her bone structure. I’m not sure about the face, i see emotion, but i think she overdid it.


After the first deliberation, one girl is going to be eliminated. At that girl is ….. Katarina. I expected it already.

After that, the judges are going to judge their runway walk. The had 2 new guest judges, Natasha Kraal from Harper’s Bazaar, and Marina Fairfax from Storm London.

Sheena’s walk : Very modern, flawless, she owned it, full of confidence.

Jodilly’s walk : Spectacular, flare, drama.

After long and hard deliberation. The desicion had been made. All the eliminated girls came to the judging room. And between Sheena and Jodilly, one of them is the winner. Nadya said some stuff to them. Sheena, she’s very diverse, modern, and she’s the face of Asia. Jodilly, she had defying gravity photos.Β AND THE WINNER IS….





Sheena Liam AKA Asia’s Next Top Model. Congratulations Sheena!! You truly deserved it! You broke through those haters and win it all. I was so happy. I’ve been rooting for you since the beginning, and now you won. You earned it girl. Congratulations for everything, i hope i’ll see you working in Paris and Milan soon.

And to Jodilly, it was heartbreaking for her, but you know, you are a great model and a great person. Never stop modeling, because that’s what you were born to do. And don’t worry about dissapointing your mom, she’s proud of you.

And to Katarina, i will never expect you to go this far, but i’m happy for you. Book those jobs, and became the next Cara Delevigne and Kate Moss.

And this is it. This is the last recap of this cycle. I’ll do more for the next cycle, and i’ll recap ANTM 21 next πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for reading and commenting. I appreciate all of you so much. I’m sorry if i offended some people. Love y’all πŸ™‚


Little message from me : For everyone who said Sheena won because they were shooting the show in Malaysia or whatever, look at last cycle. They were shooting at Singapore, and JessicaΒ from Thailand won, and surprise surprise, Kyla, a Singaporean got eliminated FIRST. If the producer were biased, they’ll keep her until the finale.

I’m sorry for the message lol, but i think i just need to tell everyone that Sheena winning had nothing to do with her being Malaysian. πŸ™‚ Everything is fair.


45 thoughts on “Asia’s Next Top Model IS…… – Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 : Finale Recap

  1. I thought Sheena’s win was well-deserved too. Before the final photoshoot, I thought Jodilly had a better portfolio, but she was a very close second. After the final photoshoot, I knew she deserved it without a doubt!

  2. Last cycle is more fair than this cycle…I mean compared to Jodilly, Sheena is probably weaker… But it’s the judges’ decision.. we can’t change it :p

    • Right, last year it was fair. Jodilly is a lot better than Sheena. At first I thought it would be Marie vs. Jodilly, not even thought about Sheena. Oh well, it’s judges’ decision.

    • To be honest, Sheena isn’t weaker than Jodilly. Yes, Jodilly does have better records than her, but I think you forgot that Sheena’s portfolio is quite fantastic. The winner of the competition doesn’t only rely on the portfolio of the model, but also the potential the model has OUTSIDE of the competition. Both Sheena and Jodilly have big potential to make it outside of the competition, but I think Sheena has a slightly bigger potential. I mean, how many Asian girls can rock out those bleach blonde hair? And now, fashion NEEDS a model who can be a chameleon, which pretty much is one of Sheena’s biggest weapon.

      • Weel, I can’t blame my co-Filipino’s for hating Sheena. We are all rooting for Jodilly since the beggining. But oh well, I can’t blame anyone. Blonde is more stand out than a full bangs.

      • Take away sheena’s blond hair she won’t even stand out in a crowd. As far as I know the finals of every top model franchise except for this one obviously, it’s not just the final photo shoot or challenge is the basis of the winner but the whole body of work thru out the competition. And clearly jodilly has better score card than sheena.

