My Top 10 Favorite Photos of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2

So here’s an extra post. I’ll be reviewing my list of favorite photos through out the entire cycle. This is my list. If you have your own list of photos, feel free to comment and share yours πŸ™‚

Anyway, here we go!10. Tia – 1st Photoshoot – Promo


Now Ms. Tia took the 10th place in my list. Why? Because i love the swag she’s giving. I love the expression, the cheekbones. This photo deserved the first best photo of the cycle.


9. Natalie – 5th Photoshoot – Futuristic Sport


9th Place goes to Natalie .The face is FIRE! It’s really interesting to see her being so comfortable with the ball, when she never played it before. I love the body language, she really looks like a real football player. This girl just transformed from her hideous smiley face promo picture.


8. Nicole – 2nd Photoshoot – Batu Cave

Nicole took the 8th place with her fab photo. Look at that pointed toes. She looked like a kungfu / karate princess. The face is just gorgeous! I love the fierceness she brought to the photo. Nicole is werking it!


7. Josephine – 3th Photoshoot – Glacier Lingerie

Josephine’s shot stole the 7th spot. There’s something about this photo that i just absolutely adore. The face , cheekbones to die for! Her body looks beautiful. I loveeeee the edginess she brought. Very very creative posing. Absolutely stunning!


6. Jodilly – 10th Photoshoot – Castaways

Jodilly took the 6th spot. This picture of her is just pure fire. The dress looks amazing! Alex Perry must be really happy. She always try to put movement in her photos, and this time, it worked wonderfully. This picture is defying gravity. Love it!!


5. Sheena – 11th Photoshoot – Malaysia Airlines

Well lets not forget THIS picture. This picture wasn’t posted online because the episode didn’t air and MH370. But this picture is absolutely gorgeous!! The face, looks stunning as ever! I love her hair. Damn the light i can’t see her body. But her legs looked amazing. Werk Sheena!


4. Katarina – 12th Photoshoot – Harper’s Bazaar

Katarina stole my heart in this photo. The legs looked a little short, but her face just looked amazing! I love the inhale, the articulation of her fingers, such a great touch. The light hit her face beautifully, her hair on her face! The dress looked great! Pretty Kat took editorial worthy photo. Such a surprise.


And the final 3…


3. Jodilly – 9th Photoshoot – Jungle Princess


I still can’t believe this photo didn’t get FCO (*cough Katarina*). This picture is just.. FLAWLESS!! The long neck! Her profile is stunning, very very strong. I love her arms. She’s creating interesting shapes with her body. Love the arched back. She really looked like a jungle warrior princess!!


2. Sheena – 13th Photoshoot – Kampong Life


The winning picture of Sheena! This picture deserves a high callout on my list because of it’s simplicity. Her face totally tells a story! I love the longing and sad look on her face. I love the way she covered her body. Her garment looks great. She looked like a wife waiting for his husband to be back. Absolutely amazing! Also the background is just pure gorgeousness!


1. Marie – 8th Photoshoot – Pangkor Laut

This is hands down… My favorite photo of the cycle. This is just pure FIRE!! Her face looks incredible. Her exotic look really fitted well with the background and the shoot. Love the arched back. The movement of her fabric thing is spot on. This is a winning picture of Marie hands down. Slayrie in da house!!


And some honorable mention :

1. Marie – 7th Photoshoot – Tressemme

2. Jodilly – 12th Photoshoot – Harper’s Bazaar

3. Sheena – 5th Photoshoot – Futuristic Sport


That’s my list πŸ™‚ Post your list in the comment below. Love y’all ❀



19 thoughts on “My Top 10 Favorite Photos of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2

  1. photos that you choose are all gorgeous,
    here’s my list :

    10. Marie – 4th Photoshoot – Makeovers
    09. Tia – 1st Photoshoot – Opening Video Promo
    08. Nicole – 2nd Photoshoot – Batu Cave
    07. Jojo – 3rd Photoshoot – Lingerie
    06. Jodilly – 10th Photoshoot – Castaways
    05. Katarina – 12th Photoshoot – Harper’s Bazaar
    04. Marie – 7th Photoshoot – Tresseme
    03. Sheena – 13th Photoshoot – Kampong Life
    02. Sneha – 6th Photoshoot – Subaru
    01. Marie – 8th Photoshoot – Pangkor Laut

  2. My list:
    1) Nicole’s Kuala Lumpur Skyline
    2) Natalie’s Salon
    3) Jodilly’s Futuristic Sport
    4) Sneha’s Mechanic
    5) Nicole’s Salon
    6) Jodilly’s Kuala Lumpur Skyline
    7) Josephine Tan’s Mechanic
    8) Josephine’s Salon
    9) Marie’s Salon
    10) Marie’s Mechanic
    By the way, where did you find the pictures without logo?