      • you know what everybody has a point but for me, the decision is not so fair, because jodilly have a lot of good photos and to be honest i think that nadya is kinda favoritism because all these episodes, i noticed that she keeps pushing sheena in every calls-out eventhough sheena had not so good photo..
        thats all, just a piece of cake…

    • you know guys…they let the two filipinas go far like this know why…because this show has a high rating in the philippines… they let the two filipinas stay so that there will be more subscribers of there show… i admit that i like katarina that much but i didnt think that she will still in the finale i thought that she will go home last episode 11.. but look at that they let katarina stay because they know that if katarina will lose they know to there selves that the rating of the show in the philippines will decrease…so just my opinion…and congratulations to Sheena Liam even if Jodilly is my bet in winning this show…

      • yeah, you’re right. sheena looks like a chameleon and also like a butiki that has been favored by the judges because malaysia is the host of the show….ang kapal ng mukha ng gumawa ng website na to….sheena is not a natural beauty, i mean she even blonded her her, I think she is trying to cover her ugliness….mga baboy na judges…mga pangit

  3. OMG SHEENA WIN!!!!!!!!!ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YOU DESERVED IT SHEENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    here’s my comment(for the photo):
    1.Sheena:FLAWLESS,beauty face,love the face,love the background,love the hand,love everything!!!!!

    2.Jodilly:beauty!!love the body,love the legs,but the face???no

    3.katarina:love the body,love the legs,but not the face and the eyes

    for catwalk:
    1.Sheena:modern girl,confident,beauty


    3.Katarina:love it!but dont like the hand in the catwalk

    Here’s My COO:



    • you bitch…you only favored sheena because I think you are a malaysian as well…right…all i’ve been hearing from those judges were fake, trying to give sheena some good comments which i believe that she don’t even deserve…If only tyra was in the final judging, even those judges might be ashamed in front of tyra if they will favored that bitch…..he..he…he

  4. this is a somber moment for the Philippines and those who believed and still are believing in Jodilly, neways we have to move on right??? Congratulations Sheenah :))))) u made ur country proud!!! -xoxo

  5. this is a somber moment for the Philippines and those who believed [and still are believing]in Jodilly– neways, we have to move on right??? Congrats Sheenah, you made ur country proud!!! :)) –xoxo

  6. can you post your call out for this photoshoot and also your callout for the 16 girls for this entire cycle? πŸ™‚ thank you. just want to see others’ opinion with this cycle

    • Oh yea i forgot to put my callout
      1. Sheena (of course)
      2. Jodilly
      3. Katarina

      And my callout overall
      1. Sheena
      2. Marie
      3. Jodilly
      4. Josephine
      5. Nicole
      6. Poojaa
      7. Thao
      8 Tia
      9. Natalie
      10. Katarina
      11. Bona
      12. Sneha
      13. Jihye
      14. Janice
      15. Electra
      16. Jessie

      • omg, sheena was the winner, oh my gosh…oh my gosh….I think you and sheena share the same ugly faces…sheena is not really beautiful and talented in modelling enough to deserve all of the good comments that she received from those judges…if only they don’t favor sheena, in the very first place…she deserves to be eliminated because…hmmmm…..I don’t know what kind of hell faces and poses she showed…this is true…sorry if I am too honest to tell the truth

  7. Im not really happy that sheena had won because if we look at th entire cycle. Jodilly had proven more than Katarina and Sheena. She got more FCO worthy pictures and her commitment on set is great. It would have been better if marie had won over jodilly, but sheena winning over jodilly is a very shocking news for me.
    The problem in the last episode is the styling. Sheena got red and gold while the other 2 got “Cheap” looking garments. What happened to the stylist that made them to put large turquoise/light blue gloves to jodilly and red gloves to Katarina when sheena got gorgeous butterfly and gold bangles and of course lets not forget the sunset which makes it more beautiful. Katarina seemed to have “The girl who didn’t got any on christmas day” theme. Seriously, green and red? And the make-up of the filipinas. Its retro-ish and more western while sheena got this asian-wife-of-a-yakuza make-up all black and mournful. And lets not turn a blind eye and not notice that out of the three, the stylists had chosen a leggings with blue accent for jodilly and it doesnt even fit her, while the other 2 got skirts. The 2 could have delivered amazing photos like sheena if they have the same styling. Poor Jodilly, i think she was robbed like Jenna and Alisson.
    Well, nothing can be changed, so lets just face the truth and lets see who will really be the asia’s next top model in the real battle ground among the 14 girls for this cycle.

    • hmmm…as a model you have to sell anything what you get it’s not the stylist fault and actually katarina and jodilly also get to soot on the sunset but after sheena done with her photoshoot they start heavily raining…prove is look when katarina came to her photoshoot….her background is raining…..

  8. Yap everything is fair! Sheena win because she deserves this! i am so glad that she slayed two pedestrian pinays. i am so sick reading all the bashes that came from the filipinos who want their representatives win. just deal with this, haters!

    Honestly, I am okay with Jodi or Sheena winning, because both of them are deserving.

    i will miss this show also. i hope there will be season3 with better casts. taller girl above 173, maximum age 23, less caucasian, better cast for Chinese and Korean (you know KNTM and ChNTM girls), …….yeah everythin better.

    do you wanna make a post about your best photo and worst photo of this season? make this! lol

    thanks for all the recap. anw, is there no recap episode this season?

    • People are so ignorant sometimes , just because their fav didn’t win, doesn’t mean that they should bash other people. The haters are so annoying sometimes. YES!!! I don’t know why the cast such a weak girl from Korea, when on KNTM their girls are so amazing.
      I do want to post my favs and not so favs photos. Maybe when I have the time. And I don’t know if they’ll do a highlight episode.

      • I believe you are the one who is ignorant. Because, since you have favorited Sheena from the very start, you feel so happy that she won. Put your place in situation of those who were rooting for other contestant. I think you are posting so insensitively. I think if sheena didnt win, you’ll also keep on bashing on other contenders.

        I don’t want to be rude but I think you are being hypocrite….I’m sorry. Cos you dont understand the two sides of the coin.

  9. Love how Marie, Natalie, JoJo surrounded Sheena in finale episode. They’re all my fav girls. TeamSheena ❀
    All over the competition, Jodilly has improved a lot but in the finale ep, Sheena did better.
    Photoshoot round, Sheena totally did better than Jodilly. I love the way Adam describe her photo: The power of silent ❀ Jodilly is a little overact in in the her photo. 2nd, catwalk, it's totally Sheena's strong point. Her catwalk skill is one of the best among the contestants. And so… Bingo, she was crowned Asia's Next Top Model.

  10. To be honest, everything in this season’s winner is deserving? uh-uh a big NO!

    We have different opinions, and Sheena does not shout Asia’s Next Top Model for me. This season has a very sad finale… to think Jodi is a much better choice than Sheena. TBH, this makes me question the taste levels of the so called “Fashion Experts” in Asia.

    Their shoots are totally uninspiring.

  11. Last cycle when jessica from Thailand won, she is up against a representative from the Philippines as well, but there not much of an up roar from the Filipino supporters coz it’s obvious based on the performance of both models jessica is more deserving hands down. But for this cycle it’s just an eyesore someone who’s a mediocre won the whole thing..

    I think if Marie from Japan is the one left with jodilly and ended up winning, this kind of reaction from he Filipinos will not be this bazaar. Just saying πŸ™‚

  12. I am not rooting for anyone or anybody in the competition as I am not asian, but according to the previous results which should significantly affect the final result. Jodilly should’ve won the title. If those previous tasks we’rent to count nor to bear, they shouldve made a 1 day run of the competition to show how credible these show is. Did Malaysia host the show? Ahhh, that’s why… This should be the final franchise of the show as I dont get credible ideas. SAD

  13. why is my comment sent last week not yet been posted and still waiting for moderation? Just because I dont agree with you? Anyway, talking about fairness….