  3. my list is not that different from yours, except I’m putting Tia’s 1st Photoshoot (Opening Still) in upper tier because it was her best photo, everything worked perfectly.
    I’m gonna miss these girls :’)
    can’t wait for the 3rd cycle.
    and I’m waiting for your reviews of ANTM 21 as soon as the show airs on TV πŸ™‚

  4. hola!!!!
    i’m back!!!!!
    i miss this show,i hope they will make the seasn 3 soon πŸ™‚
    here’s my top ten list for the BEST PHOTOS:

    1.Sheena’s batucave photoshoot

    2.Tia’s opening photoshoot

    3.Jodilly’s harper’s bazaar photoshoot

    4.sheena’s malaysia airlines photoshoot

    5.Marie’s kuala lumpur skyline photoshoot

    6.jodilly’s borneo jungle photoshoot

    7.sheena’s kuala lumpur skyline photoshoot

    8.sheena’s kampong life photoshoot

    9.jodilly’s subaru factory photoshoot

    10.marie’s a cut above photoshoot salon

    here’s my top ten list for the WORST PHOTOS:

    1.Josephine’s castaway photoshoot

    2.Tia’s subaru factory photoshoot

    3.pooja’s futuristic sport photoshoot

    4.elektra’s opening photoshoot

    5.janice’s glacier lingerie photoshoot

    6.marie’s glacier lingerie photoshoot

    7.natalie’s opening photoshoot

    8.nicole’s pangkor laut photoshoot

    9.katarina’s opening photoshoot

    10.jihye’s batucave photoshoot

  5. 10. Natalie-5th Photoshoot
    09. Katarina-7th Photoshoot
    08. Sheena-11th Photoshoot
    07. Jodilly-10th Photoshoot
    06. Nicole-2th Photoshoot
    05. Josephine-3rd Photoshoot
    04. Jodilly-5th Photoshoot

    And my TOP 3….

    03. Jodilly-9th Photoshoot
    02. Katarina-12th Photoshoot
    01. Jodilly-12th Photoshoot

    Additional: Marie-8th Photoshoot
    Josephine-8th Photoshoot
    Josephine-9th Photoshoot
    Katarina-9th Photoshoot
    Marie-9th Photoshoot
    Nicole-3rd Photoshoot

  6. I share 15 best photo ckckck

    15.Janice,Futuristic sport
    14.Sheena,Malaysia Airlines
    13.Nicole,The Island Girl
    12.Katarina,The Island Girl
    11.Tia,1st photoshoot
    10.Nicole,Batu Caves
    09.Marie,Chic Salon Hair
    08.Josephine,Glacier Lingerie
    06.Katarina,Harpers Bazaar
    05.Natalie,Futuristic Sport
    03.Sheena,Kampong Life
    02.Jodilly,Futuristic Sport

  7. in my opinion, my top 10 favorite photos are.
    1. Jodilly’s 10th photo – no comment, pure goddess floating glamourusly.
    2. Katarina’s 12th photo – this photo prives that she is no longer the underdog.
    3. Marie’s 8th photo – Love the drama that she created with the pose, all components are in balance and realky strong
    4. Josephine’s 3rd photo – best of Jojo’s photo, I don’t even know what to say, the photo says it all.
    5. Nicole’s 7th photo – well I think this should be the best photo if episode 7, considering it’s hair theme and short hair is so hard to standout, but she made it.
    6. Marie’s 7th photo – fiery, love the eyes connection, so striking.
    7. Jodilly’s 5th photo – love the creativity she made with the ball
    8. Nicole’s 2nd photo – just like Joey said, kung fu goddess gone wild on fashion.
    9. Tia’s 1st photo – just great and amazing.
    10. Sheena’s 2nd photo – the picture is really majestic.

  8. I THINK that Jodilly’s castaways photo is good, but not *that* great… The one thing that makes her castaways photo great is the dress.. the face is good, not great…

  9. heres my entire favorite photos of AsNTM 2:

    10)Tia – promo
    9) Jodilly – subaru couture
    8) Natalie – futuristic sports
    7) Nicole – batu cave
    6) Josephine – glacier lingerie
    5) Sheena – kampong life
    4) Katarina – harpers bazaar
    3) Jodilly – borneo jungle
    2) Marie – pangkor laut
    1) Jodilly – cast away (remember, nobody think that this is coming)

  10. Hey, i really like your blog. Here’s my list :
    10. Sheena – Tresseme
    9. Poojaa – Salon Makeover
    8. Sheena – Futuristic Sport
    7. Natalie – Futuristic Sport
    6. Josephine – Pangkor Laut
    5. Nicole – Glacier Lingerie
    4. Sheena – Kampoeng Life
    3. Jodilly – Jungle Princess
    2. Sheena – Batu Cave
    1. Jodilly – Harper Bazzar

    Honorable Mention :
    5. Josephine – Promo
    4. Nicole – Batu Cave
    3. Marie – Pangkor Laut
    2. Sheena – Malaysia Airlines
    1. Jodilly – Castaway

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