  14. Who is better? Based from the callouts throughout the entire cycle
    1st photoshoot: sheena
    2nd: jodilly
    3rd: sheena
    4th: sheena
    5th: jodilly
    6th: jodilly
    7th: sheena
    8th: sheena
    9th: jodilly
    11th: sheena
    12th: jodilly

    well, it’s a tie with 6-6 and there is no callout that has been said in the last photoshoot with all the judges praising equally all photos. from this point, the judges should look at their standings in the competition. jodilly obviously have more first call puts and runner ups than sheen which leads us to question WHY sheena has been picked.

    also, it can be seen that early in the competition, the judges already made unjustified decisions, specially when the time came when they kicked out marie. everything just doesnt make sense. wrong decision.

    thats right, we can’t say that sheena just won because sheena is malaysian but we can say that with some of the judges being malaysian and none of them is a filipino, of course there is atleast 25% bias going on.

    well, nothing can be said anymore but i’m just disappointed with this season. marie should have won if it weren’t jodilly

  15. Sheena or Jodilly deserved to win the title. Sheena is a chameleon, whether it be for the blonde hair or size 0 figure I do not know. Jodilly’s edge is her commitment to work, and her gift of movement, esp. runways. I am a Filipino. Honestly, I felt bad that Jodilly didn’t win but Sheena deserved it too. She’s my favorite too…

    But for the judges to say that Sheena has the modern Asian look, I find it hard to believe. No offense to Sheena, it’s just the judges were kind of off the mark when they said that. Sheen belongs to the edgy category of a model which makes it easy for her to have a high fashion career, but her look is a status quo; A Blonde Size 0 model. Not because one can rock the blonde hair does not mean that it;s the modern Asian look. Actually, we are just following the trend on the international modelling preferences. She was supposed to be the classical model (Internationally Speaking). If we really want to break through internationally, we must be able to make Asian Models stand out from the Blonde Models of the Western Hemisphere who were dominating this profession.. To name a few, Candice Swanepoel, Sasha Pivovarova, Karolina Kurkova, Cara Delevigne, Erin Heatherton, Doutzen Kroes, etc…

    But regardless, she also deserves to win ‘coz I know she worked hard for it. Maybe the judges see something that Jodilly lacks. It is not in our position to say who deserves it and who does not. The J\judges were experienced with what the industry wants so we must not be too harsh on the girl. It’s not her fault that the judges chose her. Let us just be happy for the both of them because it is just the start of their career. πŸ™‚

  16. It should not only be based on their last photo but through there whole journey and obviously jodilly has proven more

  17. Remember that Jessica won the competition than Stephanie But the Filipinos Congratulated Jessica with no Doubt?? And let’s go back in ep. 10 in the castaway shoot/ the island girl? Jodilly got the positive cemments. While they are talking with jodilly, they focused on Sheena with an envious expression…. πŸ™‚

  18. jodilly deserves the crown, im not saying because im a filipino but because we cant deny that jodilly has a lot of gravity photos since the first episode until it end..

  19. Well, what happened to all the previous eps where the judges were like: Sheena, same expression all over again and in the finale ep they were like: SHEENA, GREAT EXPRESSION NAILED IT!

    Obviously AsNTM2 should be jodi not sheena.

  20. Sheena? Really? Just because you stand out doesn’t mean you have all potential, just look at this portfolio battle

    3pts- Sheena
    2pts- Jodilly
    1pt- Kat

    Batu Cave
    3pts- Jodilly
    2pts- Kat
    1pt- Sheena

    3pts- Jodilly
    2pts- Kat
    1pt- Sheena

    3pts- Jodilly
    2pts- Sheena
    1pt- Kat

    3pts- Jodilly
    2pts- Sheena
    1pt- Kat

    3pts- Jodilly
    2pts- Kat
    1pt- Sheena

    3pts- Sheena
    2pts- Kat
    1pt- Jodilly

    Pangkor Laut
    3pts- Kat
    2pts- Sheena
    1pt- Jodilly

    Jungle Warriors
    3pts- Kat
    2pts- Jodilly
    1pt- Sheena

    3pts- Jodilly
    2pts- Katarina
    1pt- Sheena

    Malaysia Airlines
    3pts- Kat
    2pts- Sheena
    1pt- Jodilly

    Harper’s Bazaar
    3pts- Kat
    2pts- Jodilly
    1pt- Sheena

    Kampung Life
    3pts- Sheena
    2pts- Jodilly
    1pt- Katarina

    Sheena- 22pts
    Katarina- 26pts
    Jodilly- 29pts

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